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Stat Challenge: Make the Governor General.

Jonas Albrecht

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Well Ill take a shoot at it if no one else will,


Govenor General

Wk/Ch 4/7

Ht 2

WP 8

CA 6 :rams/:masks

DF 4

WD 10

Soul stone Cache 0


Peacebinger CB 4 :rams

Sword CB 6 :rams 2/3/5


Trusted lackies. A crew containing this master gains one soul stone to the crew's soulstone pool at the start of the encounter for each guardsmen hired up to a maximum of 6.

Protected by the guild, This model gets Armor and defence +1 for each guardsmen within 6 inches of this model (Max +5).

Inspireing presance, Each guardsmen with in 6 Inches and line of sight of the Governor General gains +1 to there attack and defence flips totals.

Watchful Eye (Same as the govenors proxy)

Govenors Influence (Same as the proxy)

A swift retreat, when there is no freindly guardsmen in play this model flees to the nearest Table edge, if killed by an opponet before it reaches the tabel eade then they score an extra VP.

Immune to Influence


(+1) nimble

(+1) Instinctual

(O) infuse moral :aura 10, freindly guardsmen gain +2 CB and + 2 DF.

(1) Issue orders (Same as deliver orders but its not a spell and effects two models)

(0) Do as I say (Works like obey but again not a spell and only effects guild guards)

(0) You will regreat this. Till the end of the closeing phase the next time this model takes a wound you may give a guild gruad within 4 inches of this model and an action.

(1) Moblised attack :aura 10 10, freindly guardsmen gain +2/+2 to there WK/Cg movement.

(1) Deputise. Target one non-uquie freindly living guild model within 8 gains guardsmen till the end of the game. This action can only be taken once per incounter.


Critical strike: sword, Peacekeeper


(1) Issue comand (same as Lucius but only guardsman)

(0) Where'd he go (Same as Nino)

(1) General's will

(CC: 16:rams:rams/ Resist/ WP Range: 12)

Target model + 1 model with in 3" of target per :rams in casting total loses any attached sutes to CA, CB and DF and gains a +:rams in there CA, CB and DF for each :rams in the casting total.

Just an idea, not sure if its a good one or not.


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[Governor General]

Characteristics: Guild, Living, Unique, Graverobber, Guardsmen

Base: 40mm

Wk: 4":rams

Ch: -

Ht: 2

Wp: 5:rams

Ca: 5:rams

Df: 5:rams

Wd: 12


Name: Governor's Sword

Rg: 2":melee

Cb: 5:rams

Dg: 2/2/2

Name: Guard Pistol

Rg 10":ranged

Cb 5:rams

Dg: 2/3/4

Weapon, Governor's Sword: Paired. Poison 2.


Armor: 1

Hard to Wound: 1

Regeneration: 1

(+1) Fast

(+1) Nimble

Terrifying > 12

Use Soulstone

Will of Steel: When this model looses a Wp Duel the result of any talent, spell, that would be inflicted on this model may instead be directed to one model within 8".

Weak in the Knees: Every time this model performs more than one movement action in a turn it takes 1 Wd.

Depleted Soulstone Cache: Gain a Soulstone whenever a living model within 8" is killed.

No Rest for the Guild: :aura 8". Whenever a friendly living non-unique Guild model is killed, discard one Soulstone and place a Guild Autopsy in base contact with the killed model before it is removed.

Guardsmen Forever: :aura 8". All Guild Autopsy models gain the Guardsmen characteristic.


(0) Link

(2) Need a Hand: Gain two Corpse Counters.


Cb(:rams:rams) Beatdown: This model takes 1 Wd. Target receives Paralyzed.

Cb(:rams:masks) Beatup: This model takes 1 Wd. Target receives Slow.

Cb(:rams:crows:masks) Break Knees: This model takes 1 Wd. Target receives Slow until the end of the Encounter.

Cb(:rams:crows:tomes) Break Spirit: This model takes 1 Wd. Target model receives the Insignificant characteristic until the end of the Encounter.

Wk(:rams) Power Walker: This model may interrupt its movement Actions at any point to make one Governor's Sword Strike. After resolving the Strike, it may finish the movement Action.

Df(:rams) Vengeful: When another model within LoS inflicts damage in this model immediately make a melee or ranged strike action against the attacking model.


(1) Sleeper Agent

(CC:14:rams:masks / Rst:Wd / Rg: 8) One model from the Guild faction with the same base size and height as the target living model without the Use Soulstone ability is placed in base contact with the target. Sacrifice the target. The target resists using the Wd stat printed on their card.

(1) Back to Battle

(CC:12:rams / Rst:- / Rg: C) Discard three Corpse Counters. Summon one Guild Autopsy.

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What would a :rams on walk do?

Activate the trigger MrNybs put in the stats.

Oh, and you guys are thinking way too small. Just sayin'.

He'd never have Graverobber, but I see you built the character as kind of a Res-based guy. Neat.

I'm not sure he'd ever have a sword or a pistol, either. He may have them, but would likely use them like he'd use a shoelace. He'd probably just collapse tracheas or use the dark side lightning or banish people to Cthulu's Dark Dimension or something. (just kidding on all that....)

And don't give us too many ideas or we may actually be tempted to make stats for the Gov and that would imbalance the whole game... Just sayin'.

(I'm really just kidding around - all you really know is from the Book II Epilogue which only hints at his phenomenal cosmic power and itty bitty living space)

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Activate the trigger MrNybs put in the stats.

. . .

He'd never have Graverobber, but I see you built the character as kind of a Res-based guy. Neat.

I'm not sure he'd ever have a sword or a pistol, either.

. . .

Yep, the idea he'd trigger something by walking around made me laugh so I put it in.

That's not the only stat oddity, (1) Sleeper Agent is resisted via their Wd stat. I probably should have made it cost 2 AP instead of 1. I don't think anyone would be happy loosing 3 low Wd guys in one turn.

Actually I built him as a status-ailment-inflicting guy, I added the Res stuff so he'd have access to summoning some minions, and keeping the living ones around a bit longer. You should also see some Showgirl influence in there as well, but it looks like I hid it all well enough.

I picked the sword and pistol because they are both often used as symbols of authority. Usually some sort of Ceremonial Sword and an Officer's Handgun.

Can he combine into Voltron when combined with 3 other Governors?

No. All 5 Governors must be within 8" of each other according to the rules on the Black Governor's stat card. 4 Governor's (including himself) isn't enough. Hopefully the v2 card will get rid of that ambiguity. :)

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