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My first Malifaux minis, Lilith box set.


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I was at our local con last October and some of my friends got hooked on Malifaux. I took a break from miniature gaming and I am just not getting back into it and after almost 6 months I have picked up the brush again and threw some paint at some minis.

I have got my first starter crew all painted up and ready to go. I am starting with a Lilith box set and plan to pick up a couple young Nephilim for incase the tots decide to grow up. :) I am not sure what I plan to add to the crew next though, thinking about a Waldgeist or maybe a hooded rider.

I have played two games with them before I painted them. Both games were against a Ortega box set. The first game was a straight up "kill em all" which I lost. The second was for victory points and I won it. Over all I am quite pleased with how they have performed and I am sure I will get happier with em as I play more with them and remember to use all of their abilities. lol

Any ways, enough rambling, here are the pictures. A few of the lighter colors got wahed out in the pics, I am still trying to get the hang of my new flash.

Thanks for looking.

A group shot.


My Lilith.



My Mature Nephilim



My tots.


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Very bright! I like that. The red hair on the Mature is interesting. Not where I would have gone with it. But, it kinda works the more I look at it.

I have to agree. The sword is a bit off for me. It really steals the whole mini's focus. I realize it's a big freaking sword. But, I would have gone more subtle on the color scheme on it. But, that's just me.

The team has a great cohesion and I think you've done a great job. Thanks for sharing.

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These are really good. I like the red and blue cape on Lillith and I love the scottish nephilim. As far as the sword goes, I think it would look really good if you just went over the sharpened part of the blade with a silver or gunmetal. That's just my opinion though.

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Thanks for the comments guys, I really do appreciate them. Maybe I'll try to tone down the sword some. It has some highlighting on it that got washed out in the pic, along the sharp edges.

On a another note, I made up an illusionary forest today. The base is made from plastic card that I made to look like my bases and the trees are from a model railroading Bag O' Trees. The trees are removable to make it possible to pass minis through it.

The forest.




And with a tot for a size comparison.


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I love the highland Nephilim! That rocks!!!


Thanks. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I wanted to give painting tartan a try. It's not perfect, but for my first try I am happy with it.

Great job on the trees - but can't the base be up to 3" big? Any strategeeryical reason for making it smaller?

Also, Lillith's eyes look a little crossed

the base is 3" across at six points. I did not make it perfectly round for looks sake. I see what you mean about the eyes, but they do not look like that when looking at the mini. Maybe it is because the pics are much bigger than the actual mini? *shrug*

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the plaid is just mindblowing its awesome in both concept and in practice, im loving that look, i may just have to steal that for them I pick her up, though what is being said is true, just a little matalic on the edge of the blade would be awesome.

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