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Fiancée loves Malifaux?!


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Hey guys I am a Biology Major at K-State its very lame here so all I do is game paint and read mostly with my fiancée, a year and a half ago I finally convinced her to try a miniature game and that was Malifaux, she liked the models and setting. So I ordered two crews and rules when they get there we pant our stuff up and everything but when it comes time for the rules I lose her haha she didn't want to learn anything, so after a brief foray into Warmachine she was ready for Malifaux again, now she LOVES it. She loves the fate deck and all the ways to win in Malifaux so we have been playing a LOT. She is my only gamer friend so I sold off the second half of my GW stuff on ebay, ( the first half was sold to get 35pt of Cryx and Khador). I made Like 600 bucks so I am ready to delve into the realm that is Malifaux you could say. I think I am going to start with the outcasts and a soupcon of Neverborn While she is planning Arcanists and Resurrectionists.

But yeah thats my grand success story and departure from GW haha have a good one guys.

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Awesome story! I keep wishing that I could get my wife a bit more interested in actually playing Malifaux, but we barely have time to just hang out sometimes as it is, let alone play games. She doesn't like to sit still anyways. So I have to be happy with just the fact that she loves the flavor of the models, and enjoys seeing whatever I paint up. She does keep saying that if her schedule relaxes a bit, she wants to do an RPG centered around the Malifaux universe. :)

Very nice when the people closest to us are interested in the same things.

Good luck with your endeavor, and welcome to the forums! Sounds like you guys will have quite the collection once you spend all that GW money. :D

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hi and welcome,

I have been playing wargames for about 10 years on and off. My fiance showed me the models for malifaux and I thought they were awesome so we picked up the game and haven't looked back since. We play when ever we get a chance(usually try to get at least 2 or 3 games in a week).

Glad she's enjoying it.

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