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Hi everyone. I am Shaun and I came on the forums to show support and interest in this game. To be honest, other then seeing a few minis at GenCon the last year or so (cool minis BTW), Wyrd Miniatures haven't been on my radar. But that changed when we were contacted by someone that playtested Malifaux and wanted to bring some knowledge to the uninformed before it's release at GenCon. So we will be discussing Malifaux on Episode 30 of the Brew City Gamers podcast and I will definitely be trying out a demo or two to check this game out(I am eyeing up the Arcanists my self) and possibly picking up the rulebook at the very least. See y'all at GenCon next week.

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Excellent! With me in Madison, and you in Milwaukee, we'll convert these heathens yet.


I'm buying a spare copy of the Malifaux rulebook for the express purpose of loaning it out for a week at a time to the locals to hook them.

I'm also buying a spare deck of cards and two extra crews for the same purpose. I'm confident I'll be able to get some people playing. I know our local PG would be up for it, but for the fact that he recently scored a bunch of Starship Troopers figures cheaply, and has been playing it a lot with his roommates (whom he has converted).

Our Wednesday Warmachine crowd is fairly big (average 8-10 people, total number of people 16), so I think I can get it going. I brought in my painted Ortega crew last week and they got some attention. Any of ya'all going to the Con?

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