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  1. Was Nekima's box delayed? The Nephilim box has disappeared from the Upcoming Releases page and they aren't in store. Must have been a problem with production, kind of a bummer. Ah well still plenty of stuff in the sale.
  2. That's pretty much what they do, there are some focus spam shenanigans with Black Blood Shamans and you can combine that with Angel Eyes and the Doppelganger to make a gunline and Hayreddin can do some summoning but mostly Nephilim are just alpha strikey. Lelu and Lilitu would be interesting if they were less... bad. Nekima her self is pretty much a straightforward beater, she can spam the Fast Food trigger on her Hurl Corpse action to grow some Mature Nephilim but that tactic is inferior to focus spam.
  3. I think you'd be best served taking the Guild Steward, a Spelleater and the Pale Rider for a pure blaster Sonnia build; sure, that's half your list but those models are pretty good on their own and Sonnia becomes decently scary with that much setup. 2-3 focused blasts on turn 1, yes please. I'm glad Sonnia's getting some focus generation in keyword but they definitely should have baked some friendly mobility into her core keyword (or not given her Mv 4 lol), Witchling Stalkers and Thralls are both missing actions and the Witchhunter keyword really wants some friendly movement (that works
  4. You can cheat/flip the Tome on Sonnia's defence or the Spelleater's attack which makes not relenting a decent idea.
  5. LexLock

    Zipp in OC

    11ss for eight wounds worries me, better hope they don't have too much armour ignore. I guess Earl can heal him given he's a construct, which makes it a bit less of a problem and you can't really put a price tag on Gravity Well in the right matchup.
  6. Spam Stitched Together and then use Lucid Dreams to sculpt a disgusting hand for them to play with, then bring Widow Weaver to resummon them whenever they die. Because of Arik's Gravity Well and Freikorps generally high WP you're going to be having some trouble actually getting your summons on the table, maybe bring Hinamatsu for her speed and 12" lure, then try and hit something with low WP. If you want to be really cruel bring Zoraida as a second master for the hand refill/stat 7 obey. You can also use the scrap generated by the Voodoo Doll dying to summon Stitched with Widow Weaver.
  7. The Spelleater seems very good for stacking focus on Sonnia and I think that'll really help out her blasting, the only thing she's missing is some real card draw and then I think she'll be a real threat.
  8. Blight is definitely unfun to play against, it always feels bad gaining a token or condition that you can't remove and once a model has 4+ Blight it feels like it's already dead. The reason Plague isn't OP is that its keyword models are squishy and bad. Rats, Winged Plagues, Rat Catchers and arguably Rat Kings are just plain bad at scoring VP. Rats do nothing because they're 2 costs, Winged Plagues are perhaps the worst 4ss model in the game and die to anything, Rat Catchers are almost good but they die to anything and are slow AF. Rat Kings are amazing against mediocre crews but bec
  9. If Hamelin had a tankier crew or if model spam wasn't so bad this edition he would be a lot more powerful. Unfortunately/fortunately the Pass Token mechanic does what it's designed to do and Hamelin will lose initiative turn 2 and assuming you have decent models you can pick one of his squishy things to kill or, if you get the opportunity, kill a bunch of rats and get activation control. Hamelin is one of those masters that is almost broken. The Blight mechanic is disgusting this edition (unremovable tokens are just unfun to play against) but Hamelin's crew is slow, squishy and doesn
  10. I think the biggest problem with Pass Tokens is that they allow you to auto-win initiative. One of the weaknesses of cheap models is being easily killed before being activated and if your opponent is sitting on a bunch of Pass Tokens on turn 2 or 3 they can easily capitalise on that. Activation control is useful, but it is most useful on turn 1 (for avoiding/initiating alpha-strikes) and on turn 5 (for scoring/denying pivotal VP from end of game schemes). Turns 2, 3 and 4 I find that I care about initiative way more than activation control because I'm usually getting in the thick of
  11. You vastly overestimate how much thought and perfectionism goes into the design of this game. That isn't even a dig at the developers, there are just way too many interactions and cards to fine tune them to such a degree with such a small playerbase and design team (relative to say... videogames). I'd give even odds that Youko's obey could only do bonus actions accidentally and they just left her that way because it's not like anyone was losing to her in the Beta lol.
  12. Puppets are a great keyword and now that Collodi is DMH Hinamatsu is the only way to hire a lot of them in the same crew. To really take advantage of the Puppet keyword you really need Vasilisa to hand out staggered at the start of every turn, then in faction you have Stitched (OP AF... again) and Wicked Dolls/the Effigy, I'd only hire the Wicked Dolls if you are also hiring Widow Weaver for summoning. Out of faction the Coryphee Duet gives automatic activation control and a lot of AP and the various Effigies are small and tanky enough to be perfect for Vasilisa's stagger ability. Ov
  13. Don't hire Aversions, they just don't do anything for the crew, replace them with Sorrows and really pile on the ping damage. Against a ranged crew you really want to get in their face with Candy and Pandora. Candy has On Your Heels as a trigger on her bonus action, so she can get in there pretty easily at the end of turn 1, but Pandora doesn't really have movement tricks. The most important parts of Pandora are her Mood Swings aura and her bonus action pulse, her main attack is inherently subpar because you're at best using another master's attacks minus triggers and that sucks but
  14. I think she was hated for her ability to put a bunch of almost unresisted (one duel) conditions and damage on models at super high range with the Voodoo Doll. She turned from annoying and clunky to scary and BS when Will 'O the Wisps were released. This edition she has some 2e Raspy vibes with drawing range through her own models, which I know from experience can be quite frustrating.
  15. Arcanists Banasuva's "Lord of the Elements" seems like it should say other friendly elemental because as it is now he can give orders to himself. The "Fade Away" trigger can be declared while buried just for the damage reduction (are they fading away from the Void/Box and reappearing from a meta-void?), the place this really hurts is against Colette because it seems like anti burying crews would be a natural counter to her, but she's still crazy tanky. Guild Augmented's "Transfer Power" action looks like it should say other friendly construct, as it is they all pretty muc
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