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  1. Love the playing cards on the bases.
  2. That's a great Sin City look you've got going. I like it.
  3. When you browse through the forums to compare other people's addiction to your own.
  4. While the hair highlights, the mask on the coat and the fishnets are all extremely impressive, it's the fact that the fishnets are torn that truly blows my mind when I think about your level of skill. Bravo.
  5. Whatever color you paint it (if you don't want to do white a light blue might match your crew as well as white while still having a jovial color) this is by far the greatest teddy model I've ever seen. I love how the limbs look like they are about to pull out the stitching and the spine adds the perfect touch of demonic gore too him (not that he was lacking). I'm a little depressed to be painting my plain ol' store bought teddy now.
  6. Awesome job! I agree, witchlings are really cool looking and a blast to paint. They are what made me buy my Criid Crew. I'm envious of your highlighting skill. I can see even with camera and lighting difficulties that your attention to detail is immaculate. I especially like the 5 o'clock shadow on Samael. Kudos.
  7. Great job! I really like your Seamus crew. And for some reason my first thought when I saw Lady Justice was, "I bet if she could see that she was wearing pink, she would be really pissed." Looks great though.
  8. Here is what I did for my witchlings; I took the larger basing gravel and laid them out flat then painted them up like plates of lava. then spread out the flame base accessories amongst them. Here is the thread so you can take a look and see if it works for you. http://www.wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=12988
  9. Here are Samael, my executioner and my turbo-charged sacred flame.
  10. Thanks. I've watched a lot of my friends paint minis so I've picked up a few tricks even though this is my first time implementing them. The witchling bases are just the rocks you see on Samael's base painted up like lava. I was worried at first that Sonnia as a redhead wouldn't work well since there is already so much red and orange on the model, but it came out really well. On a side note, I love your avatar pic! White Ranger FTW!!
  11. I guess I can only attach 3 images. I have indivual shots of all of them. Edit:Yay! I got them to work! PhotoBucket > ImageShack I'll post the rest on a different post and hopefully make this a little easier to load up. I got a little trigger happy with the camera =P
  12. This is my first crew for malifaux as well as the first paint jobs I've done (not counting a couple generic archers I painted like 7 years ago when I first got into [then shortly thereafter fell out of for a few years] mini games). I was looking at these models (especially the sacred flame) and I thought to myself, "You know what this needs? More fire." So I bought the flame accessories and threw them about here and there. I particularly like Sonnia's because I never liked the cigarette on the model. It looks more like a cigar (at least on my mold it did). Anyways, I recognize that I need more practice with highlighting (this is especially evident on the executioner), but over all I'm rather proud of the outcome. I was going for a kind of Spanish Inquisition look with the color scheme.
  13. That's a great overview of the Criid Crew. I never considered casting Violation of Magic on my own witchlings. One of my favorite tactics is kamikaze-ing my witchlings. Now I can keep blowing them up over and over!
  14. These are really good. I like the red and blue cape on Lillith and I love the scottish nephilim. As far as the sword goes, I think it would look really good if you just went over the sharpened part of the blade with a silver or gunmetal. That's just my opinion though.
  15. I just started Malifaux, so I only have Sonnia's starter crew plus the sacred flame and an executioner. I am currently storing them in the ever popular super-deluxe, executive egg carton. I cut up the foam that was in the starter box for a little extra padding to keep them from rattling around. I'll probably get that bag Orc posted once its out though. My warmachine minis I have in a 16x8x8 toolbox(or toolbag? its cloth with a zipper top but has plastic lining to keep its box shape) and I went to a craft shop to buy my own foam and cut out holes for my minis myself. In retrospect that part was a pain and I should have just bought the battlefoam and stuffed it in the toolbox.
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