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Dam13n's Malifaux Crews.


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Having got into Malifaux just before Christmas last year, I'm rapidly finding myself acquiring and painting crews.  There's just so many diverse and cool looking sets to choose from.  My Wallet has been suffering, but I'm thoroughly enjoying painting something that isn't produced by a "certain miniature company".  


(Just a quick note:  They are to a gaming standard as I intend to play with them, not enter them in painting competitions.)


Rasputina and the Children of December:

- My first crew box, they were painted rather quickly as I was anxious to get a crew on the table and start playing, but they turned out reasonably well (if I say so myself ;) ).




Misaki and the Thunder (plus Yamaziko and three Oiran):

- My second crew, and so far my favourite to play with.  They suit my play-style well and allow me to joke around and have fun... "Did the mighty Howard Langston just get killed by a little girl in a yellow dress. How embarrassing... ...for you!" :P




The Viktoria's and the Hired Swords (plus Vanessa):

- I saw these and just couldn't get the idea of Samurai/Ninja Schoolgirls out of my head... Properly enjoyable to paint.  I only completed these last Friday, so they've yet to see the table, but "soon my pretties...".




Ramos and the M&SU:

- I literally started painting these the moment I finished the Viks.  They were finished the following Tuesday.  The Brass Arachnid made me swear more times than any other model I've ever owned, the fact it's supposed to be on a 30mm base is surely a cruel joke.  But saying that, I'm a steampunk fan, and I haven't painted anything more steampunk than these guys before.  Now, having read Ramos' rules I may need some more Steam Arachnids... can't wait.




Comments and Critiques welcome.

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Cheers for the replies everyone.


Arli - The bases aren't resin:

- I apply scattered blobs of superglue into which I place a medium sized piece of slate, I then pour some small pieces of slate over the base, before tipping off the excess. 

- Once the superglue is dry I apply PVA to the bare areas of the base and pour a mix of coarse sand and medium ballast (from a hobby railway store) onto it, tipping off the excess.

- I then saturate the base with a thinned basecoat, allow it to dry overnight then wash and drybrush to taste.


I have yet to paint any Malifaux to comp standard, but I have painted a number of comp GW models over the years.

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