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Hi Guy's.

I come to you for the some Necropunk question. I was not going to buy them but i got them has a present and i was wondering what they could bring to my game.

I have seen only one player at my lgs that played them and it was in a Nico Match, and he used them to get Killjoy into play. I don't have Killjoy and i'm not in an hurry to get him.

I Mostly play with McMourning and i was not sure what they could bring me to the table. I tought of using them has objective grabber but then again i have my Night Terror for that.

Please help me.

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they are basically objective grabbers, but with slow to die they can just reach the objective marker, get killed and then before they die, use the slow to die action to interact, and alone they are i think faster than night terrors due to leap, so are also a good filler if you find yourself left with a few spare points (3 - 5) never yet used them but i have them just in case i get a chance to use them.

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The main differences are Slow to Die, Overpower, Flurry, and Leap.

You've seen Slow to Die as Killjoy's Delivery Service, but one last whack can be nice too.

Overpower is actually my favorite thing about Necropunks- combined with Hard to Kill it make shaking them annoying since they give a model within 2 or more 'punks' melee range Slow.

Flurry can be nice for when you need to maximize your chances at 3 points of damage.

Leap is situational unfortunately due to the :masks requirement- if that wasn't there you'd probably see Necropunks used a lot more as they can move 15" in a turn when it goes off, and they don't need to have other 'Punks near them to do it.

Terrors are better pure objective runners and work well as a team. Necropunks are harriers that can grab objectives if need be, and while one of their abilities works great in tandem they aren't as hamstrung if they are solo.

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The main thing Necropunks bring for Rezzers over Night Terrors is that unlike the Terrors, they will drop corpse counters when they die. They have other good points too, such as giving nearby models Slow when ganging up 2 or more 'Punks, as well as Slow to Die, but overall Terrors are preferable to most crews.

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Necropunks with aNicodem are pretty great.

When you get an overpower swarm, they can wreck face. As has been mentioned, slow to die is very useful, but to me, the unsung hero with them and aNicodem is HARD TO KILL.

You get a swarm in their face and it takes two hits to put one down and THEN they still get another opportunity to hit back. Its like for each of them in the melee, your opponent loses one attack AP with the hard to kill. And then after taking two hits to kill, getting a retaliatory slow to die strike and dropping a corpse, they turn into a mindless zombie...

(And then punk zombies... :) )

I do not save masks for their leap usually, but I do try to cast it often just in case they flip it and then I look at what they can mess with.

And even before Nicodem manifest, with Bolster on, 3-4 of them can rip stuff up.

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The irrisistible Slow is something I'd really try to drive home when explaining them to you.

There's no Df duel, no Wp duel, no resist whatsoever.

Just bam, you, yeah, your model is now slow.

They can do some pretty OK damage too, if you swarm with them.

Leap is obviously the most powerful thing in their movement deal.

Slow to Die + Hard to Kill make them excellent for objective doodads, and if you do take a nurse and give them reactivate, you can get pretty much anywhere you need to be.

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Never underestimate NecroPunks the key an opperative words being multiples. Again the ability to simply slow a crew by proximity to models is fantastic out of 6-9 pts of objective grabbing goodness. Leap while inconsistent has its moments, flurry is nice, teh damage profile is decent for 3soulstones. they are DF5!, Did I mention hard to kill and slow to die, I favor these guys in claim jump to night terrors on the attack due to slow to die and hard to kill combo platter. And that slow is great. Addtionally they drop a corpse counter and the models just look cool. Did I mention in groups they slow models?

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Three Necropunks with Bolster from Nicodem is very fun on Shared Claim Jump when you hold them back until the enemy finally starts to surround the claim. (Collecting masks for the sudden leaps that put 3 "overpowering", "flurrying" models into their midst.

Or... LAST NIGHT, as I prefer to describe it... :)

And a carrion effigy following them and suddenly they are healing from the corpses of victims and getting over 1 wound back for the hard to kill that is keeping them around.

Their damage is crap, but with bolster (cb7) and flurry they are hit often.

Their defense of 5 is pretty great, especially with Bolster.

I am going to get another pack of them. I am trying to imagine 6 Flurries with Bolster... Yum...

You would completely out-activate the opponent and ensure that you could move the bulk of them in unmolested and slowing whatever they are near.

Not thought much about other masters for them.

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I always take Necropunks with my Seamus crew. They are nice and fast for taking objectives and they are vicious in groups. You can't count on their leap ability unless you are holding several :masks, However, the best thing about them is Hard to Kill and Slow to Die. In my last game, two Necropunks were able to hold the Viks up for two turns! In the game before that, they were able to hold up Lady J for 2 turns and take her down to a single wound.

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