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  1. I usually take 2. Theres rarely a more than two models you can copy actions from and you'll probably not copy actions using both wisps in a turn. Their wisps call is also quite powerful and can cause some real issues for your opponent if run properly. Especially if you're running schemes like Claim Jump and Leave your Mark were you're trying to keep enemy models away from your scheme markers. Or just want to make something walk towards the wisp you've just sat behind Nekima! Though if you find you're coming up against a lot of ranged casting then you might want to take 3 just in case. After all theyre only 3 ss.
  2. The nurse can be used both as an offensive piece, paralysing opponents or forcing them to take only actions they don't want to (forcing a big hitter that's just charged into your crew to only take walk or interact actions is great). Or can help your own crew. giving your crew +2 walk in the first turn to get up the board quicker, or +2 melee on a pouncing baby made can put his min damage up to 7! Stick Lilitu and a doppelgänger behind him and lure things in! The nurse is so versatile. and she brings healing which is pretty sparse in Neverborn.
  3. depends what sort of crew you are looking at. For a swampfiend crew then McTavish is a great addition, as are the Spawn Mother and Bad Juju. You can then look through all the minions like silurids, waldergiests, gupps and wild boars. If you're looking at Build-a-bear or a doll, centric list then you'll need the Widow Weaver and possible some Stitched together. For both of the above you will need Will-o-the-Wisps, which are fantastic models with Zoraida. She can also run quite a good Lure list, with Lelu, Lilitu, Baby Kade and Doppleganger. Obeying Lilitu to do Wispers in darkness giving her and Lelu positives on ALL duels is awesome. As you can see, Zoraida can do pretty much whatever you want her to so there isn't really a list of models you need to take with her. Anything will do. Though I, personally, take Nurse and Wisps in practically all my Zoraida lists.
  4. I'm in pretty much the same position myself. Just stepping into the Ressers and have decided to give Kirai a go. Looking at it Izamu and Datsu Ba seem the main choices, but I was also looking at getting Shikome and some Goryo. Oh and a flesh construct to eat the wounds of. I also have the Molly and Yan Lo box sets so will probably use Philip and the Nanny and Chiaki at some point. Looking forward to reading other suggestions though.
  5. Hi @Red? could you change Sean Wheeliker to Russell Shea please. Ta very much
  6. Quick question. Is there any parking nearby?
  7. Ticket bought for Sean Wheeliker (33009)
  8. I love Zoraida and run her both in Neverborn (mostly) and Gremlins. If I'm running her with a swampfiend crew I tend to take Zoraida with Tarot reaading and Animal shape, McTavish with cute critters, Spawn mother, two wisps a nurse and then fill with other things I need based on schemes and strat etc. Though its usually Wild Boars, Gupps, Silurids, Waldergeists or occasionally Rooster Riders. I've found the spawn mother to be great. Creating a gupp a turn makes your opponent want to kill her, so then your gupps run off and do the schemes. If you're opponent decides to go for wisps to shut it down then you keep them within 6" of the spawn mother and get a free charge if/when they kill the wisp. Just remember that the wisps copying of a (2) ap is for Neverborn models only.
  9. Ticket bought Shaunie (Russell Shea - 26409) Looking forward to another cracking event!
  10. There is. And it all came down to personal preference. Like you I prefer the mature for the armour 2 double positives on attack but some like it on Nekima. As a laugh I've also run it with Hannah in a crew, which can get all kinds of fun with her blasts! As to Aeslin, I've found her amazing against summoners. Not allowing masters to cheat in those cards they've saved up can be really annoying. Most of the time if they really want to summon something theyre burning two soul stones (one for a suit and one for positive flips). Which means they're not doing it very often. Bound and rooted is good against ressers and TT where you might be expecting lures or pushes but can be situational. The fact that its there though means its a tool to use, which is basically what Aeslin is. She works better with other models. She puts scheme markers down for the Knights and Titania, adds another Autumns curse and can stop things getting moved. But she's not the sort of model that wants to be out there on her own. She will soon go down if targeted.
  11. I'll make it a six-some of interested parties.
  12. I'm not sure there is a list as such, but Hem is a condition. So whatever conditions can by-pass (Incorporeal, doesn't count as any particular crew killing etc) Hem can.
  13. doppleganger is pretty much a must really. Don't mind me means she will be able to pick heads up even when engaged and manipulative 14 means its going to take a fair bit of effort to get rid of her. Other than that, gupps/silurids with their leap are great. And if you back that up with McTavish you're probably putting out a lot of damage too. Beware the voodoo doll killing things through Hem though. The models won't drop a head then because you didn't kill them, the condition did.
  14. Hannah is a good all round model to have in any crew really but works really well with Titania and Queens Champion. McTavish too is certainly worth a look. I use him all the time with Zoraida.
  15. I've found taking the mysterious emissary can be good if you have a couple of the Knights in there. With the emissary pumping out his Hungry Land markers and the lures from the knights you can lay down some nice damage as well as limiting your opponents access to your models. That and summoning changelings off some of the many scheme markers you're hopefully creating. For killing I take the mature nephilim. Personally (I know others have their preferences, but this is mine), I prefer him to Nekima. He's cheaper, tankier (+2 armour with queens champion), can put out about as much damage as Nekima ( to attack with QC) and can often get a free charge off the Deal With Him trigger. as well as having flurry. I've also found that the Claw and The Tooth can do a fair bit of damage. For scheme runners I either use Gupps or on occasiion, an insidious madness or two. They tie in well with the WP duels and are very very fast. For taking actual schemes, my stats so far have me at an average of 3vp for Setup, 2.3vp for Dig their Graves, 3vp for plant explosives, 2vp for hidden trap and 2vp for claim jump. I Dabbled with tail em and few other schemes but those seem to be my go-to's now.