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  1. Help with the Viks

    Can you not take out the Student with range to prevent the df boost? Vik of Ashes has a lower defense too maybe try the shooting against them? Not just to kill them but if you get cards down Vik of Blood doesn't have the positives. The problem isn't always the obvious threat either (as I'm sure you know) so I would suggest taking your master and shoving down the Viks' face. Mei Feng and Shenlong are both crazy quick and can accomplish this. Also, Misdirection really works if you go all in against hard hitters like the viks. Especially of you charge first because cards usually get used up. Go for the Vik of Ashes because if she gets moved out the way the Student has to be there and she's no longer in 2" of things for the Df/Ml boost even if the student isn't there. I must say Low River Shenlog is especially good with Misdirection with all that defensive. He can also potentially steal her fast but that is corner case at best. But a good old Recalled Training and you have fair odds odds of surviving (it improves your prevention flips too which I always forget), can heal the next turn, you're a single target so no whirlwind, and any additional hitting help runs the risk of Misdirection. Misaki is obviously first prize for this tactic with her auto-Decapitate if you burn your last stone for a Crow and she gains double positives that turn too (on basically all things) with Recalled Training. Shenlong is a close second for the models you have though. P.S. Being this aggressive is not always a tactic that works for everyone and is rather high risk so if things fluff there's trouble but with all the positives fluffing is minimized. Also you'd obviously build for the crew. I like taking Killjoy with Misaki so after she's finally put down out pops Killjoy. Not sure he'd necessarily work for Shenlong but the tactic is effective against a lot of crews. Not sure about Levi (I don't face him often) but Jack Daw does not like multiple positives on Attack and Damage in his face.
  2. Ohaguro Bettari - Free Charge Out-of-Activation

    Ah, see I searched "Once" not "One"
  3. Hey, So, there was a weird interaction in a game I had with Asami the other day against Lucius and The Tooth. The Tooth did her Challenge of Summer against Ohaguro and so at the end of the push she got to hit The Tooth. Fortunately, I had an 11 of 's in hand and hit Ohaguro's Ploughed Over Trigger so I pushed The Tooth away and charged The Claw, killing him dead with a Red Joker on several 's. The thing is, is it legal to Trigger Ploughed Over out of Ohaguro's Activation if the Trigger is only allowed to occur once per Activation? In other words, does the once per Activation restriction mean that Ohaguro can only perform the Trigger in her Activation (though it doesn't specify that it must be her Activation)? Or, does this mean that she can declare it during another model's Activation if an Ml Action is caused for whatever reason? So I was able to declare Ploughed Over against The Tooth but would not have been able to declare it against The Claw as it was still, technically, during The Tooth's Activation? Obviously, we played it the first way but only after rolling a dice to decide which way. Still, we'd like it resolved finally! Given this issue occurring with Yasunori and Bloodwretches to a degree, should this be FAQ'd for clarity? Thanks in advance! Chris.
  4. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Asami

    You re correct. Still auto-heal is pretty cool.
  5. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Asami

    Not been able to play her yet but it seems like Bettari and Ama will work well together as the first can give the other all her needed suits.
  6. Dead of Winter and multiple sources of damage

    Thanks, thought so.
  7. Hey guys, Quick question. I played against Pandora and her Death-By-A-Thousand-Cuts Misery ability with Sorrows. What was curious is that, if a model fails a duel in range of more than model with Misery, "it would suffer 1 damage from each model with the Misery Ability separately" (Bullet 105, Jan 2017 FAQ). Now, does this mean that Tara's new Upgrade Ability, The World is Empty, be able to discard a card to reduce damage by 1 for each instance of Misery damage? If the ability reads: "When a friendly Void model within 6 of this model suffers damage, this model may discard a card to reduce that damage by exactly 1 (to a minimum of 0)" I know the effectiveness or merit of this is debatable, I just want to know if it IS possible. Thanks in advance.
  8. Anyone had much success with Hayreddin?

    What @Fetid Strumpet and @Greebo have said is largely how I feel about him. I don't have Reva but I can certainly see the appeal to use him in her lists. You could even keep him relatively close by to use her push and Trigger to use him as a Corpse Marker. It seems like a reliably good combo to me, though he can die quite easily if your opponent flips well that's why I also really like Necrotic Preparation on him, make the opponent pay for taking him out if you do get unlucky with his Df 7. I use him with Tara and the Nothing Beast (and/or Scion), it makes the latter's damage potential a real threat and the 3" engagement range usually keeps it out of Hayreddin's Aura. I'd imagine the same is true for other low minimum damage monsters out there as has been mentioned, thinking Hanged might like him around too. He also works well with Tara discarding cards along with the Wretches and Nothing Beast's high Df it makes for a pretty resilient crew. I've found him very useful as a gambit, he is a high threat and so is good at drawing fire at a high cost with Necrotic Preparation and if he doesn't draw fire, there's a high cost with his Aura. The real trick to him is positioning, as has been said, but once he's got some Vitality going that's not too hard. That he's only 7/8ss makes it not a huge loss if the gambit fails and he dies but high risk if you place him poorly.
  9. A competitive Mister Lynch

