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Spirits of Vengence


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Managed to get started on painting my Kirai crew after a lot of time fathing around scratch building Seishin and making bases. I started with the Gaki, I went with a really dirty feel to them, as they are meant to be semi feral Hunger Spirits.

I know a lot of people didn't like the models, but once I had them out of the packet they definitely grew on me. The pose on the right one is great, especially the flow of the robes. The left one has a really cool head, though the robes are a bit static. I've got another packet of them, I'm going to swap the heads between them, which will mean I will have to add cowling to the shoulders of the bare chested one to link in with the hood. I'm also planning to rock it back an extend the robes at the front to give it a bit different pose. I have a lot of ghoul arms from the Vampire counts range that look a similar size, some of them are holding bones which will fit nicely with the theme of the Gaki, also they have bent arms which will allow me to create 2 very different looking Gaki from these two.

(I apologise for the quality of pictures, I didn't have time to set up a proper rig, so the light is very directional which has has caused some glare on the varnish, also I haven't set up the camera quite right as my GF understands these things and I don't, so the depth of field is a bit short causing the blurriness)


[ More pictures at http://nezumi.me.uk/Malifaux/photos.html#Gaki ]

For the Seishin I went for a very fiery palette. I liked the idea of the Hitodama (fiery spirits of the newly departed), but wanted to avoid going for the traditional blue or green flames as I've painted a hugh army of the dead in blue/green. 2 of the Seishin are scratch built out of greenstuff.


[ Again more pictures at http://nezumi.me.uk/Malifaux/photos.html#Seishin ]

For the bases I went for quite lush looking greenery and very pure looking water. I wanted to step away from the dirty graveyard look of the traditional ressurectionists with this crew and go for a more japanese spirit look, especially as Kirai was a gardener. I took a lot of influence from Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

Next on my bench is Ikiryo, I've been putting down the base colours to try and work out where I'm going with the paint scheme. I wanted the model to tie together the two very different colour schemes in the crew. So I went for a peach sash which picks up the colour used on the faces of the Seishin, that together with the flaming hair which will go up as high as the flames on the Seishin should link the two models together nicely. The Kimono is loosly based on the kimono in the new [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWOyfLBYtuU]Florence and the Machine Dog Days[/ame] video, I felt this was perfect as I could use it to compliment the purple in the skin colour of the Gaki while the clouds which will be a greenish grey will compliment the Gaki's robes. BTW has anyone else noticed that Ikiryo is wearing a mask though they didn't paint it as one on the box, the hair line is really wierd if it isn't one and there is a obvious curve to the side of the face that makes no sense otherwise.


[ Pictures of back of model at http://nezumi.me.uk/Malifaux/photos.html#Ikiryo ]

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WOW! Excellent work. Gaki are truly impressive. I love the bottom of Ikiryo's kimono. I also like your basing ideas. It's killing me that I'm too busy painting other stuff to get to my Kirai!

Can't wait to see more.

It's going to take a little while to paint all the grey area like the corner I've done, and then I'll have to do the purple and then add some distressing to the fabric. I don't think the Seishin pictures really do them justice, the photos really don't accurately represents the brightness of the yellow highlights. Anyhow I need a bit of a break from painting. I am going to start getting together the hanged and additional Gaki I got today.

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Had an bit of fun putting together my Gaki and Hanged.

With the Gaki I swapped the heads between bodies.

For the first one I found a set of the bigger ghoul arms, clipped them to the right size and just slotted them into position. A tiny bit of greenstuff made bandages that covered the join on the arms and the head.


The second Gaki was a bit more work. I couldn't find two Ghoul arms that matched. so in the end I went with arms off some Blood Letters. Blood Letters as you know never put down their swords, luckily the the right hand was the one I had a ghoul arm for and the hands were the same size. This meant I could pin the Ghoul hand onto the Bloodletter arm and it would all be hunky dorey. The arms were a bit more buff than the other Gaki so I had to add a tiny bit of green stuff to bulk up the pecks. I then stared to cover the joins on the shoulders and link the body to the head by resculpting cloth onto the body and shoulders.



For the Hanged I always felt they should move like the girl in this video. along with the wierd jerky movement.



So I proceded to cut them off there tabs.

With the first one I drilled a hole into the foot and glued in a piece of paper clip that was shaped the way I wanted the rope to drape down. Once that was dry I fixed any damage to the foot and wrapped the clip in a very thin layer of greenstuff. I left it about 30mins and then sculpted the detail in using a pin.



The second one was a bit more complicated. It needed a pin going through the plank of wood and into the base and a second one to continue the rope down. The rope doesn't touch the base so it gives it the sense of defying gravity. Again I wrapped the base of the wood and the rope with greenstuff and sculpted the wood into the basic shape using a clay shaper. I then waited 30mins and put the detail in with a pin.


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Managed to get a game in today.. the Seishin look amazing in action, they are so bright and vibrant and look wonderful in a swarm around Kirai, I will need to put some markings on the Gaki though. I got so confused during the game especially with Swirling Spirits, by the end I had 4 in play all with different amounts of Corpse Counters, Wounds. It was a complete slaughter though, started with 25ss in play and ended with 38ss in play.

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Kirai will be a little while.. I'm finishing painting my first two Onryo at the moment, then I have Ikiryo to finish.

I have another 4 Onryo to convert, I'm planning to remove and reposition the heads. remove the sash from a couple and add a center belt sash with bow. reposition the sash on the other 2 so they hang differently. do hand swap the hands the fans are in, maybe give one a tanto or a scythe.

While I'm converting them I'm going to paint my 2 hanged and Datsu - ba

Then I will probably work on Kirai and 2 more of the Onryo.

It's a huge job.. who got me into Malifaux saying you will only need a couple of models.. I summoned 4 extra Gaki and a Onryo last game. Cenotaph manage to get 8 Onryo in his last game.

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I'm trying to work out what the hell is going on with Kirai's Kimono. The painter of the original model was amazingly helpful by painting lots of different bits the same colour. In the end I worked out the over Kimono and Obi are orange and the Shawl, Under Kimono and Obiage are all green. I was having a problem working out why the shawl seemed to have 2 pieces of cloth on her right. but I think I've worked out I was confusing a piece of cloth for a bit of the base.

I'm currently laying down colours to try and work out composition. I'm thinking a pale jade green for the over kimono with a black shawl, a pale bone white for the under kimono, and a bronze Obi (they are quite often have metalic threads in them) with a red Obiage, I'll see how it looks when all the colours are down.

I'm impressed with the sculpt though. The bow on the Obi is at the front that signifies a prostitute in the period of Malifaux and the Obiage is in the right place for a woman of her age.

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