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  1. Wyrdscapes

    Amazing pieces! And damn good Nathan summoning, I need to write it down))
  2. Tournament - 35SS - First step in Malifaux Where: Moscow - Geek Wars Mendekeevskaya - When: 6/05/2017 Size: 35SS with Rulebook schhemeand strategiesAwards: official 16 players tournament pack Spots: 20 Registration: here - Schedule: • 11:00 - 11:30 - Registration • 11:30 - 14:00 - 1 Round • 14:30 - 14:30 - Lunch break • 14:30 - 17:00 - 2 Round • 17:00 - 17:15 - Coffee break • 17:15 - 19:45 - 3 Round • 20:00 - reward ceremony List of participants: 1. Gavriil Martynov 2. Nikolay Gashin 3. Aleksey 4. Artem Belyakov 5. Nikita 6. Den Baranenko 7. Iliya Valeev 8. Vasiliy Komlev 9. Nogogryz 10. Sergey Zakharov 11. Anton Lebedev 12. Vasiliy 13. Sergey Hoteev 14. Vlad Ivanchenkov 15. Alexander Ivanov 16. Dmitry Mochalin 17. Irvyn 18. Anton Agranovich 19. Leonid Kiselev 20. Victor Popov 21. Alexander Dragunov 22. Nikita Antizersky
  3. Hey guys! As always, every friday (18.00 - 22.00) I will happy to teach everyone how to play in Malifaux, answer your questions and just have a nice chat)) Address: Russia, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya 50/1, str.2, hobby-center "Geek Wars"
  4. Round Four Voting - Information

    Fair enough, my apologies(( That was stupid of me Thank you!
  5. Round Four Voting - Information

    Thank you guys for your support, I finally can show up and say some words. First of all I want to wish Merry Christmas to all, it's soon and I'm not sure that I'll be here before it) Second, many of you asking where's my entry, sorry for long answer, for the past three weeks, I have hardly been on the Internet( Now you know,@haychdee is correct and I was elliminated from competition. It's sad, but sadder than what did that "friend" of mine (who also participant of Iron Painter too). I have only one question, @Nathan Caroland said that I went against the rules. What exactly rule I broke? I read very carefully rules and there's no point about building entry with someone's participation. Or anything similar. If that very important clarification is "the point of stupidity", then I have nothing to say. A lot of great artist creating collaborated projects together, one for sculpting one for painting. It takes months! Here I asked a much less help in 2 weeks round. For me it seems that Wyrd trying their best to not allow Russian and Eastern Europe painters win again. I've heard that regular victories in Wyrd's painting comp. of painters from that region is a real splinter for Wyrd. Now it seems to have reason - pairing strong russian-against russian in silver, elliminating me for breaking non-existent rule... But that's not really matters. I learned some cool tricks via this competition, so I feel not so sorry for the time wasted. So thank you) I wish to Wyrd to develop and improve your contest, it's unique and some way cool, because push your limits) Here's the image of my entry, I know that pictures is sucks, but it's huge. I was taking pictures 4 hours before deadline at the early morning with 2 cameras)) It's clickable And here's the reason why I was forced for asking help - opening new hobby-center in Moscow. If you will be here, come to say "Hi!" and drink coffee/tea))
  6. Fhew! It's finally over! Congratulations to all participants and winners! More images and full standings will be soon! Unforunately not everyone can came, but it was awesome anyway! Thanx for all of you, who find time and came) The Winner! - Ars - Resurrectionists Random prizes: Large Mystery box - Ivan Kopylov Small Mystery box - Mikhail Anan'ev Small Mystery box - Gleb SHalonov THE DECK - Aleksandr Filatov The best painted crew - 4 guilders - Nikolay Gashin The best hideout - Ivan Kopylov Ltd stat card of Lady J - Nikolay Gashin Ltd stat card of Tony Ironsides - Mihail Men'kov Here's images from the campaign
  7. Stick Thingy - Murphy's Law

    Lol))) It's just great!)) Totally love details, overall idea and that face of pirate-Van Gogh)))
  8. Welcome to nightmare, Alice