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  1. Assuming your opponent's crew isn't extremely mobile, I think your goal first turn should be to yeet Euripedes up with a Gigant/Cyclops pillars and create 6 Ice Pillars using Rune-Etched Ice. This should disrupt your opponent and wear away at their hand with the move duels, hopefully reducing their ability to respond to Euripedes (who should have Incorporeal at this point anyway). If you bring Ancient Pact you can probably spam move duels again first thing next turn, giving you roughly a dozen Ice Pillars to hem in your opponent with and a ton of chip damage from move duels. I think Euripedes (much like Fae with underbrush) is going to be countered pretty hard by crews that can ignore his Pillars with flight/incorporeal/leaps because his crew is quite slow and relies on slowing the enemy crew in order to keep up.
  2. They should give Winged Plagues the Obedient Wretches Tummy Ache ability.
  3. Leveticus and Von Schtook are both top tier masters so it should come down to playstyle, how much you're willing to spend, and any other parts of the faction that you might want to expand into later. Leveticus himself is pretty much entirely focused around doing damage in his activation and maybe incidentally summoning something or moving some wounds around with essence transfer whereas Von Schtook is more of a support master/summoner who can speed up his crew with Fast and hand out Focus. Their crews are both good at outlasting their enemies with the Transmortis having more defensive abilities than pretty much any other crew (seriously, armour +1, HtW and 1 more wound than their cost on nearly every model) and Amalgam taking a more offensive approach with Entropy and the Unmade trigger chipping away at their opponents defenses. I don't think either crew particularly needs to take any versatile models, they both have good in keyword beaters and both of them have Necropunks which are the best schemers in the game relative to SS cost. I'd probably make my choice based on whether I want to play a summoner (Von Schtook) or a more proactive beater like Leveticus. Do you want to kill something dead every turn? Then choose Leveticus.
  4. If Dead Mans Hand were included we'd actually be in a much better position. Lilith is a much more interesting leader for the Nephilim and Collodi (in my opinion) is good enough to bring some variety to Neverborn in tournaments. Guild gets access to Ryle which boosts Hoffman a bit and Ressurs get Nicodem who might even bring the power of their average master below Tier 1 (yes I'm bitter). Ramos is a lot more fair now that Arachnid swarms and SS Miners have been nerfed but he does do a spooky amount of unresisted damage. I know most won't go for DMH in tournaments but I actually think it would make the game more balanced.
  5. Oof, not sure I can stomach 8 wounds on an 11 cost, even with his defenses. Barbaros just seems really mediocre to me, but maybe he can work.
  6. With Ashes & Dust being nerfed into a state of fairness I find myself looking for a replacement versatile beater in my non Leveticus crews. I used A&D sort of like a Rider model and now I'm feeling that hole in my hiring options. Taylor is meh even with the Viks, our Emissary is a support piece, we don't get a Rider and our strongest beaters are ranged models that can't tarpit. I'm looking at Montresor or The Desolation Engine who are both kinda slow but very tanky, any other suggestions?
  7. What about to the attack in exchange for to damage?
  8. So why did they nerf Enraged By Insolence? Has anyone ever had it affect their games to any meaningful degree? That aura is pretty much the only thing Nekima can do that isn't hitting it very hard on her turn. I mean, it's still based around hitting, but it at least makes your opponent think. As it is now Enraged By Insolence needs too many things to go right to be effective. You need a minimum of four different models in the right spots to get a pretty mediocre effect. Nekima needs to activate the aura, one of your models needs to be killed (oof) by an enemy model within pushing range of another one of your models. All you get is one attack for all this setup, it isn't worth it and it is too easy to counter. Nekima really needs something to do that isn't just hitting things with a big stick.
  9. Easy fix, remove the leap and numbskull, he can focus then and he's still super tanky for his cost. Most big beaters are less tanky than Archie, not more and it's ridiculous that people keep trying to imply his defenses are anything other than great. 11 wounds, HtW, Terrifying 12 and healing is great and Numbskull is a great defense too.
  10. I think leaps are too good across the board. Any scheme runner with a leap is in a league above even dedicated schemers without one. As they are now a leap can allow you to place two scheme markers a turn and acts as pseudo Don't Mind Me. Either leaps shouldn't be able to be taken while engaged (Like Fly With Me or Ambush) or they should be treated as a disengage for the purpose of scheming (Jumping out of someones reach doesn't seem that different from walking or flying, they're still gonna take a swing at you).
  11. I think they should have Welcome to Malifaux work on all place effects but make it once per turn to prevent abuse (its like a more situational flurry that you can get movement out of). Also, if you've seen Taelor's new art she has a bottle of alcohol in one hand, so it'd be a good excuse to give her a healing bonus action to make her less fragile. Lastly, the Mercenary crew as a whole is lacking in card draw / manipulation / access toflips which makes them a bit lacklustre compared to more consistently beaty crews (Lady J has the Judge/scales, Nekima has focus spam, Levi has scavengers and is self sufficient, Misaki has the Tanuki and models with) maybe they could be improved by fixing one of our sub-par upgrades and making it provide consistent card draw.
  12. Which summoner does she counter?
  13. LexLock


    All that stuff makes them takeable, what makes them potentially game winning is their intimidating roar, which can be used to push any friendly model up 12" on the first turn with two AP. Rougarou are solid models that also give you another tool to work with if you need an alpha strike. Try using Titania with butterfly jump pushed up 12" and given the blood sacrifice upgrade from killjoy so she can turn whatever she uses her action on into hazardous by moving it under her. Then assuming you've brought a big cache to lean into the alpha strike you can start hitting them with effectively a 4/6/7 damage flip and they are not going to want to retaliate while in hazardous.
  14. Levi and Tara are probably the best masters in faction (maybe Zipp too, but why play him in outcasts?). Levi's keyword is filled with amazing models like Rusty, A&D and Necropunks and Levi counters so many things by having irreducible attacks. Tara + Aionus can dominate Corrupted Idols like nobody else by spamming pass tokens and she has so much AP + mobility that she can easily get VP on her own. Although they are both countered heavily by certain factions (Tara into guild and Levi into thunders/ressurs) you might be cover all of your bases using Levi for guild and Tara for Thunders/Ressurs (although Tara struggles with Kirai, who doesn't?).
  15. Bayou is better because they have upgrades.
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