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Can Sonnia violate herself?


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How does one determine if a spell is an attack? No gun or claws are associated with the V2 card, plus the result is dealt in wounds, not damage...just my two cents for future clarifications?

How does this reconcile with various other abilities and spells that say "Target model...", I am at work so I don't have my books.

When I saw this I figured this was designed into the model. As that inferno requires (0) action, this would prevent Sonia from using her other (0) action to have the tombs...

Plus it sure would fit the game theme, as this big bad witch hunter, during a epic battle decides she has become too corrupted and her last redeeming act is to take her and everyone near her with her in a fiery mess!

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Being as I am at work, I was worried that there were going to be pictures in this thread. Guess it was safe.

Yet you still clicked on it, eh? ;)

Snazzy idea with the Purifying Flame - I reckon a totem could get the job done. Might be nifty, but highly situational trick. Sonnia surrounded by enemies, about to die, and then exploding, doing 6 damage to all around her and turning into a Witchling Stalker.

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