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  1. I personally think the rework to focused is going to be more work than its worth... You can remove the condition in ways if its an issue of it stacking.... and honestly there has been a metric ton of playtesting around it stacking with a fair amount of mechanics involved... I feel that it would really start to be fairly tragic to loose all that testing off one condition change...
  2. Mantras are weirder now with these focused changes
  3. Now what stratagems would you take? Last question I promise ;-)
  4. So granted your quick feedback if you dropped the 2nd portal wurms what upgrades would you diviy out?
  5. Would you risk the 1 upgrade on the titan?
  6. I guess that would enable 2 more upgrades on the titan and perhaps a 2 script upgrade over a 1 script upgrade on one of the commanders... Its kinda tricky is all I am pointing out....
  7. I could use a 2 point upgrade at that point right? is there any that are worthwhile?
  8. Assuming models are fixed how would you upgrade differently? Would you drop a model for more upgrades?
  9. Ahhhh I have heard that Cult is dumb in 1 commander games and 2 commanders balance it out
  10. What would you take for upgrades given I have these Cult models? (Againt abby) Fenton ?? Adeodatos ?? The Warped + Madman - 10 The Warped + Madman - 10 Doomseekers + Madman - 8 Bihn Nguyen 3 + ? Stalking Portals 3 Stalking Portals 3 Goryschyth 7 + ? ? ?
  11. Then more ranged focused unit need to camp or use cheaper scrip units to do this 🙂
  12. Against cult the only thing I can say is play to the last turn and force them to move portals...
  13. I think a good loss leader 2 player starter is what this games needs to punch through and without it.... it most likely will see more of the same sales patterns of the last year or so....
  14. I came off snarky sorry about that... I think the the real question is more like this.... would you pick Envy over the Accolyte in a December crew... if the answer is a blantant yes then one should look at the 2 models at hand... this has been a great rule of thumb for M3E
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