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  1. TT Stake a Claim

    Take McCabe and the emissary + TCW. McCabe takes 3 non BAdge upgrades, and then TCW lets him swap for one. So now you have two, and the emissary can keep being throw it, using nimble and then handing it to someone else.
  2. Fuhatsu - Memory of Ho'dor

    Do place effects work on him (like lilith tangle)?
  3. Void Wretch Spam

    Min Value
  4. What's in this swill? Sell me on Brewmaster

    The main way I've been running brewmaster with success is as follows. Brewmaster: Running tab, Binge Sensei Yu: Wandering river style, peaceful waters Low river monk Terracotta warrior Yasunori: either Smoke Grenades or Equality. Wesley (Insert second combat model: Bettarhi, Ama No Zako, Yin, Envy, Sue) Terracotta always turns Running Tab into Misdirection on first activation. Mainly, its debuff stuff with brew and kill it with the other models. Sensei helps everyone get where they need to go. Drinking contest can work, you just need to swill them and you can lock down 2ish models with brewmaster.
  5. Obey and head hunter

    Simply put, you can't take FAQ questions related to attacks and apply it to interacts. Almost all points are scored as a result of interacts or attacks,(some are just being in the right spot). But of the two, the best we can see is when my model takes an interact to put a scheme marker down, it belongs to me, regardless of who controlled it at the time. You may be right about the intent santa, but currently as written there is simply no text that tells me that the enemy crew would score the head.
  6. Obey and head hunter

    It would seem like we didn't get an official answer last time either.
  7. Obey and head hunter

    The enemy model belongs to your opponent's crew, and took a (1) action to remove the head. I believe this counts as your opponents crew scoring the point.
  8. Yan lo and low river monks

    It is entirely situational, having a cheap model that you CAN sac to get chi turn one might be important if you run up against a list that will rush into you. Chi is an important resource, its foolish to not consider options that can provide more to you on turn one. That said, I've like having 2 goryo and sun quaing, you don't sac anything and your models are all healed easily
  9. Sun Quiang

    He's solid in most strategies. He is a great support piece and can scheme better than most models.
  10. I've been running this: McCabe: Promises, Badge or Sabre, 2ss upgrade that gets replaced. Luna 4x guild hounds Yasinori, smoke grenades Shadow Emissary, conflux of Exploration (takes Badge or Sabre, which ever McCabe doesn't take). Terracotta Warrior I find that terracotta switching one upgrade on mccabe to either a second badge or second sabre, is fantastic. The list moves very quickly with the extra nimble, and you can push Yasinori 12" and give him fast and nimble.
  11. Yasunori - Auto Include?

    I was thinking more wesley pick your poison and brewmaster, each can get both triggers.
  12. Yasunori - Auto Include?

    But Pick your poison "obey" to attack is not.
  13. Yasunori - Auto Include?

    Yas seems great with McCabe, Brewmaster and Asami. Everything is good with Shen
  14. End of Year TT Thoughts

    Exactly true about gremlins, their internal balance is very poor, all the best models are very obvious.