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  1. 23rd of February Hobby center on Mendeleevskaya Teams of 3 participants challange each other in 3 rounds. Games are held due to GG2018. Prises : guildelrs, mystery boxes, custom Registration: https://vk.com/topic-174181955_39797403 Sorry for the late announsment.
  2. How do you use them (or how are you going to use). I am a bit afraid of that for 8 scrip we only get 2 fireams, wich are not very tough or devastating, so on paper they just are fast, and in all other sides RRC is much better. I love minis, but right now have no idea how to make them useful on the board. Please, share your ideas)
  3. I'm sure that i'm in love with siren. She is tough and she makes them suffer, much more than the frenzy.
  4. To protect stormsiren, keep about 3 tactics tokens each turn to prevent damage. And about seeng your opponent killing your things: lure him heavily to your pools. Sure, tidepools make ke and aby fireteams suffer. Just do it. And you'll be watching your opponents things to die much faster, than yours)
  5. May be I am late, may be not, i have just played my 3rd game against aby, and it was the 3rd victory. And i'll tell you why. I like to utilize storsiren. She does not look povereful, but she is able to deal devastating amounts of damage to the enemy. She can lure 2 diffetet squads tlo tidepools, and when they move- they sink to death. So, with 8 av pn the lure and may be focuser effort for inspire we beat defence of aby elite forces with no troble. Hazard is amasing! Aby also used gas fields, they are fair, but tidepools with stormsiren kill enemies faster. Oh, and i fprgot to mention that i like not to spend tactics tokens on cards, but to keep them, so that my opponent has no hope to kill my syrena. The hardest operation was "set traps", in case i was forced to go throw aby's hazards to make it to anpther half of the board. And i like yarasy, too. They are a great finither to kill a fireteam wich was lured to the pool. I do not use alpha crawler without at least 2 units of specled crawlers, because it has to be charged with reinforcement tokens. Without them it is worse then any other titan. All in all, in my opinion gibbers have enough pover to destroy aby forces. Just remember that all your units serve only 1 purpuse: be killed to make your heroes live.)
  6. So, all in all, we all agree that we can choose the order of these "start of activation" effects due to the timing wording?
  7. My question is about "Epic death scene" special rule. What does it exatly say? Here are some my variations: 1) pretty nothing, just for some other abilities that state to kill more than 1 model to work. 2) when a fireteam with adjunct suffers 2 damage, we can remove single adjuct model and count it as 2. And a question about reinforsing of it: do we have to spend the whole reinforcement token to place back adjuct model, or we count it as usual?
  8. I agree with this statetement, moreover, we move fireteam towards the pool, not towards the center. The center is just reference for the direction of that move. However, when the fireteam comes into base contact with the pool, it still takes a hazard hit (if siren is in glory) and when it activates in base contact with it.
  9. 20th of January Hobby center on Mendeleevskaya Kings empire versus Gibbering hordes The first Tos event In Russia!
  10. So, to sum it up: as i understood, the unswer is yes, siren can dish 2 hits from the pool during 1 turn, cause it count as 2 separate activations (the siren and the fireteam). And that when a fireteam comes to base contact to a pool,it suffers a hit. And yes, my local group is also a bit afraid of siren's call.:) If i'm incorrect, please, tell me about it.
  11. I should have done it before, but here is wording for hazard terrain. Hazardous #: All Hazardous terrain comes with a value (such as Hazardous 2). If a Fireteam starts its Activation in base contact with one or more pieces of Hazardous terrain, it takes a Hit with Strength equal to the highest Hazardous value of those terrain pieces. Similarly, if a Fireteam moves through one or more pieces of Hazardous Terrain, it takes a Hit with Strength equal to the highest Hazardous value of those terrain pieces. In either case, the Hit gains +1 Strength for each additional piece of Hazardous terrain the Fireteam started in or moved through, as appropriate. Once a piece of Hazardous terrain has caused or modified the Strength of a Hit, it does not affect that Fireteam for the rest of its Activation.
  12. Hello! Once again I have a question. Storm siren in her glory mode makes friendly tide pools a hazard (3) terrain for the opponent. She also has the ability to move enemy fireteams with her call toward the tide pool. The question is: does the fireteam, which is being moved into base contact with the tide pool suffer a hit from hazard (3)? And another, but it is close to the previous: if a fireteam is moved towards the siren, and moves through a tide pool, does it take a hit from the hazard (3) ability. It is clear for me, that a fire team in base contact with the pool takes a hit, when it activates, or when moves through, and then becomes immune to that terrain until the end of its activation. But it is unclear whar happens when it is moved on the opponents activation. Again, thank you all, who will come and give me a hand.)
  13. Hello! Please, give some opinions fo my question, or an exact ansver: The eel's attack says if it kills one ore more models, the eel gets a reinforcment token. This spelling, i think, is clear for everybody, so lets go on. This attak trigger says if that action (attack) dealt some damage, deal 1 more damage. Referencing to the timings, we know, that triggers occure after the action is resolved (the damage is dealt), unless exeption is stated in the trigger. So, the Eel's attack deals damage, we gain a token(ok, only if we killed a model). After that, the trigger comes up, we deal 1 more damage, for example, to the same firesquad and kill 1 more model. And here comes the question: Does this extra damage and kill grant us another reinforcment token (cause it states that extra damage comes from the attack with that ability), or not. Thank you for reading, i'll be glad hearing all argumented points of view.
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