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Favorite Master after beta?


Who is your favorite Gremlin M2E Master coming out of beta testing?  

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So, to start things off, I went with Somer (could you have guessed, what with my avatar and all?).  I was really impressed how Somer went from a very gimmicky and reputably weak Master in M1E to a very solid master in M2E.  I don't feel like I'm playing on one foot with a hand tied behind my back anymore.  And the flavor of the crew is still all there, and that's the reason I started playing Gremlins in the first place.


Close runner-ups have to be Ulix and Zoraida, I'm really digging how those crews play too.

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I only play Zoraida and Somer, I voted for Zoraida because she was my first master and I love how she plays with gremlins, with that said however my standard 2.0 Somer crew is yet to lose a game and I do enjoy the horde style game he plays.


The only two masters I might consider picking up would be wong (since I have the model and he also hates 10 thunders....or did once upon a time) and Ulix because pig farming was what got me playing gremlins in 1.5.


The brew master looks fun but I refuse to have a ten thunders crew, Mah tucket doesn't appeal at all but atleast they got rid of the "Bayou gurls" and I never really liked Ophelia though the new models look like they will be amazing. 

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I voted for Wong sometime last week, this past weekend I was at SmogCon, I had intended on taking each game as it came, picking the best master for the job at hand but in the end I ran Wong every game (well not the hardcore, that was henchman led). Had a blast with him in the story encounter (geddit?), was really impressed with him so ended up running him all 5 games of the singles tournament.

 imo he's almost as much of a toolbox as Ophelia, a lot of the wave 2 stuff really synergises well with him and I had an answer for almost everything that was thrown at me, (struggled against Molly)

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I love the three core masters in wave one.

Somer, Brewmaster, Ophelia...in that order. Maybe.

Somer is so much fun to play. He wrecks face.

Brewmaster has so many interesting crew options and got some neat tricks in wave two to the point that I have two different load outs based on faction.

Ophelia only comes in solid third because I played her too hard prior to her update and so leaves bitter memories in her wake.

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Its gotta be Ulix.


Sooo many piggies!!


Seriously though, the all pig crew is just amazing. Good amount of synergy and movement (outside activations as well) very hitty with Warpigs, Gracie, Wild Boars, a potential to drop scheme markers as a (0) action (provided you take the Corn Husks upgrade), good amount of activations with cheap models such as pigletts and stuffed pigglets, the potential to summon a warpig (with the husbandry upgrade) and the list goes on.


I think that with the Ulix crew you definetly have the potential to build a themed crew which actually performs very well indeed..





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Is it Wong you say a competitive gremlin player must-have?


Not necessarily a must have. He is good and fun, can do damage and has some scheme marker shennanigans and can buff one of his crew with Glowy.


They're all strong in different areas, but in M2E the master isn't massively more powerful than the rest of the crew like in M1.5E so it's the crew that you build for your strat and schemes that needs to be competitive.

Saying that, I voted for Wong but ymmv

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