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Lady Justice - My new Crew


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Guest Meatballsminis

hey i am a getting into malifaux and i am starting lady justice, i am in need of suggestions for basing,painting and what else to buy to add to her starter set and btw man those minis look amazingly cool keep up the good work

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Very nice, iv just started painting my lady J crew, still not 100% with what to bulk her out with, already have executioner and scales just wondered if im missing something obv with the Gov. Proxy?

Also; chalk me up for the matt varnish suggestion, 2 reasons: 1) theyre a little bit shiny and 2) in further projects you might like using a matt varnish to protect, as you can achieve a lovely effect by layering gloss varnish for latex/pvc effect..


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I use the army painter anti-shine and it works great as a second coat over a gloss. Gloss protects better as it usually is thicker, and the anti-shine makes the models look normal after the gloss. Also when your anti-shine starts to wear off the miniature you'll see the glossy area and know its time to hit it with another coat.

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As a victim of the 'oh god they are shiny' varnish, i can really concur with the 'just hit em with dull coat' posts. To give you an example of the difference just a single coat of dullcoat can have

Shiny oh my eyes seamus


Dullcoated Seamus


The effect is amazing and in person its even better.

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