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Ukrocky at the UK Masters with Marcus and Ramos


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"What's that? Everyone's taking LCB, Kirai and Hamelin who are all overpowered? Well then, let's take our own overpowered stuff. Huh? It's all out of stock. Dang. Best take some old men and their toys"

So welcome to my wonderfully exciting thread about my trip to the UK masters, which is proving a good distraction from revising for my uni exam tomorrow.


A bit about me before we get started;

1. I'm very cocky, and may say things here which you might think I'm an idiot for saying, but, y'know, I say what I see

2. I'm a big tournament player. The main reason I do the hobby, for tournaments, both the 'high level' gaming and the social side.

3. As much as I'm a big tournament player, I will never take 'power armies', and I try to break the tournament mould as much as possible.

4. Despite point number 3, I always strive to do as well as possible at tournaments.

The format

In case you haven't heard about the format, it was 3 fixed lists, with each list having to be used at least once each. 5 Rounds. Then the top 4 go into a 'semi-final' format.

My honest thoughts on the format? It's OK. As in, I think it works better for some masters (Read: LCB, Hamelin, Kirai), and worse for others (Read: Marcus).

The strategies for me were also weighted slightly toward the 'higher tier' masters, meaning there was truly no reason to take anything but the higher tier masters.

One simple thing I personally would have done is to make rares applicable across all 3 lists, including masters, but all in all, I did enjoy the format more than I thought I would.

The lists

My three lists were;


+ Student of Conflict

+ 2ss


3 x Silurid

2 x Night Terror


+ Jackalope

+ 4ss


+ Student of Conflict

Soulstone Miner




+ Mobile Toolkit

+ Avatar of Invention

+ 5ss

Soulstone Miner

2 x Steampunk Arachnids

Large Steampunk Arachnid

Mechanical Rider

So there we are, List 1 was obviously for Destroy the evidence, List 2 was my 'killy list' and List 3 I had used once before and took it for a bit of a laugh and experience.

Pre-Masters thoughts

So despite going into the event ranked number 1 in the UK, there were at least 5 players I consider much better in game than me, and add onto this that they were bringing better lists, I didn't expect anywhere near the top 5. In addition, the other 10 gamers were all well experienced, most of them having faced my Marcus in the past, and would be bringing the best lists they could make, so there would be no easy games.

I had a practice game the Thursday before the masters vs James Doxey (MythicFox) and his LCB, 3 Stitched list in slaughter and managed to squeak a win, so that filled me with a little bit of confidence.

The week before that I managed to lose vs Ant Hoult (Stryder) and his Seamus list with Marcus, meaning my Marcus non-losing streak of 39 games, boo!

So all in all, my expectations of the weekend were to slot in somewhere between 5th and 12th, so outside the top and bottom 4.

Game 1 - vs Justin Pilmmer - Slaughter

Justin's List was this list;


We were playing on the 3rd table on here;


We'd shared lists before the tournament, and this was the obvious list he'd use for the tournament, with me taking my list 2 as the obvious one, though I could see merit in taking my list 1 to leap around and pick off.

It also made my game on Thursday vs James that much more valuable.

Schemes - I took Eye for an Eye and Frame for Murder vs Kidnap and Assassinate

So I'd chosen two fairly difficult schemes, as I like keeping easier schemes for late in the tournament, with Justin choosing assassinate (Popular vs Marcus as he's easy to kill tbh), and Kidnap as he was only aiming to take LCB in one game.

The game started with us both edging forward, and I've taken the stance that against LCB you don't need to go aggressive, just sit back and make him do the work.

My general plan was for the following match ups;

- Kaeris kills both Stitched (She does 7 wounds very well)

- Soulstone Miner and Jackalope hunt daydreams

- Marcus stands at the back and if he gets a chance goes for teddy (He does 9 wounds very well)

- This left Waldegeist and Gunsmith to take on Coppelious and LCB

Obviously the last match up wasn't fair, but I was never aiming to try and kill LCB, and without killing LCB I would never go for the Dreamer.

