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Skirmish 2012 Event tournament


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History: Last year I gave an all day demo at Livingston Battlegrounds Skirmish 2011 Wargaming event, which was a major success. This year I had planned to have another demo day, however the committee have asked me to investigate and organise a Malifaux tournament to be held on 20th October. There will be other tournaments from Flames of War and Warmachine happening at the same time.

They would like to make it the biggest Malifaux tournament in Scotland and for it to become a reoccurring event to be organised for future years to come.

EDIT: Update.

Skirmish XII Wargaming event.


Skirmish Showdown is a Malifaux Tournament organized in association with Skirmish XII and Livingston Battlegrounds

Date: Saturday 20/10/2012

Location: Lanthorn Community Centre, Dedridge, Livingston, Scotland, EH54 6NY

Places available: 24 places

Format: 35SS / Single Faction / Fixed Shared Strategy / 4 round Tournament.

V1.5 Rules Pack: Here

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Strangely enough I have booked the week off work, ending on the 21st October. I normally request leave to coincide with some form of event (Salute, GenCon, a wedding etc,) but for the life of me I cannot recall, if that was the reasoning behind this request.

Having never been to Scotland before, if I had no other plans, I would certainly consider going to this event.

Interest voiced.

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A few comments on the proposed format, etc.

  • fixed strategies would be better than random (but you don't have to declare them in advance of the event)
  • a potential £18 for a day's tournament is a bit steep - I'd aim for lower if you can
    • the show organisers want you there - negotiate for a good price if they are charging you for the room
    • see if you can get some sponsorship for the prizes

    [*]a ranked event may draw in players from a wider area, but you need to balance out what your local players want. However the 'biggest Malifaux tournament in Scotland' surely wants the best players!

Rest sounds about right.

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Hi mate, if you can get this off the ground I'll do what I can to get a few of the English to come up and support you. If we buy rail tickets in advance it shouldn't (I hope) be too expensive.

EDIT: From MK looking around £100 in advance which is a bit steep, but probably the same as fuel

Also, if you need stuff like terrain ask the question, there's plenty of us who can help you out I think.

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so this is what you was asking about the 20th for...im hoping to be in scotland then (as i have booked leave and the wife is staying up here)

if i am up here i would most definitely be interested in coming along...oh guys if you are going to train it buy a railcard...it makes its money back right away and i get from glasgow to cambridge for about £60 on a bad day...

i think making it a ranked event could drum up more interest to make this scotlands largest Malifaux tourney :) (but then im all for ranked events)

ill ask around the club when i get there (shift works a killer) and im at Dumbarton wargames monday so will spread the word (i am demoing there too so hopefully have some budding new starlets take an interest)

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