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Found 9 results

  1. CaptainCon is just a month away. We have tournaments, casual play, painting contest, board game library, RPGs for you all weekend long. The Gaining Ground event is exploding. I know it is over 48 players and we are adding more space. 3-5 February is our fourth convention in three years, it's a long story. If you want more info.... We are a one price convention. You don't pay to play events, your badge is all you need. We hope to see you there. http://captaincon.com/2017-events-schedule/
  2. The Tower Game Center in Suwanee, Georgia will be hosting a Malifaux Tournament on Saturday. April 5th 2014. Sign up will begin at 11:30 A.M., and play will begin at noon. This tournament will use the following format: Three rounds lasting 120 minutes, including set up. All matches will be 50 Soulstones, and all lists will come from the same faction. Schemes and the strategy pool will be determined by the T.O prior to each round and will be only used once a piece. Proxied models and Beta Avatars WILL be allowed, but must be the most up to date version of the rules. There will be a painting contest after the Tournament, with prizes given out for best painted crew and best single Miniature. There will be a $10 entrance fee, which will be put back into prize support. To sign up please either post in this thread, or in the Facebook group Georgia Malifaux, or contact the T.O. @ jlee1232@hotmail.com . Thanks!
  3. Hey all players in the Memphis Metro Area, Mid-South Hobbies and Games is now carrying Wyrd products in their store, making them the only place to buy Wyrd in our area. To celebrate this, and get new folks into Malifaux in Memphis, we are running a Box set painting contest. Here's the particulars: 1.Pick your favorite box set and give it your best ever paint job. The shelves are now freshly stocked at your local game store: Mid-South Hobbies and Games 5130 Old Summer Rd. Memphis, Tn, 38122 and if its not in stock they can order it fast. 2. Drop your entry off at the store between Feb. 8th and Feb. 15th to be entered. 3. On Feb. 16th our judges will select the best entry to receive a $35 gift certificate to be used on anything in the store. So come on out and have some fun, while helping us to build Malifaux in Memphis!
  4. Hello, Wyrd ones! Happy to announce that Dragon's Den in Poughkeepsie, NY will be hosting the story league this Saturday, January 19th from 11-6. The boards will be prepared, the achievement sheets printed and ready, and prizes set as well. The best part is that to encourage new and 'rookie' players, the event itself is free! Dragon's Den has gladly given out small prize support for the event without wanting anything in return, except for the people that arrive to have a good time. There's even a painting contest! Here's what to know: When: Saturday, Jan. 19th. 11 AM - 6 PM Where: Dragon's Den, Poughkeepsie NY (www.gamersgambit.com) Why: To have fun and cheat fate, obviously. What to bring: Your favorite faction, and your favorite painted 30 mm model to have judged in the painting contest. Sense of humor also much appreciated. We hope to see new players to add to our meta! Here is a link to our FB page where we organize in case you live in the Hudson Valley and are looking for players: https://www.facebook.com/groups/115384418604618/ Good luck, everyone!
  5. I will be hosting a Halloween Story Encounter Tournament at the Hobby Town in Fort Collins, CO. This will be a 31 soulstone event, starting at 10:30AM. Single faction. $10 entry fee. I will also be hosting a single model painting competition alongside. Just bring any Wyrd mini that you have painted and did not enter in my last single mini event. This does not have to be a model from your chosen faction. Anything Wyrd goes.
  6. I run several events in the local area, but they are generally to small to pull from prise support for a Best Painted award. However, I really like seeing beautifully painted models. My solution: the Dwead Paintwing Contwests. These will be a contest held at my other events, where players and non-players can enter a single Wyrd model for free, and compete to win a Dwead Piwate Wuppwecht put up by me. Thus, entry fees can go to prises and I can still have my painting contest. The first event will be my upcoming tournament on August 11th at Hobby Town Fort Collins, CO. http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?34093-August-11th-Malifaux-Tournament-Fort-Collins-CO Event number two will be on August 19th at the same, during our biannual Iron Man Painting event. All are welcome to stop by for 24+ hours of model painting in preparation for Tacticon. This is not a Wyrd only event, bring whatever you want to paint. My contest is Wyrd only though(what, I like them better) and I will judge on Sunday afternoon.
  7. Bayou Wars 2011 Friday June 10, 2011 8:00pm Timed Painting Contest Painting and miniatures is how Wyrd got its start, and now we have Malifaux. Come show us your skills in painting in this unique contest. You will have a random amount of time, somewhere between 45 and 90 minutes (determined by a flip from the fate deck) to paint your 30mm Malifaux miniature from start to finish. Prizes will be awarded to the 3 best painted, with a chance for other awards (depending on turn out). There is no entry fee for this event. Here’s what to bring: One 30mm Malifaux model (primed but unpainted on a base) Your paints, brushes, inks, and pallet. Water & Cups, Paper Towels, Index Cards will be supplied. Saturday June 11, 2011 6:00pm 30 Soulstone Tournament Come join us for the first annual Bayou Wars Malifaux Tournament. This will be a 30 Soulstone tournament. Bring 1 Master and 45 Soulstones of Minions, Totems, and Mercs. Why 45 Soulstones if you can only play 30 at a time? A good Master always has a plan, and always brings back-up. The tournament will be the Disparity scoring system, and you can read the details of this type of event at Malifaux.com in the Gaining Ground Rules. You are encouraged to have a fully painted crew, but it is not a requirement. No Proxies Allowed. The tournament will be 3 or 4 rounds, depending on turn out. Prizes for Top 3, Best Painted Crew, Best in Faction, and more maybe more… Free to Enter. Here’s what to bring: 1 Master and up to 45 Soulstones of models (with V2 stat cards) Tokens, Markers, Templates, Counters, Measuring Tape Rules Handbook (for selecting Scehemes) 1 Fate Deck (will be checked by TO) Please register with HenchmanChainsawhand@gmail.com by May 31, 2011 so that we know how many people to expect For Venue information, please go to www.BayouWars.org
  8. Ordo NOVA will be running a monthly Malifools Painting contest, with round 2 starting on Tuesday October 12. Quick and Dirty Details: Entry for Ordo NOVA members: Free Entry for Non-Members: $5 (includes 1 month membership) Paint 1 Malifaux crew in 1 Month (25ss - 35ss) Start: Tuesday October 12 Complete: Tuesday November 9 Progress: http://ordonova.coda.net Judging: Huzzah Hobbies 44927 George Washington Blvd, Ste.135 Ashburn, VA 20147 (703) 466-0460 What is the Challenge? Competitors in the Challenge must build and paint a crew Between 25ss and 35ss over the course of a month. During that month each competitor needs to create a post in this forum for the current month and post at least 3 progress posts that at least explaining where you are (though pics are nice too). At the end of the month Players will meet at Huzzah Hobbies and everyone will vote for their favorite crew that was painted (not their own). The winner will receive a free blister and the challenge will start again going for another month with new crews. How do I enter? Ordo NOVA members: create a thread in the Malifools Challenge section of the Forum. Non-Ordo NOVA members: $5 entry to the contest. This fee includes 1 month club membership. Send $5 via paypal to Inquisitor (at) ordonova.coda.net and then send a PM to Nix on the Forums. MALIFOOLS CHALLENGE: Month 2 - October 12 - November 9. Models can be assembled but cannot be primed or painted. Players are required to post a pic of their crew showing that all the models are incomplete at the start of the contest. Judging on November 9 will be at 7pm. Thanks go to Wargamerau for the original idea, and HuronBH for encouragement and support!
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