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  1. Onslaught is pretty much useless with his damage spread, let's be real here, you're only ever declaring crit strike. With the added ram from Pandora's tactical he becomes decent at beating. As a 10 cost who's sole purpose is hitting stuff. Without the help of a master's action (can be copied by a Changeling but w/e) he's effectively a meh melee beater with bad defenses, no mobility and no extra AP. The Carver may be usable as a model, but it won't ever be considered for a competitive list, it just isn't efficient enough and it doesn't have anything it can do well enough to justify its cost.
  2. Come on, compare him to other 10ss models, The Carver is awful for his cost, the only thing he has going for him is stat 7, and that isn't worth the 2ss he's overcosted by.
  3. If only they had made it so that you got two grow tokens for killing something more expensive than you. Growth is pretty bad considering you don't heal at all when you do grow and the only defensive ability in the entire crew is Combat Finesse on the Mature, if you grow a Young Nephelim into a Mature against a shooty crew it'll be just as easy to kill as it was before, 7 wounds/5 df.
  4. How exactly are you summoning one every turn? Are you spending 5AP every turn? The way I see it, you can get 2 Rat Kings relatively easily out of The Stolen and Benny Wolcomb but outside of that it is really difficult to summon 4 Rats using the crews other summoning mechanics and then get them together to take an action without dying first.
  5. It might seem like a lot of Rats... but Malifaux Rats are really bad. Like... they are 2ss models, that are completely outclassed by other 2ss models in both offense and defense, so you're really only summoning them for Rat Kings. Which brings me to Rat Kings, Rat kings are bad for 7ss, they're super squishy and only have a decent attack until they take 4 damage, most importantly they don't have a consistent movement ability and are Rg 0", which means it can be hard to get them into melee without be shot to pieces first, compare them to Ramos's equivalent, a Steam Arachnid Swarm and then cry. I'm not trying to say that Rat Kings or Rats need a buff, I'm just saying that they are purposefully understatted because they can be summoned.
  6. They took away Hamelin's summoning because blight was too strong but then they took Bleeding Disease from The Stolen and Benny so his crew feels toothless and super squishy. I think they should refocus Hamelin on summoning as many Rats as possible, given Malifaux Rats are by far the worst model in the game I don't think it's a big deal if they get spammed a little. Either give him a trigger on Bleeding Disease like this: Devoured by Rats: If this kills the target summon a number of Malifaux Rats equal to half of it's cost rounded down in base contact with the target. Or to really go with the attrition based endless tide of rats theme give him a front of card ability that lets him decide to summon a Malifaux Rat in his deployment zone whenever a vermin (or just Malifaux Rat if that's too good) would draw a card (similar to Jack Daw's injustice ability): Endless Rats: When a Vermin model in this crew would draw one or more cards this model may instead summon a Malifaux Rat anywhere in its deployment zone. This would allow you to forgo the most useful part of a Malifaux Rat (Demise: expendable) to give the crew a little more resilience in the most Hamelin way possible. Unfortunately it's probably too close to the end of beta for large changes like this, so I expect Hamelin will be a bit of a letdown this edition, although I suppose that has the benefit of being able to declare Hamelin in casual games without being given a death stare.
  7. Gunslingers do seem a bit bad compared to other 8 costs (Gunsmiths) and they could stand to gain a wound and something else. A Fistful of Scrip would be nice but perhaps a Grit ability would be better. Maybe give them At Gunpoint to see if it ever comes up in a game, but that might be wasted text, they'd be pretty spooky with Trigger Finger. Could give them the High Noon or Defensive Reflexes trigger on their gun so it has more consistent triggers and can add to their defenses.
  8. In my experience you need to be able to win initiative to compete in Corrupted Idols. Hamelin, with his three totems and awkward summoning cannot win initiative if your opponent hasn't brought something similarly spammy, which means that your opponent gets total control over where the Idol marker is place, and can therefore stack all of them in the place most advantageous for them. Pass Tokens aren't used for activation control, they are far more effective for auto-winning initiative.