So early in the game, Kaeris managed to jump over a wood, kill a stitched and hide again before the stitched could retaliate. Behind the wood I now had Kaeris and her student along with a waldegeist, with Marcus and the gunsmith stood about 8" back ready to capatalise on the inevitable 'bait taking'.

The soulstone miner overdrove and burrowed moving toward daydreams, with the jackalope just trying to sit about 14" away from a daydream so if he leapt and charged he could kill one.

Eventually Justin dropped all of his toys on the waldegiest and Kaeris, sort of expected and what I sort of wanted as these two are both pretty difficult to get rid of whilst being able to deal out damage.

Coppelious is a minion I hate facing, especially in LCB lists where he inevitably gets to hit first, so after Kaeris burnt a fair few soulstones and ended up paralyzed, after two turns of combat I had lost both, but Marcus had managed to kill Coppelious on a hit and run after he had taken a couple wounds of Kaeris.

This left Teddy and LCB vs Marcus, Gunsmith and Jackalope, with both daydreams perishing to the Miner and the Jackalope. The Miner was making its way to the far away corner to prevent Kidnap points after killing the alp.

At the end of turn 6 Marcus charged in and killed teddy in his 3 hits, which considering Marcus has managed to black joker the damage the last 3 times I've played a teddy I was pretty relieved.

So working out the VPs;

I had managed 2 for Eye for an eye, with the soulstone miner being insignificant, 1 for making my opponent be under half strength, and one for frame for murder = 4.

Justin had managed 1 for killing more than me (24-23, stupid stitched), 1 for kidnap (Killed the gunsmith and waldegeist) and 1 for making me under half strength = 3.

So I'd edged a 4-3 win, but if I hadn't killed that teddy in turn 6 it would have been 4-4, ouch. Justin played well vs a list I genuinely struggle against, and was unlucky to come out of the game with a loss.

Game 2 vs Neverata - Destroy the Evidence

Me and Jo have known each other for much too long in the gaming community, and have both been playing malifaux since it was a wee ickle baby, but this is the first time we've actually played against one another at malifaux. Weird.

Jo's list was;


We were playing on the 4th table on here, with me on the near side;


Now. In my various travels and experience with Marcus, he has 2 HORRIBLE match ups. Lady Justice, and Lilith. Great. I was really hoping Jo would take one of her Vik lists, but ce la vie!

I took my silurid list, with the aim of getting the middle evidence activation one, depsite in 7 games of shared destroy the evidence, 3 at tournaments, never getting the first activation.

In keeping with my early tournament = pants schemes I went for

Schemes - Power Ritual and Exterminate woes vs Assassinate (Sigh...) and Unnanounced...(Guess what...)

So my basic theory was that Jo would be bunching up, meaning I can get power ritual fairly easy with my list, whilst exterminate would mean killing all 3 twins so would be hard, but once I've done all the bouncing around and stuff, should be OK to get.

Then Jo announced hers and exterminate was looking alot harder, as I couldn't just commit my stuff once they were done.

Me and Jo were chatting and she may have let slip that her kidnap targets were the 3 silurids. I was thinking it was either these 3, or the two night terrors and something, so I was gonna try and protect one night terror and one silurid regardless, but nice to know these things!

My general plan here was to get all my evidence, and power ritual, whilst denying Jo either my home evidence, one of the other two evidences or her kidnap. Well, 2 of these should do.

My home evidence would just be Kaeris sat on it if need be, with me letting Jo go for what she wanted if she bunched up and play avoidance until right at the end, or if she split off which I wanted, pick my exterminate models off, and any that go for objectives...easy right?

On to the game;

Turn 1 I got initiative, WOOOO. First time. Activated Marcus, Companion'd the Student of Conflict who gave Silurid fast, (0)'d to let a silurid go after me. Silurid Leaps, walks and interacts.


I offered Jo the chance to call the game there, she said no.

The rest of the turn saw me power ritualing my 2 corners, hiding Marcus in a wood, accelerating with Kaeris 3 times and moving the night terrors up the left flank.

Jo moved in, butchered the silurid and was sat fairly central.

