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  1. If you were to make the errata...

    Oh, duh, you're right. I was thinking My Will.
  2. If you were to make the errata...

    Since they're Minions, Collodi does well with them and they can get Fast at the cost of 2 wounds. Combine that with a Brutal Effigy buff and they'll heal that back without much fuss. Lucius can allow then to activate the (1) during one of his walks, although ideally you have something better to command around than a Bloodwretch.
  3. If you were to make the errata...

    We're off topic, but the Mysterious Emissary also ruins Asami's day. Its basic attack has a built in remove condition trigger, meaning that shiny new Jorogumo you summoned just had its Flicker removed and dies in in one hit.
  4. If you were to make the errata...

    Nekima doesn't need a nerf. She's already the worst 13ss model in the game. She only seems strong because she's the biggest, baddest beater we have and so we take her and force her into situations where she does well. Ashes & Dust is way more survivable, hits nearly as hard, and summons on a trigger without having to pay additional costs to do so. Archie blows her away in every conceivable manner. Yasunori is both cheaper and better and has insane mobility both built in and in-faction. Peacekeeper is cheaper, more durable (outside of armor ignore), has a 10" pull, and hits just as hard or harder depending on triggers not including Debt or Numb. I think Nekima needs a defensive buff such as Terrifying or a knockback Df trigger. Nekima is short ranged, does not have easy access to external mobility (aside from Graves) or other buffs. She's made of tissue paper once a beater gets on her. She also has a bad case of "Early Malifaux" syndrome where she is not nearly as AP efficient as the more recent releases. She's the biggest and theoretically best glass hammer we've got, but we have so many glass hammers that it's a diluted role in Neverborn.
  5. If you were to make the errata...

    Give Pandora Terrifying 12 All built in to her base card and redo the Box Opens upgrade to be a viable take compared to Voices and Woe Is Me.
  6. Monday Preview - Hinamatsu

    I cannot wait for this model. I'm in the process of making a proxy with Oiran and Bunraku bits, but the real deal will be way better.
  7. First tournament -master for the second game

    I'm not sure where you're getting 12 activations. I see 9. The Mysterious Emissary can summon some Changelings, sure, and if the enemy is dropping Scrap then you can get over your initial number of puppets potentially. But neither of those are really guaranteed, right?
  8. Looking to buy the Neverborn models from the 2-player set (Bloodwretches, Scion of Black Blood, Angel Eyes). Unassembled preferred, but cleanly assembled is ok. US-based, offering $20+shipping
  9. Collodi Crew Help

    So I'm still trying to wrap my brain around Collodi. I feel like I have a decent enough grasp on Collodi himself, but often feel like I have no idea what I'm doing with his crew. I typically run something along the following: Collodi - Strum, Fated 2x Marionettes Arcane Effigy Brutal Effigy 2x Stitched The Tooth Lazarus - Thousand Faces I feel like Lazarus at 12ss (with upgrade) is too much of a sink. He's been useful in a couple games, but mostly at best he's more a visual threat than actual threat, and at worst gets murdered early on by things that ignore armor. The crew just feels like I'm relying entirely on the Stitched to do any damage, but they're relatively fragile and short ranged. Everything else is just kind of there to be slightly annoying or inefficiently run schemes. The Tooth has been nice for dropping markers and as a Personal Puppet target to smack away anything that charges Collodi, but that's rarely been happening so it feels like a bit of a waste. So what kinds of crews do you folks like? What overall goals do you have in mind when building a crew? Any particular models you feel are good models that should be used more often? Hinamatsu, Rougarou, Trapper, Changelings, Envy, Bloodwretches?
  10. FOIL CARDS: What is out there?

    So far the "foil" cards are for all Wave 1 and 2 masters, the more recent Alternate models (Taelor, Rafkin, Nicodem, Titania, Hungering Darkness, Nekima, McCabe Nightmare crew, Hamelin Nightmare crew), and the Emissaries from Wave 3. The only Wave 4 master with a foil card (right now) is Titania, and only as the Alternate Titania model. Collodi card:
  11. Hello! Could we get a printer friendly version of the Rapid Growth League document? There are printer friendly versions of Gaining Grounds and Alternate Tournament Format documents, but not the Rapid Growth one.
  12. Sold

  13. SOLD

    Wow, that was fast. Thanks!
  14. Small note, Pandora cannot take both Woe Is Me and Voices. They are Limited upgrades, so she can either get the Paralyze trigger or she can summon.
  15. SOLD