  9. Tara is definitely not struggling, it's just that you generally don't want to bring summoners into Reckoning or (if you don't have a way to generate pass tokens) Idols. I also think people are just assuming the Viks are good in Reckoning without considering how much VP they're giving away by having two squishy masters to give away three Reckoning points on two seperate turns. Hamelin is just unplayable into Idols and Reckoning. He also doesn't really have a strat he's particularly good at.
  10. A 10ss melee beater dealing 8 damage with setup, terrifying. Calling this overpowered is just silly, there are a dozen other models that can easily put out that kind of damage without any support and they don't break the game. Pandora's crew is really squishy and poor offensively, they have no card draw, is it really a big deal to allow them to attack a decent amount of the time? Ironsides entire crew has to df and wp most of the time, Kaeris's crew gets easy access to too. Some models just get built in to their attacks!
  11. I agree. and people have been calling for her to be more interesting since the start of closed beta but unfortunately with the final update looming it's almost certainly too late for significant changes. I'm afraid that in 3E she'll just be a starter set master, something for new players to start with and then move on to more complicated crews.
  12. Maybe they could give Winged Plagues and Stolen Toss, given that they're both size 1 it'd only work on Rats.
  13. I don't think fast Nix would be too powerful as we already have access to a lot of fast in outcasts that we can put on way spookier models and it's no big deal. The Student of Conflict already exists and can give Taelor/Arik/Deso/Rusty fast, and they are way more powerful than Nix, gaining Vermin would also allow Nix to tarpit while Hamelin explodes rats near him. Hamelin definitely doesn't need to be more tanky, although I feel his current defenses are not very suitable for the frontlines and he would have a much more enjoyable playstyle if he were more geared for close range. Evasive Rats would be unkillable, yes, but only because they have so little effect on the game that the opponent would be a fool to waste AP on drawing you a card for no reason. I do find it strange that Rats don't have Stealth given their tiny size, it wouldn't have any effect on shockwaves but could reduce the amount of deadweight they provide against crews that target your hand, or ranged models blasting off of your rats and onto higher defense models. Why don't Rats just have Pack Mentality? It'd be far easier to calculate than the current ability and the only reason it was broken on Bayou Gremlins was because they had effective attacks. I'd really like Swarming someone with Rats to be an effective strategy sometimes but it really isn't.
  14. It's yet another ability that doesn't require much thought for the player bringing it and has to be played around entirely by the opponent. This sort of ability is no fun for anyone because it eats up some of the models power level while not feeling like it does anything for the player using it, while it can be frustrating for the opponent because it can be unavoidable. Amina seems really suit dependent so maybe nerf Extended Claims to a 12"and give her Tools for the Job, she can still block a wide area of the board (a turf marker for example) pretty easily and she'd be better than she is now in other ways.
  15. I think Hamelin's problem is that Rats are completely worthless unless you can get four of them together, so they either need to be easier to summon (Voracious Rats has three requirements to go off, there has to be an enemy model within 6" that dies and has a blight token) or more useful. Perhaps improve the summoning by changing Voracious Rats to LoS (you still need to kill them and put a blight token on them) and change the suit required for the Infestation trigger to a (maybe once per turn. If you want to make the Rats more useful instead the crew needs more use for fewer Rats, making them able to turn into Winged Plagues if you have 2 rats would make it easier to get use out of them, or alternatively give more models Rat Snack. As the game is currently I'd almost prefer Malifaux Rats just immediately died for the card draw whenever I summon them off of enemies. I'd also prefer Hamelin to have more of a melee focus (he doesn't need to hit harder, because blight exists) and it'd be neat if they toned down Demise: Agony (which really encourages him to hang back with his stolen) and gave him Covered in Rats (also super weird that Benny doesn't have this given his model).
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