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Semus and his ladies


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This is the start of my semus crew.before i say anything else i want to thank ratty for letting me use his ideas for basing and posting them here.i needed some inspiration for bases and his skills made me want his bases,so cheers ratty.its my first attempt at using greenstuff for things like this.so here he is the first instalment








i tried to get the light effect so it looks like its comming from the right as he does on the picture of his card.comms and critts very welcome

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Much kudos!

I'll add my vote that that is a very smooth paint job, and the eyes are killer. Some of it may be from the way you lit for the shot, but it sure looks like you did an excellent job accomplishing your goal of shading to show a lighting scheme from the right (his left).

That base is sweet, too. I assume the pipes were actual pipe, based on the curve, but it's the stonework I'm really impressed with.

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Thanks guys.I copied Rattys guide for the basing.the small pipes are plastic from the craft store.the bigger one is a brush protector.well part of one lol.as far as the base goes its all down to ratty for sharing his skills.and the paint job is actually like that.I tried to get the light so that it showed the shaded areas.I didn't want to place a light so it was trickery or anything cus then ill be cheating myself.thanks again guys.

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