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  1. Well, hello Wyrdos! I'm missed some fridays, shame to me. But I worked on the most difficult project in my practice (I believe I already said that ). It was very large and interesting project, where I sculpted a lot and explored something new. It took me almost a month, but yesterday everything was done and last layer of varnish was applied! So, today I want to show you some ot my wip photos that have accumulated during this time. @FoeRender Thanks, I'm glad to hear it)) the Guild will be glad to take you back))
  2. Wow! Terracotta warriors are brilliant! Very that stone effect))
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  13. There were 30 participants and only 21 came to award ceremony
  14. The full info in this thread, also after translation will be background of Campaign (more than 10 pages!) RESULTS SHEET! Winners: 1 Tier: 1. Denis Zolotov - Large mystery box + Small mystery box for best paint + 1st Place Guilder 2. Roman Andreev - Small mystery box + 2 Guilders + (1 - Champion on second week) + Pale Rider, Zoraida foil card, poster with Sommer (3, 4, 6 weeks Champion) 3. Andrey Chizhov - small mystery box + 1 guilders 2 Tier: 1. Vladimir Sarbeev - Large mystery box + 1 guilder + Hoffman foil card (5 week Champion) 2. Michail Men'kov - Small mystery box + 1 guilder aaaaaaaaand THE SPECIAL FATE DECK! Larisa Yakusheva - Lucius foil card (consolation prize) Every other participant received 1 Guilder. Look at these amazing people! They passed 6 weeks of the campaign and came to the awarding ceremony (unfortunately only 21 came, but it still impresses!) And there is @Gambit and me) Winners with their prizes!! Aaaand group photo of the 21 (!!!!) final Arsenals! That's AMAZING!! The rest images are here: