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  1. Welcome to Malifaux, were bad things happen. To address your first concern about the card mechanics I think you will find as with all of us the card mechanics are well balanced and with its resource management it provides wonderful layers to the game. I much prefer it to dice mechanics, and I think there are many here who would say the same. There is a bit of a learning curve initially but that passes quickly. Now for the quality of the game. I think your impression is spot on. They came out with a second edition when it was needed to rebalance the system.addimg some mechanics to provide a more seamless transition to those changes going forward. They come out with a regular erreta and FAQ, to address changes to models and so on. Along with that you have an annual release of Gaining Grounds which is the tournament rules to to be followed with changes to the new strategies and schemes which keeps the game from becoming stale and often helps to address the one and only winning combination as it were. All in all not everything has been a landsliding success but they address things regularly which to me is all I could ask. I continue to have fun with each game I play. At the end of the day that is all you have to measure if the game is worth it or not.
  2. Correct, if Raspy targets a leader model then the effect applies. The reason it doest when not directly targeted is to keep from slapping leader models more easily. It's really a balancing rule. I think anyway.
  3. I think to separate Ramos from his ambition is a mistake. I think the idea of taking over Malifaux is just a step in the direction of insuring it can be controlled and molded for the greater good. It's like the governor general. He found a way to influence everyone. And recreated the steps to become a tyrant. And if it wasn't for those meddling kids.... The Leviathan is that for Ramos. The thing that is as for putting Karris in charge, I'm not so sure that was a mistake. It could be he had no choice due to lack of people to choose for that level of responsability. Or it could be he is turning her loose a bit to create a situation that in the long run gives his side more options. Ramos is a spider with a long web that seems to go everywhere. But a web needs to be refreshed every so often. By putting Karris in charge of the Arcanist it may be he is allowing that to happen. Or it could be he is showing what happens in to the ship in the hands of another. Or it could be all of it. I think the next books fluff will address more of what he is doing.
  4. A buddy of mine got it and it had Eternal Flame. It was a orange plastic model.
  5. I like the list and have thought of variations of it. Just depends on what I have to do. I have never thought to use Hans in it but that is because I don't have him yet. But I have switched 2 acolytes to pass out some slow with cause my opponent to pull out their hair.
  6. I think it's a matter of who you play and why your playing. I it's a competitive game, I expect to see more streamline list designed to work at winning. Whereas casual games not always is that the case. If your friend really hates facing spiders then you run the risk of being that one player no one wants to play. If he just gets annoyed or your friendship is stronger then that. I don't see why not. You could even it out and tell them ahead of time what your bringing so they can properly plot your demise. That way they can't complain they didn't see it coming. All in all I think its really a judgement call you have to make based on the situation.
  7. Has anyone heard or seen anything on Sandeep, or any of the book 4 masters really, getting an Avatar upgrade for campaign games?
  8. It's 0ss and doesn't count against upgrade limit. It does two things. First it reduces the cost of the mages to 5ss if you hire 3 of them. Second, it allows you to discard the upgrade to reduce damage by 2 on a single hit. You can get them from the new generalist 2 upgrade pack.
  9. Thanks, I totally didn't catch that.
  10. Don't forget that the spiders take damage from the summoning as well so pulling out 4 spiders wouldn't be a good idea.
  11. Here is the list of model that do have the BEAST Characteristic: Blessed of December Canine Remains Cojo Corrupted Hound Dawn Serpent Golden Piglet Guild Hounds Gupps Hoarcat Pride Jackalope Malifaux Raptor Myranda Night Terror Piglet Razorspine Rattler Rogue Necromancy Sabertooth Cerberus Shikome Silurid Slate Ridge Mauler Spawn Mother The Scorpius The Sow Waldgeist War Pig Wild Boar The following two also have the characteristic but are master specific totems so are excluded from the choices Luna Vulture Zombie Chihuahua
  12. Haven't seen this one and nothing came up in my search so thought I would ask. How would you rate the different leaders with the different strategies and schemes.
  13. I would add that technically taking some EC's would be a fast way to get some scrap counters on the board to summon other things but honestly I never really consider them because if that was what I wanted I can get a regular spider for the same cost in stones but I suppose I could figure a way to make that a really useful turn.
  14. He is allowed to have more then one in play at the same time the biggest things to keep in mind is that if you hire them there Half-Life ability will keep them from being a useful model to start out on the board at the beginning of the game and that just seems like a waste of stones to me and the casting is a 0 action so you can only pull out one a turn. so your not looking to pull out an army of them. but you can potentially get a few out and they can make great little pieces to throw up against High Df melee models that your have a hard time getting any damage too
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