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  1. Next book - no new models? A what if question

    I'd probably just take advantage of the lull to start collecting another faction. Having already collected pretty much all of the factions I already play I'd feel like I was getting value out of the game if older, dustier models were revamped, and feel more like buying into a new faction.
  2. Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    I'm up for this!
  3. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    That's a good point. I used to use Faster Than You when I started with Perdita, but I got distracted by other stuff (killing things and obeying!). I have the Jury coming soon, I will get her on the table ASAP and get back to FTY to try and dent some of my opponents' alpha strikes. Thanks again!
  4. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    True! So; Frank gives Perdita El Mayor, Perdita moves up and survives, does her stuff. Franc is further behind her in Turn 2, so he can't El Mayor again - or would you advocate moving Perdita back and then activating Frank on Turn 2? Or do you think that after the (hopefully) successful engagement on Turn 1 she can handle what's left without El Mayor for a bit? Appreciate that these are quickly becoming situational questions and don't expect a playbook, just a sense of when people do and don't alter their plans for El Mayor. Turns 1 & 2 are easily the hardest part of the game for me.
  5. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    I need to get the new upgrades - I think that armour upgrade is going to make my life with Hoffman so much easier...
  6. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    Shackled from the Enslaved Nephilim, is that the way? I guess I would need to have a decent number of activations, to make sure that I don't leave her up there with multiple scary models still left to activate in the opposing crew?
  7. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    Bless you, that's kind. Currently I'm playing Perdita & Hoffman. I have access to everthing up to & including wave 4. I often face Outcasts (Viks/Levi), Neverborn (Titania/Lilith/Zoraida) and TT (Mei Feng, Misaki, Lynch)
  8. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    I take the point you are making, but honestly I really struggle against Alpha strike lists, and it does become frustrating. I'm having real trouble finding a way to either out-alpha strike or just survive them in any meaningful capacity - due to the nature of alpha strikes, it's really hard to avoid them since they often comprise some way of positioning a threat piece and then launching it across a significant portion of the board. Sure, I've made sure that scenery is dense enough, and that I keep out of LOS/charge lanes, but often I find that either I cannot avoid the alpha with everything (allowing the beater into my lines somewhere), or I basically stay at the back behind cover, and surrender the board to my opponent. So whilst I don't doubt that the fault is mine, I still struggle to find the way to address it. Maybe @4thStringer shouldn't handicap their playstyle to keep people in their meta , but maybe some advice on how to compete with it/avoid it might help the play experience?
  9. Is Collodi next on the chopping block?

    But Collette can't do that since the erratta, at least that was my understanding. If they felt that was too powerful, maybe My Will will be looked at the same way?

    True! So close I couldn't see it!

    Certainly another watcher with the wing perspective issue fixed would be good. Am I right in thinking it's the only minion model that there's only one sculpt of, and is only available in a crew box?
  12. [UK] Hunter & Pistoleros for sale, NOS

    Hi! I'll take: The Pale Rider £12 1 x Watcher £4 2 x Witchling Handlers £7 2 x Witchling thralls £10 Let me know best way to pay etc. Thanks!
  13. Brewmaster in tournaments

    Looking forward to our game...
  14. Expanding from Seamus

    Hanged work well with bubble of death Sinister Reputation Seamus, as their attacks benefit from his lowering people's Wp, and he benefits from all the Wp tests they'll then fail as they are attacked. They also remove people's immunity to horror within 4", so even more Wp duels that they might fail. Yin also targets Wp, and can put people on negative flips for Wp duels. Add to that Bishop who can choose to target Wp with his Ml attack and there are some synergies to explore. With bag of tools teleporty Seamus he is off doing his own thing with the CCK, so you want models that can be useful on their own. I personally use his box set and the models that have already been suggested by the other posters, and of course the necropunks you already have.