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  1. I agree, I think keeping peons out of the "choose a specific model" like the way take prisoner used to work is appropriate. However, in 90% of cases being a peon should be a negative, not a positive, so NOT like how Accusation worked.
  2. Eh, it is a free flowing conversation, there are bound to be mistakes. I always mostly find listening to others discuss options helps me consider those same options more completely.
  3. can't we just have from the shadows be after normal deployment, for both players?
  4. Couple of points after listening: McCabe: I would always run him with cloak, promises, and loot bag to start now (I also almost always play the emissary). Yan lo's Follow footsteps does not get you +3 chi if you opponent scores (strat(1vp), scheme 1(1vp) and scheme 2(1vp)) at the end of the turn. All end of turn vp is scored at the same step, so it is still only one instance of gaining VP.
  5. Certainly, but I would consider 4-5 more activations as severe activation control. How about this as a proposed change: This would mean you have to commit to raising your intel count earlier in the turn or it might be impossible to accomplish. It would also punish Peon heavy lists as they can help disqualify models from being targets, but can't take the action themselves.
  6. Do you think this is actually a problem in the general game (where most of the time you are not being out activated so severely) or more a problem with lists that can summon as trivially as Hamelin and Somer can?
  7. Complementing Master for Yan Lo?

    Well, Yan lo just changed a lot with the wave 5 upgrades coming out. I would strongly recommend the shadow emissary for Yan lo. As for another master, Shen long is a pretty good compliment for any master, asami could also work for this.
  8. Mei killing things is hardly 100%, esp if your cards aren't the best. Yas has 12 wounds, and betty is def 6 with stone options, so if Duncan's hand is better, mei isn't going to kill betty. But w/e, Derrek clearly made the right choice, but I don't find mei locking models down as somehow "unusual".
  9. lol, "Derrek Used Mei in an unusually defensive manner going defensive and Venting Steam" wtf? how is unusual?
  10. TT Stake a Claim

    Take McCabe and the emissary + TCW. McCabe takes 3 non BAdge upgrades, and then TCW lets him swap for one. So now you have two, and the emissary can keep being throw it, using nimble and then handing it to someone else.
  11. Fuhatsu - Memory of Ho'dor

    Do place effects work on him (like lilith tangle)?
  12. Void Wretch Spam

    Min Value
  13. What's in this swill? Sell me on Brewmaster

    The main way I've been running brewmaster with success is as follows. Brewmaster: Running tab, Binge Sensei Yu: Wandering river style, peaceful waters Low river monk Terracotta warrior Yasunori: either Smoke Grenades or Equality. Wesley (Insert second combat model: Bettarhi, Ama No Zako, Yin, Envy, Sue) Terracotta always turns Running Tab into Misdirection on first activation. Mainly, its debuff stuff with brew and kill it with the other models. Sensei helps everyone get where they need to go. Drinking contest can work, you just need to swill them and you can lock down 2ish models with brewmaster.
  14. Obey and head hunter

    Simply put, you can't take FAQ questions related to attacks and apply it to interacts. Almost all points are scored as a result of interacts or attacks,(some are just being in the right spot). But of the two, the best we can see is when my model takes an interact to put a scheme marker down, it belongs to me, regardless of who controlled it at the time. You may be right about the intent santa, but currently as written there is simply no text that tells me that the enemy crew would score the head.