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Who's pulling your strings?


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Ah.... She is so nasty...

Card shark, control freak, debuff queen, voodoo master, furtune teller, shape shifter.... Man she is awesome!

This was the master I focused on in Beta and I am very pleased the way she turned out.


Thanks for all the hard work Dita! It shows I think. :)

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holy crap!! I love her. I knew I would like the hag long before this but oh wow.

I love the raven ability. fast movement is always helpful. I love the hex and repulsive. Repulsive is just brings to mind so many tricks.

The deck control is cool. I really am going to like this guy.

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@Elsium64: I believe there will be a model for the voodoo doll available shortly. Gencon?

But yeah she has a voodoo doll running around the table. It looks cool as hell! (imagine ericj's avatar)

Thanks TBK, you Alpha guys really created a great one here, I think she pollished off perfectly. I had so much fun testing her Matt.

Three silruids and a Mire gollem at her side and people better watch out! (bayou goblins are fun extras in the crew too)

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well, look at her ability to create voodoo doll...which actually becomes one of her core abilities, and until we've created the official Voodoo doll miniature, you can use one of the little dolls from her pack on a base to act as her voodoo doll.

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Lol, How could I forget you Ambrose???

I tested with Matt / Goblyn13 ;) and discussed with you.

Silly goose!

OK. I feel better now.

Matt is great! We are staying in a hotel together at Gencon. Chaos will ensue I am sure!

(And yes. I am a silly goose. Or Silly Otter as I am much more weasel like according to my wife. :D )

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Basically voodoo dolls will be connected to a target model. From that point on, you may target the connected model any time you can target the voodoo doll, even if the connected model is 3' away and no line of site...basically once she is able to connect the doll to a model...that model is in trouble :)

that's the simple description

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30mm base for sure. I am 99% sure that all masters are on 30mm bases.

Right now all masters are on 30mm bases.

There may be some deviation of that in the future. However the 15 (16 if you count Victoria twice) masters are all on 30mm bases.

There has been some confusion over Zoraida as she used to be on a bigger base. Ramos was also on a bigger base at one point. Once the game rules started gelling it became apparent that that would no longer work. The larger bases were shipped with the figures initially to give the painters a larger canvas to work with.

The game changed all that. Ahh well.

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I've got my Zoraida ready to go for Gencon...be wary!

Love seeing the neverborn represented, in a lot of ways they became the trickiest faction to put together (other than the outcasts). There was a lot about them that had to be indirect, and a bit tricky (other than perhaps Lilith).

And yes, there is some deck manipulation with her, we did work it into these first rules to some degree, although it was admittedly restrained, but it is something you will see more of down the road.

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