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  1. All gone
  2. Oh! I totally forgot about the Strongarm Suit! Hannah can copy its (0) Charge Up for a damage boost, not to mention it's pretty great at jumping around and tearing things apart.
  3. Hello fellow Outcasts! I have a Henchman Hardcore tournament coming up and am looking for something to play. I usually go with the following: Rusty Alyce - Oathkeeper Librarian Johan Ronin It's certainly a solid crew, but I was thinking about changing it up a bit or even entirely. A pretty basic deviation could be: Hannah - I Pay Better Librarian Johan Trapper Since all four models are Mercenaries, getting a free Focus can be quite handy. Hannah can heal, remove conditions, or get a freebie ranged attack as a (0). Alternatively, could swap out I Pay Better for her personal upgrade and attempt to bury opponents. Losing a model to burial when you only have 4 to start with can be pretty rough, but I'd have to find a point somewhere by downgrading a model. One thought was bringing Viktoria of Blood and trying out some fun there, but it is very risky. Viktoria of Blood - Survivalist and Oathkeeper Student of Conflict (to bounce Vik around and hand out Fast) Johan Sue maybe? Nice for card draw and supporting auras, but he's slow. Another thought is bringing along the Nothing Beast now that it is a henchman! I'm also not sure what to bring to support it. Sue with the anti-Ca aura could be nice, but I worry that he is slow and could get left behind. Nothing Beast - Void Shield Sue Ronin Johan I've also thought about doubling up with Hannah and the Nothing Beast since she enjoys borrowing its extra 3" melee attack. It's just tough limiting myself to 10ss for two models afterwards.
  4. Paralyze Pandora can be strong, but I think she has too many hard counters or difficult match-ups to put her in the top end. She's still very good, but Lilith's movement effects, Collodi's Fast bubble, Titania's marker dropping, and potentially Lucius Mk2 play the scheme game better.
  5. Sorry, sold earlier on Sunday!
  6. Price drop
  7. SOLD Selling my new in box Wild Ones crew. It is the Smoke Translucent version, still sealed. Asking $105 for the crew, not including shipping. Shipping within continental US is $4. International shipping is usually around $14, but let me know your postal code so I can look it up.
  8. There are several crews being listed, but how do they work on the table? What's your general activation order and operational goals? One problem I see with these crews, which is somewhat mitigated by Illuminated and Stitched, is that there tend to be a bunch of low-cost Minions running about. They don't hit hard, they don't have much staying power, and they don't apply crippling conditions. What do they accomplish? How do they deal with opponent threats? Any kind of standard defenses such as Armor, Hard to Wound, Hard to Kill, etc. seem very difficult to deal with. Are you relying entirely on Collodi's 3AP to get real work done? What does a typical turn or game look like for a Collodi crew? How does it do what it wants without getting murdered or shut down?
  9. Aaah gotcha, that makes sense! At first I thought you wouldn't use the Doppelganger in Pandora's crew because you liked using her in Lucius's crew.
  10. "I look forward to propping up a Performer in the role of the Doppelganger as Lucius and Pandora are both fond of them, and I want each crew to be self sufficient." What do you mean by this part? Do you mean that you don't want any duplicate models between your crews? Or that you'll be converting a Performer model into another Doppelganger model?
  11. Not sure about price range you were looking for, but Gadzooks Gaming sells separated Malifaux boxes and they have a Lucius single. http://www.gadzooksgaming.com/products/copy-of-malifaux-singles-lucius-bound-by-law-lucius-box-wyr20108?variant=6608546113
  12. Sold
  13. New items on the Guilder menu would be pretty awesome