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Malifaux World Series: The Championship


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Hello all! I'm pleased to announce the next event for the Malifaux World Series: The Championship

Only the top 16 players in the Vassal rankings will be invited, invites will be sent out after the completion of July's event .

This event will run Aug 9th- Sep 19th. This event is split in to 4, 4 man groups with the top 2 from each moving on to a knockout phase, 50ss, singles event.

The players pack for the event is Here

I am GMT+1 based out of the UK, but this event is open to anyone who wants to play in the top 16. if someone who is in the top 16 who doesn't want to take part please let me know  Player's pack with pools will be given out over the weekend

World Series rankings will are hosted at https://vassal.malifaux-rankings.com/#/. Huge thanks to Malifaux-Rankings for hosting us!

We are working on consolidating our information, but for now, we have these links:
Series Event Calendar
Player Contact List

Game and Match Data 
Series Rules FAQ - We are trying to keep rules disputes contestant across the series. If something comes up in game, check here first.

I will check this post as often as I can, but my preferred contact is via Discord: @dannydb#8008


I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce as of the end of the event I'll be stepping down from my involvement in the running of the vassal community, over the last 2 years having seen the community grow from a small Facebook page with the occasional post a Great discord server, the events that have been run by myself, the world series committee and various other TOs have made this a great place to be and I hope while the return of real life gaming is great and should be encouraged, people don't forget about vassal and the great tool it is.

thanks to everyone who has been involved in the community in last two years, this is not to say you wont find me taking part of events and getting the odd pick up game, but I'll be handing over the TOing to the world series community also want to say a big shout out to Steve Johnston and the modding team who have done a great job keeping the module up to date





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