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  1. Monday Preview - Adze

    Theory confirmed. Neverborn are Pokemon. I mean, first Nephilim, then Silurid and now this?
  2. The stories in Ripples definitely painted the M&SU/Arcanists as a group of thugs (Nellie, Asami). My view on Ramos, which might be incorrect, as I haven't read all of the stories: Ramos is an idealist, in so far as he thinks everyone should have access to magic. That is his end-game. He got inside soulstone mining and created the MS&U cause soulstone = magic, but he will sacrifice that on the Arcanist altar if it gets him closer to his end goal. He likes the Union, and the people involved, but they are just a stepping stone in a larger plan. I figure Ramos is his happiest when he can tinker in his own lab without being bothered, but that's too far away for now.
  3. Picking your allegiance

    Hordes vs Cult kinda screams "manic high speed action in dynamic terrains! Portals! Tidepools! Explosions! Moar Monsters!" Hm, my 1st faction is probably the Hordes. I like both the Siren and the Frenzy, and in general I like their aesthetic. Plus I like the whole "manage terrain via Tide Pool magic" stuff. I like KE cause... not sure why, but they're cool. Rifle corps seems pretty strong! Abyssinia is also great, and I like the Prince being more of a supportive guy. With a rocket launcher.
  4. Calling Abyssinia

    Yep, I can totally see that, and I can also see that if a few soulstones have been brought over they can be recharged, or perhaps even more soulstones start popping up? Just kinda looking for interactions/crossover with Malifaux.... though if some Horde-like entity shows up in NB, that's also fun enough for me
  5. Gibbering Hordes Image Previews

    I'm not a fan of the Morphling myself.... but am pretty curious what does it actually do. Horomatangi.... I'm curious how it'll interact with the burning man cult stuff.... as well as the Hordes of course. Really liking the Armored Whelks though.
  6. Calling Abyssinia

    Hm, so I'm curious.... with Abyssinia having access to Soulstones via a temporary breach, I'm kinda curious whether we'll see them show up as a new faction in Malifaux.... or show up in an existing faction?
  7. Gibbering Hordes Image Previews

    Really liking how Reinforcement helps the Titan and the Karkinoids. Looking forward to finding out more about the Frenzy though!
  8. Gibbering Hordes Image Previews

    Really liking the Glory mechanic... the Horde has a good control over how and when to go into Glory, it just takes some sacrifices. I can totally see killing some minions 1st turn to make Siren into Glory (Whoo, hazardous tide pools!) and then reinforce the next round.
  9. I'm already liking the Hordes, but the Cult less so due to the body horror stuff, that's not my cup of tea. That said, I so want to see a Cult-Hordes match up.... portals and tide pools! Movement shenanigans I also like the Glory mechanic... while the Cult needs to hinder themselves to go Glory, that also means that anyone going up against them needs to debate whether that -2 is worth the chance of glorying someone.... I really like the Stalking Portals... as for the Gorscythe's low armor, who knows what kind of shenanigans it might have? Judging by its multiple heads, I wouldn't be surprised to see it being able to sacrifice something to avoid death.
  10. Abyssinia Image Previews

    Crow Runners look fun, but I'm really curious about the Mechanized Infantry, how do they work, with 2 models.
  11. You know.... Cult is the one Allegiance I'm not that interested in, not a big fan of body horror. But them Stalking Portals Them be awesome.
  12. Funded in 35 Minutes!

    Yeah, that looks pretty nifty, especially considering the Allegiance boxes... while they are good, they also have pretty limited models, so there's a whole lot left that can be bought/sold.
  13. Mercenaries?

    I can confirm that, Something Okoye has a dual logo on the bottom right part of the card. I wonder if there'll be models that are dual-allegiance but for 1 Malifaux and 1 Earth faction.... don't think so, at least not in the beginning.
  14. King's Empire Image Previews

    Do we know how much of an Empire is the KE? India is mentioned as being part of them, but I'm unsure about anything in Africa, or other parts in Asia, really. I'm hoping to see some Oxfordian Mages or something like that show up, just a little bit of magic, but not too much. From the preview the Royal Rifle Corpse looks pretty darn awesome! Also loving the King's Hand. Customizable Giant Mech woo! If the Guild does show up as an Allegiance, I'm expecting that to be full of specialized troops, perhaps monsters taken from Malifaux and unleashed here, perhaps along with constructs.
  15. Gibbering Hordes Image Previews

    On Wyrd's Youtube Channel there are 2 videos showcasing models, one is for the Siren, the other is for The Frenzy. It's mentioned that the Frenzy will be the other Commander, so 2 Commanders / Allegiance seems to be the case. I'm assuming for now the boxes offered for the KS are the ones that are more developed from a production and possibly rules standpoint for now, so I think we'll see Commander boxes, similar to Master boxes, down the line. Liking the aesthetic, and the use of Tide Pools and terrain that's in teh gameplay video. I can't wait to see a Cult and Hordes match up, since that seems to promise frenetic action