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New-ish Ramos player


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Hey I am a newish player (Played two games with my Victoria gang). I am really likening the Ramos models and spiders; the list I am thinking about running is this

35 SS


Brass Aracknid

6 Steampunk Arachnids

Rusty Alyce

Total of 7 SS left over.

So I built this list with only using the book to think about what I would bring, I am not sure if alyce is worth the ten soul stones just to get some extra cards, but I figure she can make some Constructs and has a ranged weapon so she might be good.

Just before I posted here I read the thread talking about using the swarm and scatter to get extra attacks off, it was cool idea I haven’t thought of that used the things in my list already.

So my questions are, Is this a good list?

What are some good tactics for this list that I should know?

And how many swarms/Steampunk Arachnids should I buy to have enough on hand for a game? (I am tempted on buying allot just to have them.)

Thanks for any help,


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WEll maybe so but I love the sipder models and have even toyed with the idea of not bringing alyce and adding three more and having 8 SS but that is getting a bit mad... right? right!! mahahahahahaha...ha....haaa???

Sorry about that, I figure you need a good shooter and i own Alyce and hans at the moment, hans might be good but alyce alows me to draw more cards and has an okay shooting ablities, also her skills are not too shabby.

But I have looked at Joss as well,

is it a bad idea to tey and cram as meny spirders in the starting list as i can?

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5 arachnids is a good starting number, spiders are awesome and look great, but your crews best movement is 4/6 which sucks in most objectives :P

if you want more, save a few soul stones for easy spider casts, then it works out at 1ss per spider when summoned, but then your getting low use out of Ramos's other abilities.

check out the Steamborg or Joss, or if you want just moar spidersszzz, look up johan :)

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That looks like a more respectable list. Another nice thing about it is that you can switch out the Convict with Johan for no difference in cost if you need to. He doesn't get a lot of love with the Viks, but he's got some nice synergy with Ramos, especially if you have Joss too. Without Joss I'd probably use him primarily as a bodyguard for Ramos though as he gets +2Cb while within 3" of him.

EDIT: I'm thinking about piking him up myself, but have a question. Does his boxed set come with bases for both swarms and individual spiders?

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As a guy with horrible card draw luck I swear by Alyce. Plus the extra range attack is sweet.

I don't know how helpful you'd find this, but consider picking up a Cerberus. Ramos' box is a pretty low move, and he gives you some excellent ground cover when you are stuck in a corner by that bastard Nino.

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As a Ramos/Levi player I swear by Alyce. Sure she costs 10 stones for Ramos but the extra 2 cards to draw along with head shot, bag of tricks to protect Ramos, and could make a SPA in a pinch.

spiders are great I usually start mine out as separates since they have the higher def than the swarm.

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My list tends to be Ramos, the Brass Arachnid, either Joss or Steamborg, and then tons of spiders, for a Scrap.

A Brawl, I add in Leveticus, a Peacekeeper, and at least 4 Abominations- lets you deepstrike a Peacekeeper and Desolation engine 15" forward.

Honestly, Ramos is happy going last, from what I've seen. This obviously depends on the objectives of the match, but that advantage of spider-swarming is flexibility. You can swarm tehm together for some heavy hitters, scatter for carpet-bombing or extra attacks, and you can control turn order excellently. Don't want to move a heavy hitter quite yet? Split a Swarm, use the 3 Arachnids to buy time. Opponent used all his activations? Send all the arachnids forward and attack, then Swarm up and get 3 more attacks in.

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I've only been doing 25ss scraps so far, but here's my preferred lineup:


Joss - 9 ss

Rusty Alyce - 10 ss

2 Arachnids - 6 ss

I love Alyce over Borgy because, though Borg has that nice 5 movement, I don't like how easy of a target he is. I may be playing him wrong, but every time I've used him he's gone down pretty fast.

Alyce can deal a ranged beating, and she also has some nice defenses: (Bag of Tricks: Misdirection for the win; Boobytraps if Ramos had activated first this turn and my opponent is closing in; Snares if I'm up against a melee-happy charge-tastic team). Also, she can reactivate your constructs with no penalty until the Start Closing Phase; just be sure to heal them up on the next turn! I do want to pick up a Steampunk Abomination

The big deal-seller with her, as been stated, is her Something to Live For ability. Those two extra Fate cards is a higher chance that Ramos will be able to summon a Spider or Elec Creation that turn without burning soulstones.

I can't wait to do bigger scraps; 25ss sounds very limiting to Ramos, but that should all change when I pick up a C. Hoffman boxset and add those constructs to the arsenal. :)

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I really like Alyce in my Ramos builds, especially if I'm playing the Brass Arachnid. If I'm running the Mobile Toolkit, I'm less worried about the extra cards. Your list in the first post is a good one though, especially since you can pump out 3 more spiders in the first 3 turns (or less, depending on if you can pull of Stoke).

Also, I love it when you have a turn where you Stoke a Swarm, and then Alyce does Burn Out on it as well. THAT will really catch an opponent off-guard.

Oh, and Alyce's Rust spell is KILLER with Ramos' Ca to back it up.

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