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  1. As I browse the book I’m so impressed by the rules, art, lore and creativity which is why I’m hopeful for the game (and worried).
  2. Are you guys sure about shows/tournaments? I feel like those don’t matter that much to casual gamers who can’t attend them.
  3. I’m thinking more public facing than trade magazines. For example google search or Facebook ads (which are much cheaper than one might think), more influencer outreach (I haven’t seen a single big hobby YouTube channel do content for the game but I could have missed it). There’s really a lot that can be done.
  4. It strikes me that they don’t do much marketing.
  5. I’m really liking the look of the game and models in my pledge. But online conversation seems fairly quiet/muted (other than “where’s my shipment”)? There are just SO many games out now competing for hobbyist and players’ time...I wonder if TOS can break through? Thoughts/observations/experiences so far?
  6. Yep it's basically one of each of the Plastcraft Malifaux stuff. Exactly what you listed. Painting guide would take me too long to type out Basically lots of washes and very light drybrushing. I did use this video as inspiration
  7. Agree about the gloves. I'm surprised about the dust/nose thing...I only wear a mask when I spray solvent based paints like laquers or whatever. For acrylics I often don't bother, and other than really long, hardcore priming sessions I rarely even come close to having pink paint in my nose
  8. The new mat arrived, here's a couple of shots.
  9. You aren't - I don't see anything wrong with the guilty models at all tbh.
  10. Would love to see close-ups of the other models you haven't posted them of yet.
  11. Is the Breach app gone from iOS now? Can't seem to find it.
  12. Thought I'd post a photo of my Plastruct terrain WIP. Not finished - the house needs a fair bit more work, and the tower windows up top aren't done. Really like this terrain - I like the slightly wonky style, the size, the sturdiness and the fact it's light but not light enough to move around easily. This is just a really quick layout I threw together to take a photo. The mat is nice but I've ordered a 3x3 to use instead I think. I also need more scatter terrain. I also ordered a couple of the new pre-painted Plastcraft buildings/items to try out. Should be here in about a week.
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