    Lynch works pretty great with whatever you feel like playing so you can go for a crew with very few having to delve into the faction as a whole or go really deep, both to great effect. I originally ran him very thematic with: If you don't have access to a lot of the faction Lynch: Woke Up With a Hand, Expert Cheater, and Endless Hunger (Expert Cheater is just fun and Squeal is good) Darkness: Broken Promises, Addict (Broken Promises makes enemies get 's to everything targeting him including Horror, so he is basically untouchable for a whole Turn) 2 x Illuminated (They hit so hard with Brilliance and live even harder generally) 2 x Beckoners (Wk once and Lure and Illuminated forward without losing any movement is pretty great, also they give out Brilliance) 2 x Depleted (tar pit and speedy with other Brilliance models) OR 2 x Tengu (for running Schemes) OR Graves (for murderising) I ran him as a hand cycling master recently too and it was very effective: Only if you have access to a lot of the faction Lynch: Woke Up With a Hand, Wanna See A Trick, and Endless Hunger (Lynch is very good at giving a single model Brilliance, so if you get aces in hand 52 Pickup is very worthwhile) Darkness: Broken Promises, and Death Contract (same but cheaper and with consequences for killing him) Ototo: Call the Thunder, and Recalled Training (He has Flurry to discard a Ace which is great and he can fish for Aces with his heal) Samurai: Favour of Jigoku, and False Target ( is pretty great for getting those Aces in hand, and hitting those makes that happen often) 2 x Rail Workers (They have a discard so work with Aces, and can target friendlies with their (0) that does no damage to fish for Aces) 2 x 10T Brothers (These guys work really well because their (0) needs Aces, they are especially great at Ace fishing if you have an Ace of because you can draw two cards and discard an Ace, they are also great targets for the Rail Workers' as they can potentially hit and go Defensive
  10. Misaki & Wokou Raiders

    Forums still as insightful as ever.
  11. Is Tara really that bad?

    Well because he can bury himself Tara or the Death Marshall don't have to use an action of their's to do so.
  12. Is Tara really that bad?

    I love Tara! So here's my opinion, mostly on her in-theme stuff: The Bad Stuff: I think she is a relatively poorly written Master as they could have done a better job of making her work like she's supposed to without all the necessary Upgrades and so on. Karina is still an awful Totem in my opinion but others seem to like her so it is likely a play style thing. Still she tries to do too much in my opinion and can't accomplish anything because of it. She's not survivable to stick around for her Aura, she is awful at doing anything really effective to Buried models. Her Summon requires that you don't play her sans cards and in a themey way. Also as an Enforcer she gets no SS to get the right Crow so completely at the mercy of Crows in hand. Just horrible in my opinion but potentially cool in so many ways. The Nothing Beast needing an Upgrade to survive is a shame because he can't take others but the Upgrade does fix him hugely. Just again... she needs a rewrite or at least reorganisation. I understand Wyrd were under time constraints with Levi not being ready Wave 1. Thanks Levi. Honestly though as clunky as her cards are, she's still really fun to play with and against. Oh yeah you can basically ignore the non-Tara Upgrades for her crew in Wave 1. Even Eternal Journey very rarely sees play despite being cool as you have to play her other Upgrades to get her going in her intended role. The Good Stuff: Tara herself is very cool but restricted by the way her cards are written. Not talking about having to Activate first or discard cards and the like, more things like Pull of the Void not being on her card and being restricted to only working when other models can Activate on her crew. Besides that she is really cool. Having on Initiative is really great and lets you Activate Tara before anyone can stop her from bringing out a big beastie she buried last turn. Or bury and unbury a beasty so it can chain activate. The bury bomb technique only tends to work in her first Turn/Activation if you are playing a themed crew as it requires cards to make it happen, incidentally that's why her sword is pretty good in my opinion. Glimpse the Void auto-Trigger Ml vs Df gives her some versatility and no TN like Pull of the Void. Eternal Moments is really fun to play with Dead of Winter's -2 Wp (again, needing an Upgrade) if you can get it right, your whole crew can get Fast and one enemy model gets the same. Belles are good at making that happen. Even if it does go awry, and you give a few Enemy models Fast they will learn quickly it comes at a cost. As most of her basic models hit Wp or benefit against Fast models. Wk 5 makes her crazy fast with 6 Actions so she can usually get off an effective first turn bury bomb and because has a fast crew and can unbury slower models you usually won't over extend. All that being said though, don't be afraid to skip her activating first, it can be a trap if you have another model that needs to go first. Plus being able to Activate Tara whenever in your Turn does give you some versatility. Now the card discard style of play is my bread and butter, it is high risk often but that risk often pays off especially with models to capitalise on it like Aionus or Nothing Beast. The worry about having few cards is usually mitigated by the fact that your opponent will be reeling to stop a Fast onslaught and if you play in theme they will need to get rid of cards which puts you at an advantage. Df 8/9 is nothing to scoff at. Oh her other (0) is very cool too stopping Interacts is pretty potent and also makes her not activating first have a big effect on the game. Her basic crew options are pretty great I believe! Void Wretches are crazy fast and can hide very well while you have cards so they don't get hit. Also, don't be fooled by Ml 4, in a swarm these guys can dish out damage especially against Fast models, also their (0) for Fast/Slow is very useful for controlling the board. The Nothing Beast is one of my favourites. Unfortunately he NEEDS Void Shield but with Fast and Casting Expert this guy can hit HARD. Either go for 2 Focus hits to up the odds of moderatedamage or take 3/4 swings and go for damage potential. His (0) and other Ca are both very good too now he can stick around. Death Marshalls are solid models and survivable. Hitting Wp with his Pine Box is another bonus. Pretty much all the fixes that Wave 2 released were amazing. The Void Shield is great for the Nothing Beast who now doesn't die in a stiff breeze, also people like Karina's Summon even though I don't. The same can be said for the Wave 3 models and Aionus. They all get her working very well. The Scion is a solid hitter and isn't worried about being caught out with few cards in hand. I think using her Actions out of Activation is a bit of a trap other than the unbury but it has corner case uses. Aionus can give out Fast and Slow and hit buried models so complements her greatly. He also messes with Schemes and Void Wretches are very good at schemes to begin with. The Forgotten Marshall is also great because he can do all the Bury work and leave Tara an extra action or stop you from having to hire a Death Marshall. He also hits hard and has decent survivability. Hayreddin is another model that complements her enormously he's fast and hits hard. Also Df 7 makes losing cards less troublesome and to damage make The Scion and Nothing Beast's damage tracks look pretty tasty.
  13. Thanks For Everything!

