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Malifaux Crew Builder App and Android OS

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We wanted to give you an update regarding the Malifaux Crew Builder app. As some of you might have noticed, the latest update has made the app incompatible with older Android operating systems.

In tabletop, things can change slowly. But that’s not the case in the tech world, especially for apps on mobile devices. Recently, some standards have changed, and have impacted the Malifaux Crew Builder app on Android devices. For better or worse, we have to change alongside these additional requirements to ensure the app functions well and is secure for our player base.

Luckily, there are two options. Many Android devices can be upgraded to Android 13 for free. This will not only make the app compatible with your device again, but it will also likely make your device more secure. We suggest checking your device to see if this is a viable option.

If your device cannot be upgraded, you can still access the web-version of the app at https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/#/  – if you take this route, we suggest using desktop mode on your browser.

We’re in the process of exploring all options, and appreciate your support.

Thanks for understanding!

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