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  1. Monday Preview - August 14th

    How big are these guys? And are they 1 to a box?
  2. (eBay) More Malifaux Minis to sell

    The paint looks great on these! Good luck on the sales!
  3. New Job Opportunity

  4. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Not Kai, but per the artwork it looks like a direct 1-to-1 on the standard Hamelin Crew and given Nathan's response above it won't include the Brotherhood of the Rat models (Rat Catchers, Rat Kings, extra rats). Crazy Cat Lady - Hamelin Schrodinger (assumed name per bag) - Nix World's Best Son Cat - Obedient Wretch 3 Crazy Cat Children - 3 Stolen 4 Cats - 4 Rats
  5. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Hahaha, nice!
  6. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Ok, but where are the Cat Catchers? And Cat Kings?!?!?! YOU CAN'T GO HALFWAY ON THIS WE NEED THE FULL CREW PLEASE WYRD TAKE MY MONEY
  7. Shifting Loyalties crew

    Looks plenty solid; I like it! A buddy of mine went a similar route with Barbaros, Rougarou, and The Tooth during the last campaign we did locally and it was definitely effective! He went with a Primordial Magic, Wisp, and Terror Tot rather than your Insidious + Gupps, but you can't go wrong either way!
  8. Not sure if you've already worked something out, but I have the set assembled and cork-based, but no paint on anything if you're interested. Shipped from US. I know you mentioned on-sprue, but just in case. They are cleanly assembled and would be packaged safely.
  9. Apraising Dead Justice

    In the past few months the set has sold three times on eBay, two NIB and one Painted. The NIB ones went for $37 and $52, the Painted one went for $75. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=dead justice malifaux&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684
  10. W.T.B vulture from nicodem open graves box set

    Assuming you're in the US, this is one of the best places for single miniatures: https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/products/malifaux-singles-vulture-open-graves-nicodem-box-wyr20202
  11. Something like that would be perfectly fine nearly anywhere you go. You're using the original model, and it's clearly recognizable as the original model.
  12. Awesome! The different skin patches will definitely be fun to paint! So... will they be sold separately? Or in a TTB Encounter trio pack? If we're voting, I vote the trio pack!
  13. May 8th - Divergent Path Child

    D'aww that Teddy wants to snuggle!
  14. Oh come on! Again an instant invite that expires!
  15. I wouldn't expect much more answer than "Due to issues beyond our control, Terracotta Warriors will not be available during the currently available release schedule."