    You turned a great miniatures into the best miniatures game I've seen or played! If 1.5 was like crack then m2e is worse than super crack. I'll definitely be interested to see where you go next and to see how Aaron and the team fill your shoes. I expect good things on both sides!
  14. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Shenlong

    I haven't listened to this podcast yet but from what I've always played it as though Defensive (D) from Low River Style lasted until Shenlong's activation. This is definitely wrong I see now but if I am understanding correctly from context the point is that you can basically get an "infinite" build up of Defensive if you can goad your opponent into attacking Shenlong, right? So if you gain D+1 from Slow Waters Eternal, you can then get either Shenlong to take his (0) in his turn to avoid removing it from him in Upkeep or have a Peasant do that for him. If he is then attacked before his activation, he gains another D+1 that is removed from him at the end of the Turn as opposed to his Activation and repeat the process. That' pretty rad because playing Low River it feels like it can be a disadvantage to activate Shenlong as he loses D+n and so is less effective at healing during his activation and defending after. There are downsides to this as its possible the opponent just won't attack you but you lose nothing you wouldn't already if you were to play it under the interpretation. That being said, it does seem excessively convoluted to play this way and the rules ethic that has been referred by the designers seems to imply that this particular type of complexity (not complexity in itself) is undesirable in the game. I just wonder if the designers forgot about Conditions resolution Upkeep when designing the Upgrade and Shenlong's card. I say this because if you look at Shenlong's Burn Like Fire and the third books Scion of the Void's Stolen Meaning Trigger the effect is totally different. If Shenlong steals Fast, it only applies in his NEXT activation while the Scion's Trigger takes effect immediately. The latter seems like the intended interaction as it makes more thematic and mechanical sense. It makes more sense if the caveat "as though it had begun its activation with them" is added to the rule: "This model gains all Conditions ended in this way." It also seems like a cleaner way to phrase the Scion's ability but hey. I suppose it means the Scion can have 4 actions if Tara gives out Fast and he steals it though, maybe that's why it is phrased like that on the Scion's card and I am wrong to draw the comparison. That aside, the Defensive interaction with the Upkeep stage does seem messy rather than intentionally complex. As such, the infinite Defensive effect seems more of a loophole than intended interaction. I am aware this is a RAW vs. RAI argument and would always say play RAW until an FAQ or Errata explicitly addresses the issue otherwise. However, that does not make it meaningless to raise the issue as someone above seemed to imply. The designers and play testers can't foresee every eventuality. No matter how close they get to perfect, no rules set will be. That's why FAQ's and Errata exist, not just to make rules changes but also to clarify intention. P.S. it's perfectly legal to start with two of the same Style Upgrades on Shenlong and Yu, you just can't make them do that with Monk of Many Styles and Promising Disciple.
  15. Is there any advantage to taking Mei Feng in Ten Thunders

    Rail Golem is still a really good choice. Not so sure about the Gamin anymore.