So at the end of turn 1, my night terrors were out on the extreme left looking at a desperate Merc. To the left of centre was a lelu and a desperate merc, facing off vs Kaeris and a student hid behind the building. In the centre was Lilith, a Lelu and a Lilitu, mid-right was Marcus and his 2 lizard friends, and off to the extreme right was the neph.

Turn 2 saw some more shuffling around, with the turn ending with Marcus stood over the nephs body, and Kaeris having cast accelerant 3 more times. On the left flank the night terrors dueled endlessly with the desperate mercenaries, with me interacting with the far left corner for 1VP. Woop! A silurid also destroyed the evidence to my right, near Marcus, but died for his efforts.


Turn 3 rocked around and Marcus found himself surrounded by a Lelu, a Lilitu (I hate lure...) and a Lilith. Oh nuts. A lelu also came over to help out the desperate mercenaries.

Things were looking bleak, so naturally Kaeris hid at the back like the winner that she is. Over the next couple turns Marcus went down to the bludgeoning from various neverborn nasties but took the lone Lilitu down with him as well as taking a few wounds off the Lelu.


On the left a desperate mercenary fell to a night terror, whilst the other night terror kept a lelu busy. The second desperate merc ran for the evidence but got his face shot off by Kaeris.

Over the next turn or so, the night terror destroyed the evidence on my left for a third VP and the silurid interacted with the 4th corner for power ritual, realising he would die in the end close phase of turn 7 if it went that far, he decided to hide for the majority of the game.


The lilith bus of destruction hurtled toward Kaeris, but with both Lelus rapidly losing wounds, the one on my left got picked off by Kaeris just after it destroyed the evidence. Lilith destroyed the evidence on my right, with her hurtling toward the building Kaeris put as many flames in the way as possible to no avail.


As turn 6 rocked around the final Lelu fell to the lack of having a beautiful Lilitu somewhere on the board giving me exterminate.


Lilith finished off Kaeris before interacting with the treasure in my deployment, whilst a night terror did basically nothing in the middle of the board.


The final action saw my silurid with 2 wounds remaining leap from behind his hiding spot, interact with the treasure in Jo's deployment zone. We flipped to see if the game would end and it did meaning the final score was;


If there had been one more turn Jo would have got the extra VP for kidnap.

After the game I was exhausted, like totally. Lilith and Lady J are two of the worst match ups for Marcus and I'm not sure what else I could have done to stop my inevitable death. They both have means to be faster than Marcus, are harder to hit/have better defensive triggers, and hit a whole lot harder. I think the only reason I scraped through the game with a win is courtesy of schemes and initiative on the first turn...lucky, lucky me.

Jo was a great sport throughout the game, with me making brain farts throughout, so cheers for the game Jo!

Game 3 vs MagicPockets - Reconnoitre

So I knew that Adam had 2 Hamelin crews up his sleeve, as well as a Zoraida so I fully expected to be playing Hamelin. Now I've never played vs Hamelin before, and I expected nothing less than a beating in this game so I chose my aRamos crew to get it out the way and see how he did.

Adam's list was;


We were playing on table 6, I was on the near side;


I deployed almost entirely behind the wood 6" on, with Adam deploying fairly to my left and central behind the ruins.

Schemes - Kill Protegee and Ramos' one vs Stake a Claim and something unnanounced I can't remember....Adam?

So my thoughts on the schemes were if I took Kill Prot on Nix he either had the choice of having the risk of losing those 2VPs, or saccing Nix and losing, well, Nix. Both were good options IMO. Ramos' one should be fairly straight forward, punch a rat and electrical fire something else.

Adam's schemes didn't overly worry me, I knew to beat him in this scenario I was going to have to go for the throat and kill Hamelin. If Hamelin goes, he's at the back probably and I can clear some rats, if he doesn't he's probably won anyway.

Turns 1 and 2 were wholly uneventful with Adam burning through his deck doing random things in his deployment zone I still don't understand, with me simply;

Turn 1;

- Giving Ramos tomes with MT

- Overdrive, melee expert with crow trigger vs MT using Soulstone Miner, then bury.

