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What needs errata crossroad edition ;)

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Lust Def up to 5, make either "seduction" or "now kiss" :ToS-Fast: action

gluttony needs some buff but no idea what

Greed make trigger after resolving? Unchecked avarice, either increase range of:ToS-Pulse: or ad some extra efect like condition (distracted stunned, staggered, slow or injured) as this attack sometimes litteraly does nothing especially after t2 when enemy spreads.

Pride make his attack actual :ToS-Melee: atack. Maybe increase range to 1"

wrath increase mele range 2"

envy sh6? Make his aura works on spending conditions too that would be cool

Sloth. Remove other model "restriction on resting in the blues"



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Lust needs something else... Lascivious Music could become her bonus action (the other 2 could be useful several times per turn) and one extra piece of defensive tech... maybe Df (:mask) Squeal.

Pride the lack of:meleeis clearly a typo (or maybe banjos are clearly a better mele weapon than a guitar /s)

Greed needs also something extra imo... the after resolving trigger is a neat idea and/or mabye it'd be also nice giving her an ability to ignore restrictions, something like this:

  • The end justifies the means: When this model takes an Action printed in its card, it may lower the value of its Focused condition by 1 to ignore any special restriction listed in italics.

This would let her deal damage with the attack cheating/stonning a ram even versus enemies with no upgrades, using frantic search without needing a corpse or use Destructive Performance several times.


These aren't that needed, but it could also help the crew:

Gluttony could lose Manipulative and gain H2W, it fits him and there are already too many manipulatives in the crew.

Wrath is squishy for a mele beater but he is also dangerous... I'm not sure if it deserves a buff or not.

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