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  1. Yeh but no player with any integrity ever ran them together. . . . (drums fingers on table and waits)
  2. (dances on Liliths grave) ... May she long rot in obscurity. I never liked any of the Lilith Sculpts or storylines so I'm glad Nekima and Titania will lead the neverborn in a new direction. Concerned as to where this leaves granny though, as she was my first master and the only rival I have to Lucius as my favorite. I'm a little concerned though that this will be her last innings as she keeps referencing time running out for her in the fluff. Biggest lose for me is certainly Collodi, we can only hope he's just been demoted due to some shift in the aether. it would be odd though having three henchman level puppets if vasilisa and the new one survive. Perhaps henchmen will add to your keywords given they would have their own retinue. If the new master has a sculpt anywhere near as horrible as the cyclops I won't bother him, otherwise he has my intetest.
  3. Queeg with Neverborn Lucius can force additional use.
  4. Graves with changelings provide amazing mobility, depending on the type of crew you are running this can set up activations for vp or picking off over extended targets. This can work well with heavy hitters or a swarm of hounds (hounds with Lucius can be a beautiful thing). If you want to lock out interactions tannen and doppelganger add to this and require the above set up plus useless duplications and maybe a lawyer, the loss of mimics blessing may affect this. Candy not so much without wp reductions, terracotta warrior I still haven't mastered.
  5. If you want to get the most out of her with gremlin models you want pigs and a hog whisperer as reactivating 1pt charge pigs in a crew with obey is horrible to deal with. Lenny is also mildly entertaining and can do interesting things to the vodoo doll. Outside of gremlins you were looking at swampfiends. If you are picking up whisps i strongly suggest the spawn mother and extra gupps. Gators are interesting but very situational. Wild boars are now worth taking if you run powerful command. Waldgiest can be great for holding lines, preventing interacts, add a couple of interesting and abusable conditions to the doll and can create cover, they become more interesting with McTavish. McTavish though expensive will work well with a swarm them build or a juju bomb through an expendable gupp or even a third wisp. Fears given form also makes him interesting as does mimics blessing. Fears given form on two semi stationary pieces in great in a doll summoning list but will hinder a condition spam list. I tried the first mate at a recent tournament, he was interesting but the jury is still out on that one. If you are going for a condition spam list you are looking for paralyze, slow, -until end of game-, burning, posion, -cannot interact-, -stat reduction- Probably in that order. Paralyze being the most important you will need a few of these options in your mix. Nurse,juju,gator(not from an obey)anything that can cause horror duels from an attack (weaver-mainly for needle work society) piggapult (in gremlins) first mate and probably half a dozen more.
  6. Breach of Conduct Auckland New Zealand 50 stones set faction 2 day event Hobby Master Ellerslie 415 Great South Road Ellerslie 9am-6pm 2nd June - 3rd of June $20 for single day entry $35 for both days. Prize Support From HobbyMaster and the Auckland Malifaux League. For more information see the event page on: https://www.facebook.com/unpleasantthingshappen/ or https://www.facebook.com/HobbymasterNZ/ Day one (Malifaux) •Round 1 - Ours, Standard Deployment Paired: Guarded Treasure Show Of Force, Search the Ruins, Recover Evidence, Dig Their Graves •Round 2 - Ply for Information, Flank Deployment Paired: Surround Them Set Up, Take Prisoner, Hold Up Their Forces, Public Demonstration •Round 3 - Headhunter, Close Deployment Paired: Eliminate the Leadership Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage, Take One For The Team, Vendetta Day two (Earthside) •Round 4 - Squatters Rights, Standard Deployment Paired: Guarded Treasure Undercover Entourage, Covert Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Search the Ruins •Round 5 - Symbols of Authority, Corner Deployment Paired: Punish the Weak Vendetta, Take One For The Team, Hold Up Their Forces, Public Demonstration •Round 6 - Public Executions, Flank Deployment Paired: Eliminate the Leadership Set Up, Take Prisoner, Show Of Force, Recover Evidence
  7. Graves is great with changelings as you can use multiple pushes to really speed up your crew turn one. I run this for interact heavy and area control games in a full mimic crew ive themed for the purpose. With the reduction of cost I'm considering trying beckoners with it again but without illuminated they've always felt sub par. Tannen and doppelganger have an ugly denial set up in this build but it will become resource heavy and will require useless duplications and maybe a lawyer or terracotta warrior.
