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  1. I'm curious why you have the waldgeist in one of your lists. My opinion so far is that they are just too situational, as in they're very worth while if the table has significant forests but they lose almost everything, and become way overpriced, if it doesn't. Did you know the table layouts ahead of time or is there something I'm missing about them?
  2. I think his point was that if you take the librarian you aren't gaining a card but more you also are forgoing the ability to take another model who could give you the extra card (i.e. you can still take the model but you still won;t get the extra card). Just a guess, though.
  3. I take the opposite tack, if even veteran players can regularly make mistakes in the application of the rules I think it strongly suggests the rules need a bit of an overhaul to make them more comprehensible or more consistent in their application. You don't need rules complexity (bad) to achieve tactical complexity (good).
  4. Absolutely. Anytime we're told the game doesn't play the way a fair reading of the rules seems to indicate there should most definitely be an explanation, even if it's just "sorry we should have been more explicit, expect errata on it the next time we print some..." Players in general, and henchmen in particular need to have some kind of logic to the rules to fall back on.
  5. the other things Hamelin does well is make more of his own troops but in order to do so he really has to catch your troops. Without catching yours it's just 1 rat a turn after summoning and sacrificing a stolen. Hence again Collodi seems like a really good choice. But I've been going over this for 12 pages now, if we;re still disagreeing on the most fundamental aspects of the debate then I'm not sure I see a point to continuing. I literally can't think of any new ways to say the same things again.
  6. I never said it was his only strengths but its a pretty huge one, anytime you get rid of an enemy's strength it, you know, helps. Taking constructs against Seamus doesn't get rid of all his strengths but it neuters terrify which is damn helpful (at least until the avatar comes out). Same idea.
  7. I'm confused how you use the rats to get blood tokens, doesn't voracious rats prevent that? Or are you doing it away from Hamelin and the RC? In that case don;t you permanently lose the rats?
  8. The whole reason I suggested collodi is that he does in fact do something special against Hamelin- he neuters Hamelin's tactic of making the enemy insignificant. At that point Hamelin has to actually fight for VP.
  9. Sorry to have dropped the ball on the conversation. I have grad school application that unfortunately has to take priority (or my wife will kill me). I do want to sincerely thank everyone for their contributions.
  10. Damn, I feel bad because I'm not quite getting what you are saying. Can I call for the ability several times in a turn (as it is always active)? Try this- Collodi starts his turn within 6" of two marionettes. He chooses to make them activate after his turn. Then he walks once to bring him within 6" of the remaining marionettes. can he now choose to also make them activate after his turn? From what you wrote it sounds like this is legal.
  11. You can't take it multiple times because it doesn't stack (just like fast and slow don't stack) Actually now that I think of it couldn't you use it multiple times just to pay the wounds over and over? That could be useful for Pere or Francois.
  12. she only comes out if a living or undead model is killed if I remember correctly.
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