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  1. Consider bringing them for Supply Cache. Unless I'm reading it wrong (entirely possible) they can place Objective Markers 6" from others, where the scenario for the same cost makes you place them 8" apart.
  2. Overwatch every time. Medic! is obvious but still a good answer. Behind enemy lines.
  3. I'll likely take some of the TTB adventure slots, if available. Let me check on my schedule tonight and I'll get back to you.
  4. This week's Malifaux Musings discusses techniques to use your Fateds' failures to make your game of Through the Breach a success!
  5. In which we discuss Bear Force One, revealing the ins-and-outs of the most dangerous crew in Malifaux: how to play it, how to beat it, how to survive it.
  6. In which we discuss a new Jacob Lynch crew, review the Through the Breach supplement Under Quarantine, and introduce an upcoming worldwide Through the Breach campaign.
  7. Yeah, steamfitter. It's called an Engineer in Through the Breach's Into the Steam supplement, and I got my wires crossed. I'll fix it. Thanks.
  8. With input from Ben Sime of Arcane Reservoir and Grrn of Max Value. Check it out!
  9. A blog post about how not to play Malifaux's new hottness, summoning Pandora.
  10. Dan Carlin's series on WWI made me a great appreciator of the courage and honor of the King's Empire. Plus I was always an Imperial Guard guy in 40k.
  11. Its me that wrote it, yes. I wrote the section in question with my best understanding of the rules. I assumed it would be corrected in editing if I was wrong, but its entirely possible it fell through the cracks. Id say wait for the FAQ to be sure.
  12. In which I throw out some random thoughts about Pandora, specifically the new summoning hotness, and a mini-musing on the forthcoming boxed set things. Check it out!
  13. Follow the link to see the Hobby round up, featuring Kirai and Molly by Marina Ainagoz of the Serpentarium Painting Team, with other contributions by Alan O'Brien, Enrico Laura, and Kirill Kanaev. Enjoy!
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