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Marcus and Rogue Necromancies


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I have used the Rogue Necromancy all of one time with Marcus (due to the model not being out....yet!) During that game, it ate Samael Hopkins after a double walk, then was unfortunately pummeled to death when I failed to win initiative next turn. In fairness to the RN though, I tossed him out there because I had to kill Samael for one of my schemes, and he accomplished the job wonderfully.

As Ratty and Rathnard pointed out, one of the biggest drawbacks to the RN is that it uses up your Special Forces "slot." With any other crew this wouldn't be an issue, but as Marcus can potentially draw from any special force in the game (with the Effigies of Book 3,) it potentially locks you out of some other primo models.

Lets take a look at what you get:

  • A really accurate melee attack (Paired Cb 7!) with good damage.
  • A really damaging melee attack (Fangs have Poison and a great damage track.)
  • Slight durability factor with Hard to Wound; great vs. some crews, relatively useless against others.
  • Undead, so no Morale duels and immune to "living" effects, but its also immune to "undead" effects! Best of both worlds. ;)
  • Terrifying at a great number, for those times you'll run into stuff you can scare away (or at least, make them burn cards on.)
  • Rot trigger on both melee attacks.
  • Really solid attack spell (that will very likely end up being :ranged when the card comes out, but even then it'll still be great.)

The above was kind of a comparison against the Cerberus, but I don't actually think its "fair" to compare the two. As Ratty pointed out, the Cerberus is much more of an "ambush" model - you lurk with him until the right moment, then you Leap out and eat something (possibly multiple somethings if you're flipping hot.) Afterwards the Cerberus is likely to die, but your opponent is going to be hard pressed to keep it from happening.

The RN is much more of an up-front "brusier" model, and it has all the tools you want for that kind of model: versatile attacks, a good combat trigger, and multiple attacks (until it gets really bopped, of course.)

Much like all of Malifaux, and especially with Marcus' crew options, its a matter of scenario and then personal preference, but I really like the RN specifically because of the synergies it has with Marcus and Myranda:

  • Marcus and Myranda can heal it, like all Beasts. However, the RN is much less likely to be tearing halfway across the table (due to a lack of Leap, Nimble, etc,) so its much more likely that you'll have Marcus or Myranda in place to heal it when the time (and cards,) call for it.
  • Though it's harder to use (being a (2) action,) True Form combos well with Howl (similar to Roar.) True Form also has it's suit built-in, so any old high card will work, and it also affects Undead models! However, looking at the wording, I'm not sure if this will proc Smell Fear. Hrm...
  • Marcus can turn an enemy model into a Beast using his stick or Feral. Use Scent of Death on the RN, and suddenly your opponent has to chew through extra cards just to attack it. This can be made significantly harder for them by stacking Howl and/or Stare Down.
  • An honest to god, damaging (1) action spell, with no suit requirement! Myranda finally has something really good to cast with her Animal Instincts spell. Allows you to get out two Acid Breath spells a turn, which makes for a good ranged offense. And, because Myranda keeps her spell list when Shapechange'd, you can keep chucking out Acid Breaths while transformed if you want.
  • Being a "big" Beast, the RN is also a good fit for Avatar Marcus' abilities, especially since it's Undead status makes it immune to Morale Duels.

Overall, I think once the model finally drops, I'll be using the RN a lot with Marcus. I'll definitely leave it out when I feel like I want some M&SU Asset models, and its not appropriate for every scenario (though its always nice to be able to put a big dent in the opponent's crew.)

However, the RN is one of the few models I've used with Marcus and Myranda that felt like it made all of them "click" together (and after reading the Book 3 fluff, this makes perfect sense.) Because of that, whenever I'm looking for a big bruiser, I'll be reaching for the RN first. :)

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Really solid attack spell (that will very likely end up being :ranged when the card comes out, but even then it'll still be great.)

We're expectiong that too, but it'll still be epic to no end, I love the little guy... I'm trying to decide if I want the whole molly box or just him (holidays coming up point to probably just the model.) But he's soooo fun!!

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EDIT: Quick turnaround on this one:


Turns out the RN uses the same wording for "Stalker" as the Cerberus, so he needs to stay out of LoS on the before and after move. Sad panda.

I also asked about the differing wording on the two versions of Three Headed.

Also, for anyone that may have the RN card: did our fears come true? Did Acid Breath end up with :ranged in it's casting description?

I went in with a buddy on the Molly box set, so I won't be getting mine for a week or so, but damn I can't wait to finally have the model!

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