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  1. I'm not sure there is a list as such, but Hem is a condition. So whatever conditions can by-pass (Incorporeal, doesn't count as any particular crew killing etc) Hem can.
  2. doppleganger is pretty much a must really. Don't mind me means she will be able to pick heads up even when engaged and manipulative 14 means its going to take a fair bit of effort to get rid of her. Other than that, gupps/silurids with their leap are great. And if you back that up with McTavish you're probably putting out a lot of damage too. Beware the voodoo doll killing things through Hem though. The models won't drop a head then because you didn't kill them, the condition did.
  3. Hannah is a good all round model to have in any crew really but works really well with Titania and Queens Champion. McTavish too is certainly worth a look. I use him all the time with Zoraida.
  4. I've found taking the mysterious emissary can be good if you have a couple of the Knights in there. With the emissary pumping out his Hungry Land markers and the lures from the knights you can lay down some nice damage as well as limiting your opponents access to your models. That and summoning changelings off some of the many scheme markers you're hopefully creating. For killing I take the mature nephilim. Personally (I know others have their preferences, but this is mine), I prefer him to Nekima. He's cheaper, tankier (+2 armour with queens champion), can put out about as much damage as Nekima ( to attack with QC) and can often get a free charge off the Deal With Him trigger. as well as having flurry. I've also found that the Claw and The Tooth can do a fair bit of damage. For scheme runners I either use Gupps or on occasiion, an insidious madness or two. They tie in well with the WP duels and are very very fast. For taking actual schemes, my stats so far have me at an average of 3vp for Setup, 2.3vp for Dig their Graves, 3vp for plant explosives, 2vp for hidden trap and 2vp for claim jump. I Dabbled with tail em and few other schemes but those seem to be my go-to's now.
  5. There is also a build-a-bear list for Zoraida that means you can summon one in on every 2 turns (or better depending on corpse/scrap markers). But that requires a lot of other models from outside of crew boxes to bring in. Though it is fun
  6. @EpicWaffle I my opinion yes. The Nurse brings so much more. She can be offensive or buff your crew. Iggy is mostly about offense and so wants to get closer to the opposing crew so he can use his burning tricks. The nurse is quite happy to sit at the back and hand out whatever is required. +2walk first turn, then +2 damage to her own troops. Or casting the paralyze heal on the voodoo doll once people have already done some damage to it.
  7. I would say Wisps are a must for Zoraida. Though do remember that their 'copy a friendly models (2) action' only works with Neverborn models (of which Zoraida and Spawn mother both are). After that, though not quite a must but I would recommend getting a nurse. The ability to shut down opponents models whilst buffing your own is so strong.
  8. Aeslin is an odd one. She can be really dangerous against certain crews with (0) to put enemy models on -ve's to CA 6" off a friendly scheme marker. Especially since the crew itself is pretty good at laying down scheme markers at a distance (The Claw is great for this). having casting expert is also good, though her cast actions aren't that great. Mostly I use her as another source of Autumns Curse and putting crews on -ve's. The Mysterious Emissary is great in certain strats. Works well if you're running her in interference as pumping out Changelings off all the scheme markers that you're creating works a charm. He also goes well with all the pseudo lures that the crew has. Pulling enemy models into his hungry land markers.
  9. The spawn mother becomes really good with wisps. Pumping out a gupp a turn can be really annoying to your opponent. Especially if you can turn them into Silurids off their trigger. The other thing is using the spawn mother to give +2 Charge to all models in 6" upping Rooster Riders threat range to 17". They are also great against shooty crews (specifically Austringers and Thunder Archers) with their Perfect Camouflage and Silent abilities.
  10. I think we will only know real answers to this when there is enough data going through logfaux.com There is a nice list of masters win-ratios that gives you an idea of how well they are doing that would form a nice basis for the tiers. It would be interesting to expand this and see what strats and schemes the masters are doing better at, based on being played. You could also tie this in with the list showing how often masters are being played (suggesting that they are either more enjoyable, easier or appear better).
  11. I've found it's good turn 3 or 4 to move the spawn mother up to keep other swampfiends in her 6" bubble for getting free charges against enemies that kill them. It's a fairly good deterant. People tend to not want a spawn mother getting a free charge against the model that's just killed your 3ss Wisp. So they start to send bigger models meaning your 3ss model just cost them a whole lot more.
  12. I'm guessing they'd have perfect camouflage or something similar. Maybe an attack that hands out paralyzed rather than damaging. Model wise, I'd go for a single one rather than a swarm. And they'd have to have a large brim caps so they didn't look too phallic. Or maybe do go for swarms and have them something similar to the mushrooms from Chorlton and the Wheelies. Fenella the witch does look a little like Zoraida.
  13. I never noticed that. Hmm, I will have to rethink it then.
  14. Would this matter in the end. I thought summoned models couldn't interact on the turn they are summoned. So although the head could be in base and you had 1ap you wouldn't be able to pick up the head. If you're looking to stop other interacting by being in base, just make sure that when both are placed the model is between the head and any enemy models. I did have this come up in a tournament game when a Gupp killed a model and summoned a Silurid. In that instance we placed the head when the model was reduced to 0 wounds, then summoned the silurid into base with both the gupp and the head marker, then removed the gupp and the enemy model. My opponent agreed, at the time that it was the correct order so we just played it like that. It was during the next activation that I realised that the silurid couldn't interact so just went off to kill something else instead.
  15. Played Zoraida in a game against a Rasputina crew last night. Took Zoraida with Hex bag and Fears Given Form, Widow Weaver with Handbag and Fears Given Form, Doppleganger with Retributions Eye, 2 x Stitched Together, 2 x Bloodwretch and 2 x Wisps. Opponent had Raspy, Ice Golem, 3 ice gamin, wendigo and 2 x Cerberus. The bloodwretches were amazing in this. Each one took out a cerberus thanks to Zoraida obeying their Rage Builds giving them +1 damage and draw 2 cards discard 1 on damaging. That with their inbuilt +ve to attack when they charge makes them brutal for 5ss. The wisps did their thing making 2 voodoo dolls a turn (1 from wisp 1 from Zoraida), meaning turn 2 I had a teddy. By this time his crew were getting close enough that I could Hem with the doll and sit it in the FGF auras putting 6 damage on enemy models just by activating the doll. The stitiched didn't really get chance to do anything. With the wretches taking out the cerberus and the teddy taking out the golem there wasn't much left for them to gamble with, but I managed to take out the wendigo with one. Ultimately they were there as a threat and, should they die, provide scrap markers for more teddies / wicked dolls. My only worry with this build was the lack of movement tricks. The wretches are wlk6 so can get places fairly quick, but I ended up using them more as beaters. The teddy can get a few movement tricks with his push trigger and Gobble you up, but again, he's more of a beater which meant in the end the stitched were doing the scheme/strat running. But I won 6-3 after 4 turns in the end so can't complain.