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  1. He wasn't asking if the individual models of each crew were interchangeable, he has/had the perception that only a few models would work well with more than one master. A Electric Creation with Marcus would have poor synergy, but be perfectly legal. Synergy just means the game mechanics between two different things work well together.
  2. @ Dracomax & Gorbad: I think you both misunderstand. Although Colette always had Showgirl Synergies, in 1.xE she had M&SU Member synergies as well, thus she is now more specialized (or less diverse) in 2E. [bEGIN Previous Edition Rant] I'd often run 1.xE Colette with Cassandra, one Performer & Mannequin pair, Kearis, Union Miners, Johan, and Killjoy. Colette, Performer, Mannequin, Johan, and the Union Miners could all companion. Killing the model that Colette buried on the previous turn was not uncommon. Also, I had the option of having the Miners bury themselves, have Colette bury Johan, and have Colette switch places with Cassandra and place my crew near the enemy model that isolated itself. I was a bit of a curve-ball compared to other Colette players when playing Reconnoiter or Slaughter. [END Previous Edition Rant] The target audience of my post was meant for someone new to the game and to concisely address Kalphire's specific Guild and Arcanist concerns. From what I can tell he found Guild starter minions almost interchangeable and the Arcanists lacking synergy so that is what I focused on, with a little sporadic humor. I did not want to focus on what may be in 2E or all possible viable models. @ The World: As log as I'm here, for more details on models, tactics, interactions, etc., I would recommend the Pull My Finger Wiki. While the Malifaux, 2nd Edition is currently mostly incomplete, it will continue to grow over the next few months as people gain experience and make contributions.
  3. [Looking at the Guild] The Guild was indeed meant to be as straightforward as you get. However, their crews can be tailored to your Schemes and Strategy just like any other faction. If your opponent is a Ressurectionist then Lady Justice is a good choice due to her anti-scrap/-corpse marker nature and anti-spirit/-undead options. The Guild Marshals can bury a problematic enemy model for a turn or so until you can deal with it. "I'm not going to be able to kill these Sorrows this turn. Bury, Bury. Okay, Pandora's gunna die, then she'll stop sucking the damage off the Sorrows with her Martyr ability." Sonnia Criid has anti-casting/-willpower attack mechanics as well as a love of inflicting the Burning condition. A couple of Witchling Stalkers in melee punish your opponent (if not outright killing an enemy or two) if your opponent manages to kill them first. They are good vanguard models for softening up the enemy. Perdita does her best to shoot better than her enemies. She is also good at getting rid of a bad hand and crew support (Relocate, Companion, Obey). Her family is varied. Perdita and her totem can Obey and Influence other models in your crew for additional actions. The Executioner just tries to get into melee, kill, self-heal, then repeat. The Guild Austringer can cause another friendly model to place/destroy a scheme marker, or soften up enemy models. [Arcanists] Colette 2E now specializes more in Showgirls, but is still in beta. I'm almost expecting her to want some non-Showgirls in her crew at all times to do some non-Showgirly stuff. Marcus loves Beasts more than any man should. Myranda being a Beast and being able to Shapechange kinda creeps me out. Some models like the Razorspine Rattler are just good on their own. Want a model that will punish an enemy model for trying to run away? [Arcanist Synergy (with Constructs)] Ramos, Mei Feng, and Kaeris (when she is released) work well with constructs. Rasputina's Constructs: Ice Golem, Ice Gamin. Their Frozen-Heart makes them immune to the Paralyze condition. Mei Feng's Constructs: Rail Worker (Ten-Thunders duel-faction). They hit like a ton of bricks. Generic Constructs: Metal Gamin and Rail Golem. The Soulstone Miner is still in beta, but I like the idea of just unburying it into play. Mei Feng is a duel-faction Master and she makes for an excellent Arcanist Master who plays well with Constructs, especially those who love the Burning condition like the Rail Golem. If you like constructs in general or just like saying "Behold the power of steam!" you can't go wrong with Ramos and Mei Feng. Well, I guess if you took 32 Soulstones worth of Electric Creations you could go very wrong. Don't do that.
  4. If we MUST apply version numbers to everything. . . [Malifaux Version History] 0.1 Malifaux: A Character-Driven Skermish Game (November 2009) 0.2 Errata & Malifaux FAQ, Version 1, (January 2010) 0.3 Malifaux: Rising Powers (July, 2010) 1.0 Malifaux: Rules Manual (Feburary, 2011) 1.1 Malifaux: Twisting Fates (July, 2011) 1.2 Errata & Clarifications, Version 2 (Thursday, 31st May, 2012) 1.3 Malifaux: Storm of Shadows (August, 2012) 2.0 <<To Be Announced>> (Once enough issues have been accumulated to warrant major core rules changes). Note: Versions 0.1 and 0.3 of the rules were actually marketing ploys to get people to buy their miniatures, 0.2 and 1.2 are patches. Version 1.0 was the first solid rules after Eric and Nathan realized what kind of Rules Lawyers were actually playing the game. Then 1.2 fixed most of the stuff that was missed that the Rules Lawyers found. Eventually there will be a 2.0, not because of some rumor, but because this is the cycle of Life, Death, and Reanimation of Malifaux. --- MrNybbles, Version π
  5. Update: The Wyrd Wikipedia article has a 7-day reprieve. You guys can help by finding what Wikipedia calls Secondary Sources about the company and/or products. The more known/established and news-like the better. Please read Notability requires verifiable evidence and post a reply if you can find any information like this. Wyrd-related Gen Con news, a review in an online newspaper, etc would be very helpful. I am likely going to do a major rewrite of the article in the next few days, but if someone else wants to do this (especially if they are familiar with both writing Wikipedia encyclopedic articles and wiki-code) the help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. The phrase "reference a model by name" means that if the name of any model is printed anywhere in the targeted Talent or Spell, the Assimilate Action will fizzle. Any ability referencing "this model" may be Assimilated (because it is referenced by a pronoun and not by a name). The Doppleganger will not loose the Assimilated ability if it can copy both Constant Upgrades and Assililate from Lazarus, then somehow perform a third zero-action (maybe by somehow gaining reactivate) to actually use Assimilate. If you could somehow bury the Doppelganger before the end of each turn and return it to play, the Assimilated ability will not go away during the Resolve Effects step (because this only happens if the model is in play during the Resolve Effects step). I don't know of any way to get either of these to happen on your terms (and I wouldn't want to keep Ill Omens on the Doppelganger from happening).
