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  1. PolishSausage

    State of Gremlins in GG18

    Why Effigy and Sparks? Effigy is is the DF6 arm 1 HTK pain in the butt. The buff he gives out to masters is great for survival. Also when you hit and RJ someone with him they will pop their eyes out. Sparks is a very unique support piece. He increases survival of friendly models, Has chain activation ( super bonkers for a high ss model to have). Also try packed with explosives and Zip, you place the model and than do damage flip, makes for a very nasty surprise. Spark also works well with large gremlin-centric crews, buffs skeeters and effigy, and can in some cases swing the game due to his aura (very rare but will catch people dead) Just remember he has the aura.
  2. PolishSausage

    State of Gremlins in GG18

    Uff, to summarize in one go: 1 or 2 broken "combos" ( and I refuse to count the warpig Somer list until someone wins a big tourney with it) Very limited hiring pool due to too much overlap within factions ( you pick the most optimal model out of a group that does the same thing) Starter boxes to get: Ophelia + Zip. You also want to pickup swine cursed, effigy, survivors, sparks This would get you enough hiring diversity and combination.
  3. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    I cannot give my experience since I have never used him ( too expensive at 10ss for my taste) But the chatty + healing seems very good. Slap DC and Stilts on him and you opponent will be sweating to get rid of this guy. I just think that First Mate can do similar stuff but is a much more survival beater.
  4. PolishSausage

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    I have to agree, the tiers should be: 1) in good place 2) needs help arguing which is the best and the worse will just leave people salty.
  5. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    I could easily double this list if we go model by model ( only hitting the unused ones, since 90% of our faction falls into "unused")
  6. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    Adding to the list: Remove Merc from Burt and drop 1 ss. Give Merris attack thats identical to Iggy. Reduce Zoraida swampfiend upgrade to 1ss Merge some of Mah's upgrades together/ or add extra perks to them ( cards are empty) Slophaulers need 1 extra wound Brin need higher DF Wraslers need bulletproof 1 or some passive that is usefull Replace crow trigger on bayous to poison 1 Remove trixibells hench and drop to 7ss or make her gun upgrade 0ss Remi needs something, at least SH6 for 7ss model (aka Hans) Francois needs higher DF since he went to 8ss (5 is ok-I will take) Gators need higher wk/chg or a trigger that actually useful (slow would be amazing) Criers need to go to 6ss Ophelia needs upgrade slot increase aka Jack Daw Wong needs longer range on his spell Zip needs reduced range on DF trigger (4" and only enemies attacks) Sparks needs nimble/reckless or inbuilt book to his ML Smugglers need complete rework badly Iron skeeters need to have restrictions on models they carry around ( Ht1 minions only), No longer CA but flip a card and resolve (so always goes off)
  7. PolishSausage

    Game Time

    That is good to hear! I was kind of "meh" on the basatho cav ( since they look out of place compared to other units). They do sound like a dirt cheap screen as you mentioned, can't wait to give them a shot.
  8. PolishSausage

    Game Time

    Can anyone share their experience from any game time they had with the faction and what are their favorite units? From what I have seen the engineers are a must in every unit. Our faction lascannon is the best for guaranteed card cycling. Iron Legion in a horde mincing monstrosity. I would love to hear those that have tried the game and what they found "Strong" in Abyssinia.
  9. PolishSausage

    Mah is good

    The only time we used to play Mah was with 2ss stuffed ( crew took 6x stuffed and 2x tax) using Mah to push pigs all over the place. But again, you know what happened to that. Only other list I seen success with was the emissary and 5-6 survivors, sprinkling in raphael+pere as the troublemaker duo.
  10. PolishSausage

    Final Order

    agreed Buy -> Paint -> Play The meta will develop for at least 6 months, hoping for nice tournament Adepticon 2019 (gawd I feel old)
  11. PolishSausage

    Final Order

    yup, just changed to Dual commander! Pew pew robots, pew pew!
  12. PolishSausage

    Final Order

    me, debating if I need to get 2 of everything in abyssynia or to pick the stuff I like the look of first.
  13. PolishSausage

    What do you like about Abyssinia?

    how many lascannons / railgunners ? 2-3 ?
  14. PolishSausage

    What do you like about Abyssinia?

    Ugh, the question is to double dread or not to double dread. also how many rail gunners is enough rail gunners?
  15. PolishSausage

    Som'er in GG18

    mmm, maybe taking more durable/abusive bayou 2 models? more elite list with emmissary/ sparks/ sammy/ and mech porkchops (plural)