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  1. @Kyle I can't see Waldo on my order when checking now, will I not get Waldo or is he automatically added? I had some trouble with the checkout since it forced me to add more free items than I should have. How do I ensure that I get the correct free miniatures? (I assume that I won't get more than I'm entitled to) I've been sick the last week so I messed around with my order quite a bit. Any Idea when the orders will be sent out? Best regards Kim
  2. Sorry forgot to answer Leader: Reva - Cache:(4) Guises of Death 1ss Litany of the Fallen 2ss Decaying Aura 2ss Asura Roten 8ss My Little Helper 1ss Bete Noire 8ss Carrion Emissary 10ss My Little Helper 1ss Rotten Belle 5ss Dead Doxy 6ss Necropunk 5ss
  3. Thanks all I managed to kill Titania in turn 2, yielding 3 points, the expected 2 for vendetta and a single for the strat. If I had kept focus I'd gotten one more. I managed a 6-3 win by walking a candle, killing it, popping out Bete to kill my own Asura denying my opponent 3 points. She wasn't pleased but took it all with a really good spirit, really good game. Bete and Reva was my mvp as usual, the board was littered with zombies and corpses as usual. Still feel that Asura and the emissary it a bit much. And Reva is just mean when she goes to town. Not sure I really like playing her so I might try Kirai or Molly. @Ludvig I've listened to all Alex 'Videos', will try to find Larrys article, thanks
  4. Thx @Kbonn that is what I'm trying to. I'm just realizing that I'm not that gOOd, and trying to get advice to improve my play. But it is difficult to just instantly know what to bring based on s/s and the opponents faction. I haven't tried all models in the faction so I'm just looking for advice on what to take in a list. I didn't mean that both Asura and Emissary was point sinks, just that both of them in the same list felt as too much of an investment.
  5. Hi I haven't used Reva for a long time, so I'm not up to date on builds in the new strats/schemes But I've got a game vs Neverborn and looking at this, I expect Titania. Deployment: Standard Deployment (5) Strategy: Squatter's Rights (Tomes) Schemes: * Eliminate the Leadership (Tomes) * Dig Their Graves (2) * Set Up (3) * Undercover Entourage (5) * Vendetta (12) Titania can be difficult to kill, but her knights can do dig all by themselves. I used to take the killy upgrades and the extra candle. Very nice with Bete, which is a must in this setup. I used to take Asura and the Emissary, but I always felt that both were a pointsink and not really efficient. Any help on a list will be appreciated. For Vendetta I usually love Hans, but Belles do a nice job too. Any hints will be appreciated BR Kim
  6. Thanks, that's what I thought, it will be a hard match! I'll hope for a strat that doesn't force me to stand in the center then.
  7. Well I won my first two games in the league and a few practice game. Next round is against Ten Thunders McCabe and probably the Lone swordsman, Luna and DONG's. I have no idea how to take down the Lone swordsman though, he'll rip through any of my models in HtH and shooting him doesn't do anything. I was going to paint Trixie but with this match and only 30 SS, I'm lost on ideas! Any help will be greatly appreciated
  8. I ended up taking this, not what I wanted. Mah Tucket -- 5 pool +Know The Terrain - 1ss +Dirty Cheater - 1ss Little Lass + Lead lined apron - 0ss Francois LaCroix - 7ss +Stilts - 1ss Merris Lacroix - 6ss + dirty cheater Piglet 4ss I've had a few practice games and tonight I beat a fairly friendly Sonnia list where the schemes really favoured me. But a win in the league is a win! I really need another model or some more ranged attacks, but I'm committed to the list for one more game. Tomorrow I'm facing Jacon Lynch with Hungering darkness. I've had one match against him with this crew and another with a testcrew. I have absolutely no idea how to handle him or the hungering darkness. I have no casting damage, except for Merris that can finish hungering off with burning. The obey can make Francois kill off anyone in my crew if he's too near, nearly the same with his gun. Input will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks all We're starting in september, 1st November we're upping it to 30SS (40SS december) Any ideas what to take then? I'm probably going to practise a lot in september so might as well get some lists tested.
  10. How about: Mah Tucket -- 4 pool +Know The Terrain - 1ss +Dirty Cheater - 1ss Little Lass + Lead lined apron - 0ss Francois LaCroix - 7ss +Stilts - 1ss Merris Lacroix - 6ss Rooster Rider - 6ss Same number of activations, Merris is nice for protection and scheme running. Armour on Mah when the Lass dies.
  11. [Edited for next round - see later post] I'm going to play in a beginners league starting out at 26 SS with fixed master. I've tried Seamus, but summoners is a bit OTT in 26SS games I think. So I'd like to try out Mah Tucket but I'm really unsure on what to take with her. Taking Gracie with the saddle could get Mah in the face real quick, but I'm not sure if that is the best way. I want a fixed list to test out and play in the first 2 months of games to practice. Help and suggestions will be really appreciated.
  12. After 2 testgames yesterday i'm really happy with the list. Lost the games 2-4 and 2-5 but I refrained from summoning any Belles since it's a bit much in 26 SS. It was only my 2nd and 3rd games and against experienced players. The list works really well, I just have to learn how to play the schemes. Game 1 I could actually have drawn or won if I hadn't chosen the wrong frame for murder target. Now I'll get some more games in, but any input on 40 and 50 SS lists is most welcome. At 30 I'll just add a nurse and go with a cache of 3. A cache of 4 in 26SS when I'm only summoning zombies is more than enough. I do wan't to keep the current models I think, I love the Carrion Emissary and the really gOOd synergy with Seamus.
  13. Thanks a lot for the excellent input, I've gotten the cards for the emissary now and he really does synergize with Seamus a lot, especially since I'm going to play him all the time and with a fixed list no matter the board, strats and schemes. He was actually on my list as a model to scratchbuild at some point given his cost. I'll come back with my thoughts on the list after a testrun on thursday.
  14. Thanks a lot Fetid Strumpet This makes a lot of sense. The Carrion Emissary is released very close to the League start, so I wouldn't be able to use that. Unless I would be able to get hold of the stat cards and use a standin model? What would be an alternative killer model to use?
  15. Hi I'm starting a Seamus crew for a growing league. The growth are: Period 1: 26 SS crew, 1. September - 31. october 2016 Period 2: 30 SS crew, 1. November - 30. november 2016 Period 3: 40 SS crew, 1. December 2016 - 31. january 2017 Periode 4: 50 SS crew, 1. februar til 31. marts 2017 i want to start out with a fixed list with fixed upgrades to slowly practise the Seamus tricks and the models. I'm considering Seamus: Sinister rep, red chapel og Corpse bloat. A bit much on upgrades, but I want to practise using them. Corpse bloat is to make sure I get the corpse markers i need in the later periods and for no eyes on me if the table doesn't favor Seamus Copy cat killer Nurse 2 rotten belles Probably not a strong list, but I see these models as my base to build on. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kim
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