- Ramos makes a spider, makes an EC.

Turn 2;

- Manifest Ramos

So after 2 turns of messing about, Adam had some bigger nephs, had sacced Nix and we were both ready. Turn 3 saw us both walk toward the building in the middle, me getting ready to pounce and Adam getting ready to, well, do what he wanted!

On turn 4 I went for the game. After Adam had done some activations, I activated Ramos, leapt him in, and hit Hamelin 3 times. I missed with every attack, with me flipping A, 3, 3 on my soulstones.

Other stuff happened around the board such as the nephs taking out some LSPA before the Mech Rider took them down.

Turn 5 rocked around and saw Hamelin hit Ramos for severe, with Ramos hitting Hamelin 5 times ((0) for 2, melee expert, 2 APs) and causing a mighty 4 wounds, even through the use of soulstones and high cards.

Turn 6 came and it was down to initiative, Adam flipped around an 8/9, and even with the use of my last soulstone failed the flip and Ramos was brought down in a clunk of mechanical limbs.

Now the game was over here, Adam basically cleaned up and did what he needed to to get the VPs.


One thing I will say is that I felt a little bit unlucky after the game. Suppose Hamelin HAD died in turn 6, then I would have had all of my lovely robot buddies, (Mech Rider, SSMiner, LSPA, Swarm) to kill about 4 rats and a rat catcher to stop him from stake a claim and recon. Ramos could quite possibly have got his EF kill if I hadn't spent 8ss causing 4 wounds on Hamelin too.

All in all the turning point of the game was Ramos failing to kill Hamelin. Would I have played any differently? Not really. Did I do the right thing? Probably. Do I think I deserved to lose 7-0? No. Do I think I deserved to lose? Probably not.

I think a draw would have been a fair reflection on the game, as neither of us did anything mind blowingly brilliant, we both sort of went for the game and did what our crews could do. Neither of us thought outside of the box.

If I'd killed Hamelin, it would have been ~4VPs each with probably a swing of 1 or 2 depending on the rest of the game.

As it was I went into game 3 with 2 Wins and 1 Loss, but on -4VP difference. Pro.

Game 4 vs MythicFox - Shared Distract

Ah my old nemesis. Foxy Doxy. I mean, er, James. Me and James have played a few times, and we always have epically tactical games, something to do with the fact we both like moving our models to precise measurements, and not actually flipping any cards. This game was to be no different.

James used this list;


And we were playing on table 1;


Schemes - Sabotage (Left Wood) and Stake a Claim (Right Wood) vs Breakthrough and Assassinate (Sigh...poor Marcus)

So I'll start off by saying me and James read the scenario wrong, both of us, despite both reading it. We played it as you got VPs for having YOUR master in your enemies deployment zone. As it happened this directly affected both of our schemes choice and playstyle during the game, so I feel the game was a bit of a let down in this respect despite having a great game, I hope James doesn't feel hard done by or anything.

I love playing against James as it's always a cagey and close game highly reliant on movement, just what I like.

The game had very little action in it, essentially me shuffling round to my left, trying to dodge the chompymobile, with James going down his left too. A soulstone miner managed to pick off a daydream, with a stitched managing to ping a few wounds off something before going down to Kaeris.

Very little died throughout the game and in the end I came through an 8-6 winner on what we thought were the victory conditions but later got revised to a 4-2 win. Again, I hope James doesn't feel hard done by by us both reading the scenario wrong...

Game 5 vs Stern - Shared Turf War

Mitch is a great player who I have faced once before, where I hid for the whole game with my Collodi crew before jumping on the Claim jump in the last turn and saw only a couple flips the whole game.

I'm not terrified of Mitch's crew, especially the list he used against me. Going back to what I said vs Jo, Lilith and Lady J are perhaps the two worst match ups for Marcus, so I was delighted, obviously, when I saw him use the following list;


In all honesty I was slightly surprised he didn't use his other list which was;


But with the list he used, I had no way to deal with the Lucius/Lady J train of love, and I absolutely despise Austringers.

