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  1. Small rule book for the win! I would pay more for a starter if it had it in it as well!
  2. Personally I think summoning sickness for interactions isnt a bad thing at all and should be a balance vs summoning in general.... mainly because the reach of many of the models with master plus summon range can get kinda crazy even with slow on the summon.... this only changes the games were the summoner squeek out a win towards the end of a game and makes them consider their playstyle a little more which is much better than I can wait to score and let me summon more models to kill....
  3. List? Got one on hand?
  4. Collett doesnt play any of these well?
  5. Can someone post the pictures???
  6. GAMA stuff looked awesome!!!
  7. I really dont mind the concept of summoning sickness for interaction as a general rule that really seems fair!
  8. I think this isnt as bad as this sounds... this is fairly normal in many game systems and I happen to really enjoy how M3E handles this
  9. So is Wyrd going to issue an errata on them I wonder?
  10. So one thing I would love perhaps its just me is just putting the sections that are smae as M2Es content in there....
  11. Yeah it would be nice at up to 2... not a required 2 but its a toss in so whatever
  12. Yeah and the mage is really cool now I can see wanting to take one!
  13. Never played M2E but even with around 4 games under my belt with the same crews even it can still take around 3-4 hours for some 50ss games.... Perhaps your just really good and fast at this game ;-)
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