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Completed Game Sharing/Export

Flib Jib

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Would love a 'share' option somewhere in the completed tab or prompt when completed feature. There are so many fun things this would open up, here are just a couple I had.


  1. Community Boosting: This feature can be highly beneficial for local meta's or the Malifaux community as a whole. It allows players to share, discuss, analyze their achievements, strategies, or memorable moments with others.
  2. Sharing Options: Providing multiple sharing options such as email, social media posts, and possibly uploading to your personal linked account. Lots of potential.

  3. Unique IDs: The app already creates unique IDs for games and players. So shared content would be easily traceable and can be used for tournament organization (TO) purposes.

  4. Text-Based/Graphic: Having options would enable users to share game details, strategies, or results in a more comprehensive format. Graphics for social / text for tracking.

  5. Streamlining tournaments: Sharing games with TOs would make tournament organization more efficient as well as significantly reduce errors. Imagine down the road if there were a companion tournament app that plugged into game sharing options.

  6. Content Creation: Users can create content around shared games, such as tutorials or analysis videos.

  7. Analytics: Imagine some fun data that could be collected. e.g. when Dreamer is the opposed master, Assassinate is chosen %76.2 when in the scheme pool. Fun maths!

There are so many fun possibilities if sharing games were a thing, Thoughts?

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