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Where do you get your hobby supplies?


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Pretty much what it says in the title. Does anyone know some great, reliable websites to get nice terrain-building/basing materials? I'm talking trees, flock, maybe some cheap crystals or something to replicate gemstones, stuff like that. I know about The War Store, but I'd like to see if anyone here knows some other great sites I might not have heard of. Maybe also a website that sells some awesome custom dice or other gaming supplies.

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Never been to Louisiana, so I don't know any name-brand brick-and-mortar places you can go.

You might want to do a search online for model train stores in your area for building supplies. A lot of those places will sell balsa wood, foamcore, etc. for buildings. Similarly, arts and crafts stores will sometimes have quartz crystals and similar in their "toys section" for use in microscopes, as well as wood of various types for dollhouses and birdhouses. Even a museum's gift store, particularly those catering to natural history or space, usually has cheap gems. They may also sell freeze dried astronaut's ice cream, which, despite being called "astronaut's ice cream," was never actually sent into space on any shuttle or moon landing missions, but now I'm just going off on a tangent.

For paints online, you can go to reapermini.com/paints (Reaper), games-workshop.com (Citadel), store.privateerpress.com (Privateer). Citadel and Privateer have similar supplies (brushes, needle files, clippers, "green stuff" / epoxy modelling putty, if you can find a store in your area that carries miniature games in general, you can bet they have supplies too.

I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention that steampunk often involves pipes, boilers, and other iron-and-steel bits. DIY stores like Lowes and Home Depot have tons of PVC pipes and fittings for less than $0.50 cents a piece, metal ones for more, but if you use PVC, go over it a couple of times with some fine sandpaper... just enough so that it isn't shiny... before painting it. Water-based paint, like the kind I mentionyou can get at the places above, has a hard time sticking to the PVC, and getting off that top coat will help. Failing that, spray it down twice with a black undercoat.

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I was actually looking for online stores, besides the War Store. Just as some alternate places to find cool stuff I may not have seen or heard of before.

I actually have tried my local hobby/arts and crafts places, Michael's and Hobby Lobby. They don't really have anything all that great, both of their modeling sections are pretty dead and a lot of the cool stuff that could be used on bases are too big or just unfeasible for that use. I did find some nice bird houses for cheap that could be used as terrain, but the scale might be a bit iffy. And, unfortunately, we don't have any museums with that sort of stuff. Although, some of my family has been talking about taking a day trip to Galveston, Texas sometime over the summer and they have all sorts of shops along the "strand" that sell cool stuff I could use on bases or other terrain features. May have to go with them on that trip.

Oh, and I do have a local gaming store that I frequent a lot. It is where I play Malifaux, Warmachine, and Hordes. It is just that it is a pretty small store, with a lot of the space dedicated to the actual miniatures themselves as opposed to terrain or terrain-building materials. The store owner will put in special orders though.

I can't believe I never thought to look at a hardware store though, especially since I play an undeniably steampunk game like Warmachine.

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If you have a store where you play all the time then I suggest you ask the owner to order you what you need. I think it's always better to spend your money where you play to make sure they stay in business.

Agreed. Most owners have catalogs form dozens of companies. If they don't give them a hard time. It's part of staying in business in this Amazon driven era.

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Came across these two sites while looking for building kits for myself:

Bar Mills

Better Than Stratch

Though they look like they will require a bit of work to assemble they definately look like they will be worth it in the end. I have my eye on either the "Wicked Wanda's" piece from bar mills or the "Shanty" piece with some extras from B.T.S. for the start of my bayou hideout for Som'er.


"O" scale is suppossed to be pretty close to Malifaux (especially when you take into account bases).

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