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  1. So there been some debate over what bewitch does and doesn't draw cards off of since my last tournament game. From my understanding an obeyed charging Yasunori would generate no cards from the charge or the original 2 attacks, but you would draw cards from the 2 triggered attacks.
  2. Schemes & Stones (Blog) Wave 5 Yan Lo

    I'm basing my debate off of the end of game scoring and how any marker removal scoring happens. As per the rules: Step 4. Players calculate VP earned for one chosen Scheme and add them to the Crew's total VP. Step 5. Players remove any Scheme markers that they chose to use to Score VP with the Scheme in Step 4. Step 6. Players calculate VP earned from the remaining Scheme and add them to the Crew total VP. Why would turn by turn be any different? If it did then you also could score multiple schemes off the same markers which you clearly can not do to how you score schemes. I could be wrong sure, but if even if I am there is no direct rules that explain end of turn scoring specifically and so this end of game explanation makes it very confusing since its the only thing we have to base end of turn scoring off of.
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  6. Schemes & Stones (Blog) Wave 5 Yan Lo

    I don't quire agree with that forum post's assessment. Basically the argument is the in book rules are trumped by a single upgrade and thus it doesn't work. First off, I would be more inclined to go off the rules and second the Asami rules simple states that both players score VP at the same time. That states nothing about schemes being scored independently, just that players score at the same time and your assuming that means all the points are scored at the same time (which the rules state otherwise). As far as I'm concerned it works until a FAQ or someone points out a solid example.
  7. Schemes & Stones (Blog) Wave 5 Yan Lo

    If you only have 1 Ascendant upgrade you can convert it to chi then swap if you really need too.
  8. Schemes & Stones (Blog) Wave 5 Yan Lo

    You can use it to swap upgrades around, but it seems like something always happens when I tried starting with Fortify and planned on switching to reliquary.
  9. Schemes & Stones (Blog) Wave 5 Yan Lo

    I usually put it on Yu, Sun, or Izamu as the case may warrant. I also agree that Recalled Training is a waste on Izamu since his damage is 3/4/5 and he already has (+) to damage. Recalled is much better on damage tracks that scale better, where Izamu you're happy to just hit min 3 most of the time.
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  12. Musing on Always Scheme

    Perhaps a cleaner version of the idea is something like. At the end of any turn, choose a scheme marker within 3" of the centerline and within 3" of a friendly model. You may remove that scheme marker to give a friendly model within 3" of it to gain the following condition, "Survivor +1: At the end of the time this condition goes up by one. This condition can't be removed by normal means,." At the end of any turn, you may remove the Survivor +2 from a model to score 1VP. You could also allow models to take a (2) Interact action to reduce Survivor by 1 instead of needing to kill the model.
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  15. Musing on Always Scheme

    Thinking about it more, it could use another stipulation that the active marker must also have a friendly model next to it sorta like protect territory, but you have to hold the marker for a turn before it scores.