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  1. In the game I'm running now, the Fated are stuck between the Guild and 10T in a noir style investigation. They work well as foils to put the screws to them, as an Elite division agent is never far from their heels. But, since they're so all encompassing, they're also constantly vexed by a guild detective who actually is a good guy and has caught a whiff of their corruption. It's fun having different faces of the same organization twisting them up from both ends.
  2. Seems reductionist, but the short version is to change what skills are available as they progress in response to what the players have done. Also, some of the premades (Nythera, I think, is one of these) have good examples of SC's where an event happens between durations that change the equation and which the players are forced to deal with.
  3. Was running "The Show Must Go On," and the party wanted a way to conceal that the diva performer had died and been resurrected as an intelligent undead, so they called an audible and changed the play to a dramatic retelling of Sonnia Criid's being shackled by Cherufe and eventually freeing herself (thus allowing her to wear a mask through the play.) The players really leaned into the storyline, and everyone had a great time when the Dead Doxies showed up later trying to cover for them. It was a riot!
  4. Consider bringing them for Supply Cache. Unless I'm reading it wrong (entirely possible) they can place Objective Markers 6" from others, where the scenario for the same cost makes you place them 8" apart.
  5. Overwatch every time. Medic! is obvious but still a good answer. Behind enemy lines.
  6. I'll likely take some of the TTB adventure slots, if available. Let me check on my schedule tonight and I'll get back to you.
  7. This week's Malifaux Musings discusses techniques to use your Fateds' failures to make your game of Through the Breach a success!
  8. In which we discuss Bear Force One, revealing the ins-and-outs of the most dangerous crew in Malifaux: how to play it, how to beat it, how to survive it.
  9. In which we discuss a new Jacob Lynch crew, review the Through the Breach supplement Under Quarantine, and introduce an upcoming worldwide Through the Breach campaign.
  10. Yeah, steamfitter. It's called an Engineer in Through the Breach's Into the Steam supplement, and I got my wires crossed. I'll fix it. Thanks.
  11. With input from Ben Sime of Arcane Reservoir and Grrn of Max Value. Check it out!
  12. A blog post about how not to play Malifaux's new hottness, summoning Pandora.
  13. Dan Carlin's series on WWI made me a great appreciator of the courage and honor of the King's Empire. Plus I was always an Imperial Guard guy in 40k.
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