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Found 3 results

  1. Guess who was bored and did a probability analysis for attack and damage flips These are the base probabilities for a full deck for the first flip of a round. The specific probability for any given flip will change as a round progresses and your deck is depleted but these values would provide a starting value to inform decisions. These were calculated using brute force calculations with the number of duels calculated shown as "n duels". The probabilities for a given set don't add up to exactly 100% due to the values being derived for a large set of averaged results instead of.
  2. Hi all, Tried to find a thread addressing this directly but couldn't. The Scenario: A Witchling Stalker is targeted by a Attack, Triggers Drawn to Pain, and is pushed into Hard Cover. Timing wise, is the damage flip affected by the new LoS drawn? Rules: Cover: "A model will gain the benefits of cover from a () Attack when any LoS line between the Attacking model and the target model can be drawn through any terrain with the soft or hard cover traits that is within 1” of the target model. Terrain with the soft cover trait will grant soft cover which imposes a to
  3. So I've played several games where there seems to be confusion on whether and when you can cheat a joker and what the jokers mean in general. So I will try and list a concise summery, if I could have your help clarifying that would be fantastic! Duel Total Flips Attacker: Flips a BLACK Joker - No Damage, the attack fails. - Attacker cannot cheat - Defender may cheat but cannot declare any "after damaging or while damaging" triggers (Positive and negative twists have no affect) Flips a RED Joker - Counts as a 14 of any ONE suit. - Attacker may Cheat unless the
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