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  1. What? 50ss fixed faction tournament 3 Rounds lasting 2h $10 entry fee When? September 24th, registration, 10am - 10:30am and tournament 11am - 7pm Where? Mayhem Comics in Clive, IA Other Rules? No painting required, but it will be rewarded Proxies allowed so long as the model is identifiable Otherwise latest Gaining Ground and Errata will be followed Prizes rewarded via a point system (player with most points picks prize he wants and so forth) Guild Script for everyone that participates Our stores prize support is fantastic and everyone will get at least $15 in store credit for prizes. You can RSVP via facebook here or you can message me on here on the forums
  2. How you use Specialist?

    Alright, dug out book and you are right that the blast marker is considered part of the damage. I suppose I've played this wrong all along (not sure if its ever come up though).
  3. How you use Specialist?

    No, the damage is from the blast not the Sh action.
  4. How you use Specialist?

    Yes, reduce all damage this model suffers from Sh and Ml. A blast is neither of these things. So no he is wrong.
  5. Oiran + Hidden Agenda

    I've started to take 1 with Shenlong in my "sniper" crew since you can put hidden agenda on McTavish/Envy/Laz and it basically gives you a 3 AP scheme runner who can sometimes lure other models around (don't ever count on having the suit when you really need it though).
  6. How you use Specialist?

    Blasts ignore incorporeal
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  10. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Zipp

    They should be added now, but they are linked here as well. Example 1 Example 2
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  15. Tournament Packets Added