If you scroll past all of Mike's reports we were playing on the last table on here, with me on the near side;


So before the game with how the tournament stood, I knew a win would put me through, a draw may put me through dependant on other results and a draw would almost definetly see me out.

Schemes were difficult for me, I ummed and ahhed for ages with a few decent ones left, but ultimately I knew if I took bodyguard then the Lucius bus of love would dump a blind chick in front of my bodyguard'd target and rip that models face off.

In hindsight I perhaps shouldn't have announced one and done in that way but ce la vie. As it was I chose schemes to try and force him to play conservatively as I knew if he went reckless there was no way I could win.

Schemes - Assassinate (Lady J) and Primal Source vs Raid! and One I can't remember...Mitch?

The game started tentaviely with me knowing if I sat within range of the austringers I would be forced to go on the offensive, whereas if I sat out of range I could hopefully force them out from behind their building (the 2 big ones next to each other in the picture) and be able to apply pressure easily.

Kaeris and her student took up position on the left, with Marcus and all his beasts on the right with the gunsmith sat central. The miner did it's thing and went underground.

I knew that the miner would have a good chance at killing an austringer if I got initiative and that would perhaps put me on the front foot in terms of ranged damage, so my plan was to hold back till then.

The game saw little combat happening, with Kaeris trying some speculative shots before the miner popped up and I luckily managed to wrest the initiative and kill an Austringer before going back under. This forced mitch onto the attack which he relished, with the train of death coming straight at me.

This left Lady Justice stood over Kaeris' twitching corpse and the rest of the guild crew staring at a rather worried gunsmith. Meanwhile the beasts had continued their journey up the left hand side and Marcus launched himself at the remaining austringer and student (now that lady J and the rest of the nasties were out the way).

Marcus moved 8", charged 8" and with 2" melee range had managed to engage the austringer from outside his attack range, this left me with 2 attacks and I managed to finish off the austringer for one of my primal source victims.

Next turn rocked around and saw the gunsmith fall to the combined guild efforts and the student of conflict fall to Marcus giving me 2Vps.

As it happened I messed up late in the game and instead of surfacing the soulstone miner on turn 5 and walking it into Mitch's deployment zone, for some reason I had it in my head I would lose if I did not stop him getting Raid, so I went all out and pushed the SS miner back, not resurfacing it till turn 6. I also sent Marcus back to try and get a kill on something. Don't ask me why.

The game ended with Mitch getting full VPs for the strategy, and me getting 2 for having my waldegeist in his deployment zone, and 2 for Primal Source, whereas I could have won 4-3/4-2 by simply moving the miner and Marcus into his side of the board/deployment zone. Ah well.

So a draw left my progression in the hands of others, but with Timmy (Oshova) losing on table 4 I saw myself assured of a place in the final 4.

Table 1 saw Adam (MagicPockets) beat Ian (Calmdown) meaning a win on Table 2 would put that player through and the other out, whilst a draw would see both Ant (Stryder) and Aidan (CunningStunt) through at the expense of Ian.

As it happened, Ant got the win, with Aidan slighlty misreading the strategy and this meant the top 4 were as follows;





So somehow I had qualified with 2 poopy masters, and had finished on a might MINUS 1 VP difference. That's right, coming in the top 4 of a tournament with minus VP difference. Pro.

As for my game with Mitch, well, I think he could have easily got the win had he thrown Lady J straight at Marcus. It would have lost me primal source and Marcus really can't stand up to Lady J. As it happened I drew myself that game but it was a pleasure playing Mitch and either of us could have won.

Game 6 vs MagicPockets - Shared Escape and Survive

Game 7 vs Stryder - Shared Claim Jump

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Cheers guys,

As for the strategy selection, well, it didn't influence my lists that much, the fixed list more or less set in stone I was gonna take an 'All comers kill list', a 'Objective/Evidence list' and a 'List I want to use list'.

I think a few gamers brought LCB lists with 3 stitched (sometimes 2) specifically for the purpose of this scenario.