  8. I run this with thorn and claw and fill out with hounds, changelings or mounted guard or path finder. It's one of my fairy king variations the wild hunt but i need to convert another Lucius to have the appropriate feel.
  9. Useless duplications make them interesting. As does mr graves and Lucius 0 for taking activations while engaged. Apart from showing people the door on positives from Lucius and the occassional scheme drop I also like to have them tag along with path finders vs swarms or Rougarou.
  10. Do you think the emissary with his signature upgrade would work with the burning build? Ive only played swarm builds as arcanists are not one of my main factions.
  11. Unless you play with avatars which allows Ramos to pinch them.
  12. It works "okay" with Ramos and Joss buff and debuff build but its competing for a place with another large arachnid or a swarm. Entertaining once in a while but by no means a regular take for Ramos. Makes sense since the fluff suggested he gave up on the experiment and sent it to Marcus.
  13. True i suppose "if" their models are already blighted via other means the buff to pipes is already in play.
  14. The value of plague is not just the blight trigger but the control bonus to the psuedo lure. It helps draw enemies into your auras, away from their defensive lines of support, vp scoring zones and ideally away from any healing/condition removal. Having not tried plague pits I am unable to make a comparison but from what others have said I wager the toss up between the two will be influenced by board set up (terrain) and scoring locations (strats and schemes).
  15. The only exception would be something like Nix's aura where they specifically do not deal severe.
  16. Do it for each strategy? Adding pitfalls for playing with or against would also make a more valuable contribution to the community.
  17. Outcasts - my worst tournament results have been caused by outcasts-mainly Tara and Misaki but even Von Schill stuffed me in a local league. Though that was partially due to running Lucius and an armoured legion which was cut through like butter.
  18. Sonnia seems to have that affect on some people.
  19. Okay, out with it, what did you do to them this time....
  20. Kade is generally taken if your running a blight focused crew, his lure plus pipes or obey act as your crank that you use to pull one model out each turn and melt it. Candy didn't really work for me with Hamelin though I'm sure there are pools where she will be useful and any failing is due to poor application. Using her as a healer feels..expensive, without will power debuffs shes a second rate counter-hitter leaving her as a control piece which needs good timing and careful application. Iggy I never got round to.
  21. Take Aeslin, knights and hounds with hidden weapons and thank me later.
  22. Would have better just adding 1 to prevention flips the holder makes. Or allow a 0 pt heal for a stone. Other than that fluff wise they seem as though they are clearly meant to represent important artifacts. So it is a shame they were powered down in fear of O/P combinations which may have come to pass. Even if they simply "got better" turn by turn or based on vp at least they might have been optional. Of course the game is constantly growing and evolving with every release. Which has become mildly concerning, so really hoping for a 2.5 with full errata rather than a 3.0 in the next year or two.
  23. Yes re dolls see above, activate and die after heming during summons, use obey if required to recast hem activate and die to fgf..(ie sponge an activation and ideally cause six damage plus scrap marker.) For dolls if numbers are needed or save for teddy turn 2. Not really understanding what you want the spawn mother to do with scrap.
  24. I wish he had more upgrade support for that. I just wish we had more mimic minions especially som of those mentioned in the fluff who took out would be assassins. Fluffy minions that actually go with the masters abilities....thats part of why i started playing the game so yes please. As for upgrades id love a neverborn only one to match watch my back, ideally Lucius or Mimic rare one friendly mimics in los gain accomplice? Limited Lucius neverborn/guild Scapegoat performance. Never the one at fault. Each turn after drawing a hand and burning soulstones this crew may sacrifice one mimic and one soul stone to discard its hand and redraw. Note this also ties in with mimics blessing much like the myranada bs but with extra fluff points.
  25. 2 wicked dolls from the scrap -means weaver is doing nothing but summon and fgf aura, may need to burn occassionally. 2 vodoo dolls one from zoraida one from a wisp - they sponge an activation and die. 1 gupp summoned by a second wisp aslong as you have the card for it. Requires spawn mother, ideally 3 wisps, weaver and fill your boots depending on build.
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