  7. Deletion date: 30 Januraru, 2013. @ 22:40 (unlisted time zone). I just checked the Wikipedia entry for Wyrd and there is a message it will be deleted soon due to lack of 2nd and 3rd party sources. If articles from Gamers Lounge and other such sites are added as appropriate references then the article should be able to remain. I think we need at least 2 or 3 secondary sources (i.e. not wyrd-games,net, not malifaux.com, and not the "Through the Breach" website. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyrd_%28company%29 Please take a look for yourselves because I am not exactly an expert on Wikipedia policy. EDIT: If you can at least list a couple of other 2nd party sources other than Gamers Lounge, this will bring us one third closer to keeping the Wikipedia article from being deleted. Also, it mentions they only Googled for "Wyrd" which means the tons of Malifaux stuff wasn't even looked at by Wikipedia. I apologize for posting this last-minute, but I didn't notice this until today. Sources: Gamers Lounge - http://gamerslounge.coda.net/ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1334239018/through-the-breach-a-malifaux-roleplaying-game http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1334239018/evil-baby-orphanage-0 NOTE: The KickStarter pages may be considered mostly a Primary source, but does show from a Secondary source that Wyrd has projects other than just Malifaux.
  8. I would also like to see official FAQs, Errata, and Clarifications that are up-to-date. For some reason (I'm assuming because it takes a lot of time to organize and update) the Rules Marshals seem to have stopped updating the Official Malifaux FAQ and Official Malifaux Errata and the Model Clarification page will include some things, but leave out other things such as the ruling only friendly Coryphée models may Dance Together resolved here despite the rules not specifying the Coryphée model must be friendly. However, other corrections not on the current stat cards are listed on the Model Clarification page. Oddly enough, most people who I've talked to don't see a problem with sacrificing an enemy Coryphée model using Dance Together.
  9. I'm not a Rules Marshal so it's not a ruling, just a reference. You're welcome. And if anyone ever tries to convince me that 3" above the table is the same thing as on the table I'm going to take their entire crew to the roof of the tallest building in town and place their entire crew 'on the ground' at the same elevation as the roof, then I'll go to the ground floor and place my crew 'onto the ground' next to what remains of their crew to illustrate the difference. If this game was only implemented on a computer then I could see Flying and Floating models hanging in the air as gravity wouldn't be an issue.
  10. It's not complicated, you place the model onto the table/ground. It's in the rules. I have underlined the applicable section of the rules for everyone's convince. The specific rules for Place tell you the model's base must fit into the space where you are placing the model. The easiest way to remember where you can place a model is to think about if you can walk to/from that location. Rules Manual, p.38
  11. January 2012 is when Angelica comes out and by then most of us would have Kaeris assembled and enough games to get a feel for her. Right now is the calm before the Fire Storm. . .
  12. 1) Lobo and the others are correct that Mechanical Doves can't cast Disappearing Act. 2) There is no such game mechanic as 'unbury.' The mechanic is Placed. (Rules Manual, p.38). When a model buried via Disappearing Act returns to play it is Placed within 6" of Colette. Because the rules for Place and Placement Effects require the model to fit into the space defined the model will only be placed if it can fit. If it can't fit (i.e. a 50mm model can't fit inside the 40mm wide hallway Colette is in and the rest of the terrain is impassable) this would mean the Placed model ceases to exist (kinda like a buried Voodoo Doll being placed back in play when there is already another Vodoo Doll already in play). This has come up with Zoraida summoning a Voodoo Doll while she has one which is buried. 4) As for placing a model 3" above any terrain, you can't. You can only place models where they can normally stand or move with movement actions/effects. If you can't walk 3" straight up into thin air then you can't be placed there either. BTW, if the model can walk into hazardous terrain, it can be placed there as well.
  13. Okay, so Kaeris can create Immolation markers with one of her abilities, then create fire pillar markers with another, which may overlap the Immolation markers. If Colette buries an enemy model, then during the Start Closing Phase places the enemy model at the intersection of the two flame and Immolation markers, that would be (3+3)+(3+3)=12 damage. Nice. Plus anything else she places back onto the board that doesn't fit between the two pillars can go into one of them for (3 + 3) = 6 damage. Also nice. Remember, the Immolation markers don't go away and the other one goes away at the End Closing Phase, assuming the wording in Rising Powers hasn't changed. I'm still waiting on my box set to arrive. . . The best part about this is that Colette can't take the Mobile Toolkit in a Scrap, but she can take Kaeris, and who needs to spend 2 Soulstones to attempt to turn an enemy into a Mannequin when you could just turn them into kindling.:blowup: Maybe 2012 will be the year of the Colettes.
  14. Nice. What are your plans for the bases? I'm tempted to ask if you would go for a Parquet wood floor instead of wooden planks, but maybe a marble floor?
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