My preferred format, well, I'm unsure tbh. There's two that I'm gonna try out over my next few tournaments, but I'm not sure they're that great tbh;

- Similar to 3 lists, but you name 3 different masters (And only one of the 'top tier masters' maximum) and must use each over the weekend a certain number of times. Means the masters with lots of choice don't get hampered as much, and people have to mix it up.

- Army swap. This is what my next tournament is running and basically you and your opponent swap crews for the first game, then use your own in a mirror match up the next.

But as said, I think the best so far I've played in is fixed faction, but this benefits some more than others.

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I think it's easily guessable, but the majority of the other 10 I haven't played, and those out of the other 10 I have played I would place on par with me if not higher. For example I didn't include Mike in those other 5, but the one time we met he played amazingly and deserved a win, so I consider him better than me but not in the top 5.

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Great game report, I am looking forward to reading the rest of them.

So early in the game, Kaeris managed to jump over a wood, kill a stitched and hide again before the stitched could retaliate.

Quick question... was this over two turns? If not, can you walk me through this as I am missing a trick....

Kaeris moves over the tree (flight) - 1 ap

Kaeris shoots stitched to put a burning token on him - 1 ap

Kaeris casts Immolate to kill of the stitched - Casting Expert ap

I am stuck on how to get back behind the forest without going to another activation.....

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Great game report, I am looking forward to reading the rest of them.

Quick question... was this over two turns? If not, can you walk me through this as I am missing a trick....

Kaeris moves over the tree (flight) - 1 ap

Kaeris shoots stitched to put a burning token on him - 1 ap

Kaeris casts Immolate to kill of the stitched - Casting Expert ap

I am stuck on how to get back behind the forest without going to another activation.....

I was wondering the same thing until I looked at his

List more closely and saw he had student of conflict. I assume he gave Kaeris +1 fast.

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Think you're being a bit kind to me Craig.Where as you knew what was intended with your list mine was more put it out there & see what happens.Which is what I done!

Always felt I was on the back foot & responding to what you were doing!

Should have used hoff,maybe not such a hard list(even though believe my dreamer list was reasonably tame)but feel more confindent playing it!



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Ukrocky I have one serioous question, how do you manage to kill something with Marcus ? I get whole wild heart thing but I never managed to kill anything with it because I ussualy flip poor card for attack and then how do you manage to hit and run with him? Thanks man and looking forward for further reports.

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Well it depends entirely on the minion.

You can assume with Marcus you can cause 6 damage from 10" away and end up 10" away by the end of it through wild heart, good cards and soulstones.

If it's the end game/I don't need Marcus that reliable damage goes to 9.

Marcus kills plenty, I'm intrigued to hear how you're using him so I can try and advise you more, feel free to PM me/reply on here :)

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This reply is mostly directed toward Corrupted, I hope this helps. Marcus has a Wk/Cg of 5/8 and a reach of 2" so if you have an opponents model within that range and especially if they only have a 1" reach you can kick off a cast of Wild Heart with 2 tomes and select Serpant and Bear. Now you can chage for you second 0 AP and perform a strike that gets a +1 flip to damage and also gets a +2 to what ever damage that you get. you now have the option to hit a second time still with the +2 to damage, and then leave with two walks, or even a charge to another model they or you have that is not in range to hit. There are a few other comos, but that should give you a good idea of how to get in and out.

Another way to go is instead of the Bear you could go Fox if you know your going to put yourself in their melee range. which then kicks your Df up to 7 which makes it much easier to disengage from other models.

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Corruption I appoligize if I insulted you I did not mean to suggest anything I have a tendacy of explainging things in over simplafied ways to get my point accross.

When I play with these tactics I'm not typically trying to down my opponents stronger models in one go. I'm usually trying with 2-3 models at a time to take down my opponents stronger models, weaker ones on the other hand, you can go more one on one with and take them out, I just love magical weapons. I agree that often enough I have to cheat out the cards to ensure I hit, I do sometimes spend a stone when attacking those models i need to take out to gain VPs otherwise I retain the stones I have for defense and prevent flips. I can take typically take out my opponents models, I just typically spend a few rounds to do it. I would love to see how ukrocky does it cause it does sound like maybe he is much quicker with the kill using Marcus then I am.

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