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Found 12 results

  1. Tried my first Spirit crew with Yan Lo. Strategy was Squatters' Rights, and my schemes were Deliver Message and Breakthrough. Here's the list: Yan Lo w/ Awakening, Brutal Khakkhara, Wronged Spirits Datsue Ba w/ Spirit Whispers Chiaki w/ Pull of the Grave Soul Porter 2x Goryo 3x Onryo I was going against a Lilith led Neverborn crew built for speed (3 Terror Tots, 2 Bloodwretches, Lilith w/ On Wings of Darkness). Tight game all the way, at the top of turn 5 Neverborn were up 3 VP-1 VP. Then I took my brain out and lost 6-4. Lilith attacked Datsue Ba but failed to kill her, and then I chose to attack back rather than Deliver Message her. A Goryo attacked a Bloodwretch rather than discarding the scheme counter the Neverborn had just laid. Those two decisions lost me the game. I would have gotten the 2 VP from Distract, and denied her 1 VP.. The math says I would have won 6-5. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! The crew did really well and I plan to use it again, So what's the moral of the story, kiddies? REMEMBER YOUR SCHEMES!
  2. So i was looking at the revenant and it says they gain the spirit characteristic but doesnt sau they are also treated as undead. would they be healed by the decay element. also since they interact normally with physical object could clothing or makeup give them a living or at least corporeal appearance?
  3. I want to start ressers, and do it with bang My first choice is spirit Molly. I saw pull my finger and many topics on this forum. I hope I won't double any already asked questions. 1. Do people play Molly with Hannah, additional card looks nice, and she can copy many CA in Molly lists 2. How many models for summons should I have, one of each is OK? Or maybe some are better and 3 are needed? (i am asking for spirit Molly). 3. What Molly dislike? (enenmy masters or some schemes?) 4. My idea for first list is below, can you try to judge it? Name Molly Squidpiddge 6 ss cache Forgotten Path 1 Tear of the Gorgon 3 Philip and the Nanny 8 Madam Sybelle 8 Bleeding Tongue 1 Necropunk 5 Izamu the Armor 10 Dead Doxy 6 Rotten Belle 5 Thank you for help.
  4. Corrgon


    From the album: My Malifaux miniatures

    I swapped the head fore one from Death Lord miniature.
  5. I'm a brand new player, and chose Resurrectionists because I love the look of the Spirit models. Thus far I won Kirai's box, the Hanged, and a Flesh Construct. I was wondering which of the Spirit Masters was most beginner friendly? Is Kirai the best shout, or would something like Spirit Molly be easier to learn the game with. Yan Lo and Tara both look a little more complicated, though feel free to correct me if I am wrong...
  6. OK so the title of this topic may be slightly misleading but... I was making a crew today with Jaakuna Ubume as the linchpin and was wondering whether Molly or Kirai would be better for her. Having looked at them on paper they definitely offer different things to how Jaakuna would work so it got me thinking. If you want to use Spirits, when do you reach for Molly and when do you reach for Kirai?
  7. I love the idea of filling in the world of malifaux. I have previously posted a huge gap in the wierd-west style world, with the absence of a native american crew (malifaux I think would be a great setting for native americans to move to and essential to the setting). I feel there are some thing that are just needed, and today I had an idea as I was building a ttb character. A photographer resurrectionist. Now bear woth me. Spirit photography at séances was populer and I think could be creepy. Soul stealing, handing out slow in blasts to reresent the lense. Burying modles so they are stuck, temporarily, in a moment in time. Board manipulation tricks. I mean a spirit photographer almost writes itself. What do you, the wyrdos think? Would that not be cool? And what else could it do?
  8. I havent seen many photos of this model, heres mine. She will have a place in my Kirai crew (obviously) and Seamus said she could come along too so they could share some serial killing stories over tea and biscuits. I painted the base using dark green and blotches of medium blue and then built up 3 layers of pva glue to create my water/swamp effect. The leaves are from gw basing range. Personally she is now one of my favourite models and she has come out exactly as I had hoped for.
  9. Not sure if it's the first thread on this matter, but my search-fu just failed. So... Kirai is the only non-outcast master who is allowed to use Nix , granted she also buys Hamelin. The combination seems to be mighty expensive and un-effective for the price, but the possibility can't be accidental. Okay you gain five significant seishin (nihilism) or extra actions when Kirai casts any summoning (gorge on pain), and you get access to nice de-buffing abilities. Still, I'm not sure if it's worth trying. Did anyone use Kirai with Nix? (Or with the Stolen, for that matter.) If you did, how did you manage to make it work? Thanks for sharing your ideas or experience!
  10. A Guild type shoots a spirit. He has Critical strike and a Ram Baked-in to his combat score. He hits (but not with a Ram) and causes weak damage of 1, triggers Critical strike dealing an extra point of damage. Order of arithmetic would be half damage (for spirit) and then add (+1 for Critical strike) so the spirit would take 2, is this correct? Or do you generate all of the damage to be dealt and then when it passes to the spirit who then halves it. So damage generated would be 1 + 1 for Critical strike, which would then be passed to the defender who would half it for Spirit (end damage is 1) I know the order of arithmetic answer has been given before for spirits with armour, However I'm trying to work out if the Generate damage, and apply defender effects steps are the same.
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