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  1. Good Old Rider

    I've used him successfully for covert breakthrough. Hide him in the corner & sprint up turn 3. 20% of my SS for 30% of my available points always seems like a fair investment. Think he should be good for take prisoner on a backfield support piece as well.
  2. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    Seems fine to me.
  3. Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    And paid. Looking forward to it.
  4. Monthly painting challenge - February

    My pledge for this month: Drowned (6ss) Nurse (6ss) Mindless zombie (2ss) 4 Night terrors (12ss) Papa Loco (7ss) Rail Golem (11ss) Dr Alexei Sokolov (10ss) For a total of 54ss. This is the last of my in-progress pile, I promise my fellow pledgers that I will be starting brand new models from next month, many thanks for letting me sneak these through!
  5. The Marauders Bite - 50ss 3 Round tournament - Saturday 3rd of Feb 2018

    Can only echo everybody else's comments; a great venue with lots of space, and the tea & coffee was a real plus. All made the day much more relaxed which was welcome. Very happy to wait for results & pairings from the TO rather than get live updates, and personally preferred the 3 round format. As always 3 great opponents, my thanks to them for some really fun games. Russ.
  6. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @Franchute, here are my models from this month (they're still a bit glossy from the varnish, but they were too wet to spray with the matt varnish for these photos. I'll be spraying them in a couple of days and they should go completely matt): Ryle: 9ss Executioner: 9ss Witchling Thrall: 9ss Guild autopsy: 4ss 4 Clockwork traps: 8ss For a total of 39ss. Unfortunately I didn't get through my entire in-progress pile this month as I had hoped, am I OK to pledge the remainder for February or should I start with brand new models? Cheers, 'Brown
  7. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @Franchute, I shall be posting this month's completed models tomorrow evening. Apologies, life intervened and I lost sight of a mid-month update. I shall remember next month!
  8. Monthly painting challenge - January

    As @Franchute has kindly let me join for January with some part painted models, I thought I should go for a big lot: Executioner (9ss) Ryle (9ss) Guild Autopsy (4ss) Nurse (5ss) Drowned (6ss) 4 Night Terrors (12ss) Mindless Zombie (2ss) Papa Loco (7ss?) 4 Clockwork Traps (8ss)
  9. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    Sign me up for Feb please (I'll use a mulligan for Jan as I am painting models that I had already started). I'll go for the Master level (16 - 30ss a month) Cheers, 'Brown
  10. Next book - no new models? A what if question

    I'd probably just take advantage of the lull to start collecting another faction. Having already collected pretty much all of the factions I already play I'd feel like I was getting value out of the game if older, dustier models were revamped, and feel more like buying into a new faction.
  11. Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    I'm up for this!
  12. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    That's a good point. I used to use Faster Than You when I started with Perdita, but I got distracted by other stuff (killing things and obeying!). I have the Jury coming soon, I will get her on the table ASAP and get back to FTY to try and dent some of my opponents' alpha strikes. Thanks again!
  13. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    True! So; Frank gives Perdita El Mayor, Perdita moves up and survives, does her stuff. Franc is further behind her in Turn 2, so he can't El Mayor again - or would you advocate moving Perdita back and then activating Frank on Turn 2? Or do you think that after the (hopefully) successful engagement on Turn 1 she can handle what's left without El Mayor for a bit? Appreciate that these are quickly becoming situational questions and don't expect a playbook, just a sense of when people do and don't alter their plans for El Mayor. Turns 1 & 2 are easily the hardest part of the game for me.
  14. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    I need to get the new upgrades - I think that armour upgrade is going to make my life with Hoffman so much easier...
  15. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    Shackled from the Enslaved Nephilim, is that the way? I guess I would need to have a decent number of activations, to make sure that I don't leave her up there with multiple scary models still left to activate in the opposing crew?