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Thinking of Dropping Sebastian from McMourning


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Mortimer can summon but out of interest, what is the problem you seem to be having with Sebastian? I personally find Sebastian to be an incredible utility and can't really imagine what my list would look like without him. I know that a lot of people on the forums have commented on him being quite slow are you experiencing similar problems?

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So Molly looks really cool, but what makes her looks so cool is Necrotic Spray and Impossible Knowledge. Unfortunately in this game more things are non-living then living. Unless I miss counted the break down is below.


23/30 guild

8/34 ressie

17/35 arcanists

15/33 Neverborn

Total non-Merc Models.

Only 63/132 or 48% of models in the game are living. Which really creates a problem. Even if you know what Faction the opponent is playing as each group can create an all non-living force.

Thus Necrotic Spray and giving it to other units is greatly lessened and highly situational. Its going to be amazing vs Lilith and Marcus but useless vs Ramos, Hoffman, all other Ressies, Dreamer, Tina and the others are somewhere in between, and the faction with the most living is the Guild and they are going to want to stay far away you making the 1" range not super useful.

This greatly weakens her if you expect to be using her in a tournament, but incredibly powerful if your just playing with a few friends and they tend to use living models. Otherwise Extraordinary Dead and Whispered Secret[/b are pretty decent. But as you have no Belle's to use ED or Imbue Vigor to good effect I wouldn't suggest using Molly.

Necrotic Machine on the other hand...amazing.

And I'm going to jump in the give sebastian another try group. He is one of the most powerful models available to the Ressies IMO and now that you can easily make him undead...

He does great damage with a weak strike of 3, passes corpse counters, companions dogs (I know you took yours out), is a melee expert and most importantly has your most reliable AoE damage with Bloody Harvest. The extra body part counters for Doug is nice or the summoning a dog with his own is a nice perk as well.

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Don't underestimate Sebastian, he's capable of really putting the hurt on anything he gets into contact with. The trick is making sure he doesn't get jumped because yes, as everyone keeps saying, he can be a bit slow. So you want to keep him shielded. You can use a Flesh Construct to do this quite effectivly (by summoning one with Mcmourning), but I unless I am seriously concerned (like i am fighting the Ortegas) I generally use a Belle or Crooked Man for support.

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I dunno...they seem to have a fair bit of damage if you do "For my Family" and that healing flip on death is kinda nice, but the cool thing about the ressers is that they don't suffer from their losses as badly as some of the other factions.

I guess considering that nobody really summons dogs, other than the occasional one you might fling out with Sebs, the mercenary thing is an idea.

But I have to agree with the others, Sebs is a beast. I've taken him and two puppies and downed masters with them.

Against Somer's army...he's brutal. Bloody Harvest can kill most of the gremlins that swarm him.

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I'd never let go of the Chihuahua with McMourning..

Sebastian on the other hand is much less interesting (with my optics anyway).. He's a true melee beatstick so seems to support Douglas well, I just think he's much too slow to be really useful at that.

Maybe with extensive use of Belles he'd be a more attractive option. Hmm.. I dunno..

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