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Shenlong and The Dragon Commands loop


Can Shenlong use The Dragon Commands to make himself use The Dragon Commands? I believe not because he already did his Bonus Action that turn but we're having a discussion in our local meta. For example Adaptive Tactics on Hannah Lovelace clearly states that a Bonus Action can be taken even if a Bonus Action was alread taken that activation.

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6 minutes ago, Plaag said:

as i remember-additional actions doesnt go to the limit, so i think he can do it so many times as he like and pases tn

Sorry, the only thing I can find close to that is that bonus actions generated by a trigger do not count towards the limit (Both on page 12 and page 22).

The limit on 1 bonus action, is not the action limit, which already excludes bonus actions, and is what is bypassed by actions generated by effects. (I know it seems a little sideways, but it does work if you follow it through)

So he can make himself take an interact action, but he isn't allowed to make himself take a bonus action (since he has already taken one

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