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  1. Bayou is better because they have upgrades.
  2. LexLock

    Tara & Hannah

    Yes. But most of the time you're going to get more mileage out of 8ss in your cache than Talos, he moves up slowly, and then he dies.
  3. LexLock

    Tara & Hannah

    Some other models (like Lazarus) have different wording saying specifically "Printed on target models stat-card", so intended or not I think that implies more freedom being available to copy actions without that clause. Honestly I think the bigger issue with these sorts of actions generally is that there is no clause specifying other model, Hannah's probably not supposed to be effectively Swift but there are a ton of models that can get extra actions or movement without effort when that seems really unintuitive. Shenlong can Command himself to do interacts (which would probably look a little deranged in person), Hoffman's crew can violate the laws of physics by transferring power to themselves and getting a push out of it and the Banasuva can obey itself as a free action. I almost wish they had a no self-targeting clause with Tactical actions like with Attacks, but that would interfere with too many models now, rather they should have been much more liberal with the Target other clause in targeting for these sorts of actions.
  4. LexLock

    Tara & Hannah

    The walk action is a tactical and so is a charge.
  5. I think that this approach is ridiculous. You choose Hamelin as a master for two reasons, blight and rats, if you let your opponent kill off your rats instead of using them for Pustulent Tumors or forming a Rat King you've come a little closer to losing the game, just like if they kill any of your other models. Rats aren't so easy to summon that they are worthless and that's not even mentioning the plethora of ways your opponent can gain a benefit from an on kill effect. Hamelin's crew is a Rube Goldberg Machine of death that will chunk anything that gets caught in it, but it is extremely fragile and any amount of blasts or especially shockwaves will ruin your day.
  6. There are other ways to push something up the board turn 1 but I am a big fan of the out of keyword Rougarou. The Rougarou will never need any cards to do what you want turn 1 and if you're messing around with Black Blood Shaman focus spam you're gonna need masks already, so you don't want any more pressure on your hand. Even if you double black joker (somehow) Nekima is still going 12" up the board. You get an underbrush marker anywhere on the board and your squishy AF melee crew has flight so they can ignore it, anyone who's played as or against Titania knows how annoying these can be in a chokepoint. Deadly pursuit means that even if you double push something turn 1 you can still get a little closer to the action. And finally, if you have cards Rougarou hit as hard as Nekima. If you get a high ram or mask or use focus to cheat their damage flip, they have the same severe 6 as Nekima does and with Flay they can hit that severe on targets that she can't.
  7. Always take Inhuman Reflexes on Nekima, other than that my auto-includes are two Black Blood Shamans. Wicked Dolls are better than Corrupted Hounds and pair well with Vasilisa (you can generate enough of your own corpses with your totem and BBS, so don't use dogs). If you want to alphastrike something really hard take two Wicked Dolls with Ancient Pact and use a Rougarou to push Nekima up 12" at the end of turn 1 and then try to get Initiative turn 2 with Ill Omens +2.
  8. Some need for further insignificance. It's almost impossible to get less than 10ss of value out of Ashes and Dust as is. Between their speed, free ping damage and demise its gonna be really hard for your opponent to stop you from getting more than your stones worth, even out of keyword. The problem with the demise is that you don't even need to try to reform to get value, your decent 9 cost dies and you get two significant models for free that continue doing work, the Dust Storm can summon somewhere on the opposite side of the board and continue getting VP. If you make the Dust Storm insignificant then reforming becomes a lot more important and positioning A&D becomes less braindead, you have to pick your battles if you want to bring them back, instead of just throwing them in there and saying "Hey, free scheme runner if A&D dies".
  9. The buff the Crossroads 7 need is being sold individually, so people don't have to spend $60 on one 30mm model.
  10. Archie is also too good, Manos doesn't hit as hard and is maybe too good, Midnight Stalker isn't a beater, Samurai aren't schemers, Gracie doesn't hit as hard (although Ride With Me is crazy), Riders are 11ss and none of them hit as hard, Minako requires support and is still too good and Hinamatsu isn't a schemer (and also she doesn't hit as hard). Either remove nimble so they are just beaters who hit way harder than their price range or remove inbuilt onslaught and to damage so they are just tanky scheme runners who can murder things if you have masks.
  11. Honestly my problem with the Viks is they have no card draw and all of their models really need it. We haven't really talked about what deserves a nerf in faction but I think Amalgam has a couple of outliers. Rusty Alice is slightly too good at what she does, it's not as bad as some other models I could mention (cough, Archie, cough) but she could stand to lose a bit of threat range. Lowering her move to 5 is a really minor change that would take away a little bit of her ridiculousness without actually taking away any of her actions or abilities, she wouldn't be able to disengage as easily and she'd have a slightly lower threat range, especially with fast. Ashes and Dust is simply too good for 9ss, to the point where I will gladly hire them for 10ss out of keyword. Bump A&D up to 10ss and raise their wounds by 1, still amazing in Amalgam but I'll be less likely to hire out of keyword. Also if you want to make the demise fairer and more focused around reformation, make Dust Storm insignificant.
  12. A 4ss model that's bad at scheme running? Winged Plagues are too squishy to be used as missiles or scheme runners and their "payload" is a single blight, not really worth 4ss.
  13. Dead Outlaws are great when you are using them to give a big thing fast, and their attack triggers are pretty debilitating. Unfortunately for Parker most of his stuff already has fast from Life of Crime, so Outlaws are a better hire out of keyword or in Tormented.
  14. It's kind of sad that the Viks are so awful into both Reckoning and Assassinate this edition. The Viks are made of glass and they are way better at scheming than killing, even when people dedicate massive caches and double Soldier for Hire they'll rarely outlast the opponents master and they are so vulnerable to conditions and WP targetting attacks. Whatever let them stay vulnerable individually, they need to rework their rules so they're not so vulnerable to Reckoning/Assassinate/ whatever killy scheme they come up with next GG. Make it so if you kill one Vik it only counts as killing half of your leader/master so they aren't barred from their most thematic scheme pools. Also, for a crew with no card draw or easy access to focus they sure are stingy with the +flips and built in suits, like would it break the game to have Bloody Fate built in on a couple of things?
  15. In what universe is Archie squishy?! Ressers I swear.
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