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My Sonnia Criid Crew


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This is my first crew for malifaux as well as the first paint jobs I've done (not counting a couple generic archers I painted like 7 years ago when I first got into [then shortly thereafter fell out of for a few years] mini games). I was looking at these models (especially the sacred flame) and I thought to myself, "You know what this needs? More fire." So I bought the flame accessories and threw them about here and there. I particularly like Sonnia's because I never liked the cigarette on the model. It looks more like a cigar (at least on my mold it did). Anyways, I recognize that I need more practice with highlighting (this is especially evident on the executioner), but over all I'm rather proud of the outcome. I was going for a kind of Spanish Inquisition look with the color scheme.




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I guess I can only attach 3 images. I have indivual shots of all of them. Edit:Yay! I got them to work! PhotoBucket > ImageShack

I'll post the rest on a different post and hopefully make this a little easier to load up. I got a little trigger happy with the camera =P



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Trying to get pics up
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wow i really like the look these models habe especially the basing, these are awesome paint jobs especially for being new to paining minis. the look you did for Sonia herself is cool, bringing sexy back to a conservative model, the red hair is good on her, the red coat is cool too, great work.

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Thanks. I've watched a lot of my friends paint minis so I've picked up a few tricks even though this is my first time implementing them. The witchling bases are just the rocks you see on Samael's base painted up like lava. I was worried at first that Sonnia as a redhead wouldn't work well since there is already so much red and orange on the model, but it came out really well.

On a side note, I love your avatar pic! White Ranger FTW!!

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