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  1. LexLock

    First 2 Commander List 50

    Cult tends to bunch up in their deployment zones, so you should probably take Mortar Emplacements on the Dreadnought.
  2. If you look over the whole ability (and other references to portals in the Allegiance) there are parts that seem to be at odds with eachother, further on in the Dimensional Instability wording it mentions not using any remaining movement granted by "the order". Is this a typo? is it supposed to say an order? Or is it referencing something further up in the abilities text that was mistakenly removed before release? On the Burning Man Descends stratagem it includes a clause on the effect to allow friendly fireteams to use the portal if it comes into base contact with them. Is this a mistake? Or does it hint at the way the actual ability is supposed to work. I don't actually mind which interpretation is eventually settled on, I just want a solid set of rules that I can be confident in using.
  3. Well that is what the wording says, but is it what Wyrd intended? The whole ability is a sloppy mess right now and given it is the defining ability of 1/4th of the game that seems like a pretty huge oversight, I just want a designer to give a ruling somewhere on how we're supposed to play the ability while we wait for them to properly fix it.
  4. LexLock

    Cult Lists?

    I mean Fenton on his own. how does he, individually, go through 24 cards in a turn? Given he can only use Disintegrating Blast once and as far as I can tell there is no way to obey or reactivate a commander in a game where you are playing as Cult.
  5. LexLock

    Cult Lists?

    How does Fenton go through 24 cards in a turn? The only way I can see him doing that is if you somehow took Disintegrating Blast twice and his Morale obey action specifies squad fireteams, so he can't use it on himself (if he could he would be much closer to Adeodatos in my opinion).
  6. LexLock

    Cult Lists?

    If you were going against Cult yourself I would think you'd need Adeodatos' strength 1 hit against anything near portal markers trigger, given you would have so many targets for it.
  7. LexLock

    Cult Lists?

    Yeah, I don't think I would ever take Fenton Brahms over Adeodatos, the extra portal and cycle/card draw from moving through portals is too good and I don't even think Fenton beats out Adeodatos ignoring that anyway. The only things Fenton has going for him are his shaken token that costs a card when you activate him, his morale action to give a single action to a fireteam and a super RNG card discard attack that can have between 2 and 12 strength (which is fun to use admittedly) and I don't think that even beats Adeodatos' attacks + his Morale action, disregarding his passive abilities entirely.
  8. Yeah that seems to be the point of the rule but it doesn't really work because you can just start your activation in base contact with a portal, teleport through and give a rush order.
  9. I don't know about everyone else but I find the Dimensional Instability allegiance ability more than a little confusing. Here's the wording: Dimensional Instability: During Scouting, place three 50mm Portal Markers on the board in any location at least 8" from any other Markers and not in your opponent's deployment zone.When a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam in this Company comes into (or starts in) base contact with a friendly Portal Marker you may place its unit in base contact with any other friendy Portal Marker. Fireteams that move in this way may not use any remaining movement that was granted by the Order, and cannot use the Dimensional Instability rule again during this Activation. The first sentence of the ability makes sense but the rest of it can be interpreted in several ways. "When a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam in this Company comes into (or starts in) base contact with a friendly Portal Marker, you may place its unit in base contact with any other friendly Portal Marker." Is "Comes into base contact" supposed to include portals (or Stalking Portals) moving into btb with the fireteam being teleported, because the rules allow it and yet the Burning Man Descends stratagem has a specific allowance for the effect that occurs on a "move a portal Marker 1". If it comes into contact with a friendly Fireteam, that Fireteam's unit may immediately use the Portal Marker". On "starting" in base contact, does it mean starting an activation or a movement effect? If it means starting a movement effect it seems superfluous and if it means starting an activation it doesn't mesh with the wording later in the ability that restricts remaining movement from an order as an order hasn't been given yet. "Fireteams that move in this way may not use any remaining movement that was granted by the Order" What Order and what movement is this sentence referring to? This sentence seems to imply that you need to use an Order (such as an advance or rush) to use the portal whereas earlier in the ability it states that you may teleport after starting in base contact with the Portal Marker (once again, is that starting movement or an activation?). As it is written it seems to be trying to stop you from say activating the Warped, teleporting across the board and then Rushing a further 16". I hope Wyrd release an Errata or an FAQ at some point because the core ability of 1/4th of the models of the game is extremely open to interpretation and I'd like to know what version I should be running with in my games.
  10. LexLock

    Cult Lists?

    I went with Adeodatos, The Warped, some Doomseekers and The Broken. Put Raving Madman on The Warped and the Doomseekers so their first couple of gloried attacks aren't at -2 and I like Relics of Ancient Malifaux on Adeodatos for the healing. One thing I've had success with is using all four of my tactics tokens first turn to buy the Burning Man Descends stratagem and positioning my crew on top of a portal in my deployment zone so that a single mask will send them all forward and hopefully let The Warped kill something as an alpha strike.
  11. LexLock

    Titania Tactica

    Now that Baby Kade and Lelu cost 6 stones each I'm not sure the Rougarou is worth it just for fae synergy as it costs 2ss more and I'm not even sure it's better than Kade regardless of SS cost. Kade being able to get to min 5 damage is just amazing for a 6 cost and he has a higher base than the Rougarou as well. Take Kade with Depression, teleport something into his charge range using Audience With The Queen, discard a low crow with Kade and that's a pretty easy 10 damage even without pounce shenanigans.
  12. LexLock

    Wave 5 Viks

    Where did this "activation control doesn't matter in 2018" meme start? This is Malifaux, activation control matters. It matters for killing, it matters for scheming. Being able to activate your important models later than your opponent means they can't react to your plays and is one of the reasons Hamelin is so good. Is GG2018 going to be less focused on out-activating? Probably. But it's still super important and the Viks are going to love having activation control regardless of scheme pool.
  13. LexLock

    A sneak peak to errata

    I think the point cost reduction on the Desperate Mercs is pretty huge for everyone other than Hamelin, and Viks with activation control is going to be spooky. I'm honestly surprised by the AnD nerf, they never struck me as particularly good for their cost compared to something like Nekima, Archie or even Langston. AnD just doesn't bring enough Killy to the table for 13ss and I'd already started replacing them with the Midnight Stalker when it came to scheming. I guess they're still quite good at holding an area of the board though and I'll find it easier to justify AnD with scramble now.
  14. LexLock

    Apparent Neverborn Errata

    I feel it's more like Bad Juju went from 10 stones to 9 stones because when would you ever take him without eternal fiend?.
  15. LexLock

    How do your Errata?

    A&D might hit hard compared to most models but if you start comparing it to other models in its price range it actually has a weak damage spread. I think the main advantage it has over other high cost beaters is summoning.