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Found 1 result

  1. Tried my first Spirit crew with Yan Lo. Strategy was Squatters' Rights, and my schemes were Deliver Message and Breakthrough. Here's the list: Yan Lo w/ Awakening, Brutal Khakkhara, Wronged Spirits Datsue Ba w/ Spirit Whispers Chiaki w/ Pull of the Grave Soul Porter 2x Goryo 3x Onryo I was going against a Lilith led Neverborn crew built for speed (3 Terror Tots, 2 Bloodwretches, Lilith w/ On Wings of Darkness). Tight game all the way, at the top of turn 5 Neverborn were up 3 VP-1 VP. Then I took my brain out and lost 6-4. Lilith attacked Datsue Ba but failed to kill her, and then I chose to attack back rather than Deliver Message her. A Goryo attacked a Bloodwretch rather than discarding the scheme counter the Neverborn had just laid. Those two decisions lost me the game. I would have gotten the 2 VP from Distract, and denied her 1 VP.. The math says I would have won 6-5. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! The crew did really well and I plan to use it again, So what's the moral of the story, kiddies? REMEMBER YOUR SCHEMES!