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  1. I wouldn't expect much more answer than "Due to issues beyond our control, Terracotta Warriors will not be available during the currently available release schedule."
  2. Not sure how many takers you'll have on this. These were all up for sale during Easter; the Miss models were $25 each and the Coryphee were $35 for the pair. The Miss models can be found in random Mystery Boxes and the updated Guilder store, too. The NE Coryphee have only been in the event sales. In any case, good luck!
  3. I wish you all the best wherever your new adventures take you! The chatroom won't be the same without you; be sure to come back and say hi!
  4. When in doubt, use General and make the customer service folks sort it out.
  5. Outcasts have a few options to ignore Armor, some always on while others are Triggers. Ronin, 6ss - Always ignore Armor with their Daito attack. Has a trigger for to damage to better guarantee the higher end of their damage track. Can add up quickly with their Flurry, but only 1" melee range makes this difficult sometimes. Bishop, 10ss - Ignores Armor, Hard to Kill, and Incorporeal on a trigger. At the start of Bishop's activation, you can choose to add any suit to all duel totals until end of activation to guarantee the trigger you need. Strongarm Suit, 10ss - Damage cannot be reduced on a + trigger, with the built in. This is better than Bishop's ability. Not only does it get past Armor and Incorporeal, it goes through other abilities that reduce damage such as Arcane Shielding. Does not stop damage prevention via soulstones or other means. Hans, 8ss - Ignores Armor on a trigger, ignores Incorporeal on trigger. He has a (0) that allows you to discard a card to apply its suit to all duel totals for the remainder of the Activation, which allows you to guarantee the trigger you want.
  6. Hello hello! Be sure to come say hi in the chat room from time to time!
  7. I'm unfamiliar with Sam; what bonus damage was he using with a trigger?
  8. All gone
  9. Oh! I totally forgot about the Strongarm Suit! Hannah can copy its (0) Charge Up for a damage boost, not to mention it's pretty great at jumping around and tearing things apart.
  10. Hello fellow Outcasts! I have a Henchman Hardcore tournament coming up and am looking for something to play. I usually go with the following: Rusty Alyce - Oathkeeper Librarian Johan Ronin It's certainly a solid crew, but I was thinking about changing it up a bit or even entirely. A pretty basic deviation could be: Hannah - I Pay Better Librarian Johan Trapper Since all four models are Mercenaries, getting a free Focus can be quite handy. Hannah can heal, remove conditions, or get a freebie ranged attack as a (0). Alternatively, could swap out I Pay Better for her personal upgrade and attempt to bury opponents. Losing a model to burial when you only have 4 to start with can be pretty rough, but I'd have to find a point somewhere by downgrading a model. One thought was bringing Viktoria of Blood and trying out some fun there, but it is very risky. Viktoria of Blood - Survivalist and Oathkeeper Student of Conflict (to bounce Vik around and hand out Fast) Johan Sue maybe? Nice for card draw and supporting auras, but he's slow. Another thought is bringing along the Nothing Beast now that it is a henchman! I'm also not sure what to bring to support it. Sue with the anti-Ca aura could be nice, but I worry that he is slow and could get left behind. Nothing Beast - Void Shield Sue Ronin Johan I've also thought about doubling up with Hannah and the Nothing Beast since she enjoys borrowing its extra 3" melee attack. It's just tough limiting myself to 10ss for two models afterwards.
  11. Paralyze Pandora can be strong, but I think she has too many hard counters or difficult match-ups to put her in the top end. She's still very good, but Lilith's movement effects, Collodi's Fast bubble, Titania's marker dropping, and potentially Lucius Mk2 play the scheme game better.
  12. Sorry, sold earlier on Sunday!
  13. Price drop