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  1. I wish you luck! You works are trully great!
  2. No no no nononoooooo! @icatsai! Why you leave((( Now I should compete Whirler! T_T How can I compete with the person who can spent whole 14 days only for fantastic entry((( Bwohohooo, it will be so difficult @glamage @Octavus @Whirler Congratulations!!
  3. Stark Things - Round 3

    @Whirler @glamage Thank you guys! ^__^ Ehm, resemblanse of face? O_o I thought it's Thai face at the end It's not crayons, it's colour pencils xD but you not the first who said that, so let it be crayons))
  4. Stranger...Family Christmas Photos

    That's a really cool work! I like colors and the spirit of X-mas! It's so strong, that I already hear x-mas jazz, want already snow everywhere (it was, actually, at the morning today) and presents preparation)) Thank you, I so like winter holidays, and you gave me this feeling here and now!))
  5. I really like flames and dreamer) Where did you get this model?) I'm searching it a long time)
  6. Hawkins 1897 - Stranger Things

    Wow! That's blast! @Whirler tell me honestly, you have no full time job and can spend whole time on your amazing pieces! Otherwise I don't understand how do you do that! XD *crying *
  7. Bubblegum knight MK II.jpg

    The top level of painting) again)) wonderful nmm!)) but the base((
  8. Stranger-egg.jpeg

    Gosh, that's so outside the box! I like it))) The most unusual work here, and the photo just awesome!))
  9. IP 2017 Rd 3 - Stranger Things

    @Demonn Agram I really like your weathering, you know?)) And great composition, and details))
  10. Stranger of The Great Void

    You're monster, you know? Colors are amazing, also the atmosphere, technique and the whole composition) IMHO the strongest work in this row
  11. Stark Things - Round 3

    Thank you!)) I would not be so sure)) @Octavus Thank you!))
  12. Ahaha))) But this is the 1st season spoiler))
  13. BlackJoker.jpg

    Well, I definitely wouldn't want to flip THAT Black Joker))) Great Idea and very well executed, I like it! It's a solid piece for such a short time that you had, I'm glad you finished) Just want to recommend - if you want to sculp a thin... something, you should try a Brown stuff, it's a wonderful thing that can be rolled up to the thickness of paper. If you saw my Emissary of Law - all paper sheets, scroll and mace - made of brown stuff)
  14. Well, that was a tricky theme, so I decided not to complicate my work and go straight to the great TV-series) Besides, I had an old box with metal Dreamer who was absolutely perfect for my idea! And yes, all shadows on the floor are painted, they're not real) Sooo, those who watched 1 season will easily guess that scene)) * THE FACE!! THE FACE OF METAL DREAMER WAS SOOOO TERRIBLE!!! You know know nothing about pain if you never ever painted that face. Seriously, Wyrd, thank you for the plastic mosels! Thank you!* Yes, I know that сollage is not my strong point xD