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Fatemaster Friday - Happy Holidays Y'all!


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So, I wondered (ok, whined) to myself "Whhhhy is no one responding to my latest Fatemaster Friday?" And then I notice I had another browser window minimizes with last week's post unsubmitted. Uh-oh. I'm afraid of what Santa Waldo is going to leave in my stocking for that one. 


Well, here's at least what @The13Fates had to say about modification in TTB:



I've implemented a few one-shots into my homebrew campaign to great success. My Fated were part of an artifact collection agency which is really easy for slot-in penny dreadfuls.

I hope you take a moment to read the rest, and others' commented here!

So, I'm a sentimental person. A big ol' softy when it comes to some things, and community is one of them. I want to take this post to tell you all how much I appreciate the Wyrd Community, with a special emphasis on the TTB Community. 

Malifaux was the first miniatures game I'd ever played. I saw some 1st Ed models in my LGS, and thought the concept and models were cool, but no one local wanted to play. Fast forward to about 5 years later, I talked to my SO about the game and we got into it. I immediately wanted to know all the lore. I was amazed by this universe that Malifaux was set in. I discovered there was a RPG and loved it even more. I made some great friends through the Wyrd Community (shout out to @Strype McClaine and @Thepolishammer83) and together we explored the world Through the Breach.

My love of TTB only deepened more when I started with Wyrd. I devoured more lore, got to talk about the universe with great people, and overall share my love and enthusiasm with others. But more than that support, the community I saw here made me feel at home. You folk are some of the most creative, funniest, and well... Wyrd people I've had the honor of interacting with. TTB players and Fatemasters have a dark humor and twisted sense of direction that makes for wonderful stories that are built together. Without all of you, the 'Fauxverse wouldn't be the same. Literally! 

Thank you all. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post, everyone who has read them, and everyone who wants to tell awesome stories with their friends! Just like you, I'm ecstatic to see what more @MattM has in store for us during 2020, and thank you for making 2019 so wonderful in the Wyrd Community. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and great stories that you create with those around you.

This last question of the year is simple: Tell me your best TTB moment!

Take care and see you in 2020!

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Some standout moments to me:


Playing Nythera and our banjonista may have kicked someone's salt and caused a buuunch of problems to cascade from there 👀


Our Resser campaign concluded with the launch of Above the Law, and the final session saw us escape from the Guild Enclave in a stolen airship with a high value prisoner. My ghoul sacrificed himself to distract Lady J and let the party make it to the airship, so that was fun. 

Our tactic of "teleport an unsuspecting guard into melee range and eat him" was also pretty funny the first few times before we abandoned it. 

I can't wait to play our Guild characters!

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Was running "The Show Must Go On," and the party wanted a way to conceal that the diva performer had died and been resurrected as an intelligent undead, so they called an audible and changed the play to a dramatic retelling of Sonnia Criid's being shackled by Cherufe and eventually freeing herself (thus allowing her to wear a mask through the play.) The players really leaned into the storyline, and everyone had a great time when the Dead Doxies showed up later trying to cover for them. It was a riot!

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