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  1. LexLock

    Titania Tactica

    Now that Baby Kade and Lelu cost 6 stones each I'm not sure the Rougarou is worth it just for fae synergy as it costs 2ss more and I'm not even sure it's better than Kade regardless of SS cost. Kade being able to get to min 5 damage is just amazing for a 6 cost and he has a higher base than the Rougarou as well. Take Kade with Depression, teleport something into his charge range using Audience With The Queen, discard a low crow with Kade and that's a pretty easy 10 damage even without pounce shenanigans.
  2. LexLock

    Wave 5 Viks

    Where did this "activation control doesn't matter in 2018" meme start? This is Malifaux, activation control matters. It matters for killing, it matters for scheming. Being able to activate your important models later than your opponent means they can't react to your plays and is one of the reasons Hamelin is so good. Is GG2018 going to be less focused on out-activating? Probably. But it's still super important and the Viks are going to love having activation control regardless of scheme pool.
  3. LexLock

    A sneak peak to errata

    I think the point cost reduction on the Desperate Mercs is pretty huge for everyone other than Hamelin, and Viks with activation control is going to be spooky. I'm honestly surprised by the AnD nerf, they never struck me as particularly good for their cost compared to something like Nekima, Archie or even Langston. AnD just doesn't bring enough Killy to the table for 13ss and I'd already started replacing them with the Midnight Stalker when it came to scheming. I guess they're still quite good at holding an area of the board though and I'll find it easier to justify AnD with scramble now.
  4. LexLock

    Apparent Neverborn Errata

    I feel it's more like Bad Juju went from 10 stones to 9 stones because when would you ever take him without eternal fiend?.
  5. LexLock

    How do your Errata?

    A&D might hit hard compared to most models but if you start comparing it to other models in its price range it actually has a weak damage spread. I think the main advantage it has over other high cost beaters is summoning.
  6. LexLock

    Favorite Autumn Knight

    The Tooth is really good for guaranteeing scheme markers to heal Titania. The extra attack with The Tooth is nice against something that doesn't have a melee attack or has the "She will end us all..." condition.
  7. LexLock

    I don't understand Sue.

    Sue has done a lot of work for me and is almost as auto-take for me as Johan, one of the most powerful models in the game. Now that Return Fire is an option it improves Sue even more, as it makes it much more worthwhile to spend a decent crow on defense or WP. I've had Sue do 10 damage to a Sabretooth Cerberus outside of his activation (albeit with a lot of luck as he was at - to defense) and I've had him use his auras to mess with casting crews or deal decent amounts of burning damage to models that want to get in melee, as others have said he's so versatile that it's hard to find a situation that he won't be useful and sometimes he can punch above his weight class.
  8. LexLock

    Favorite Autumn Knight

    I like to take The Thorn for card draw and armour hate. If I need consistent healing for Titania I'll take The Tooth (other good sources of scheme markers are Wisps and The Queen's Champion upgrade on something with extra attacks), I never really take The Claw because I find his lure trigger is difficult to get off consistently and you need a suit to place a scheme marker with his attack.
  9. LexLock

    M2E Ironsides

    Maybe just hit the mages? They have Arcane Shield, so activate the EC for activation control and to ping one non mage model and then kill it next to all the mages.
  10. LexLock

    Youtube Playtest #3

    It costs 4 tactics tokens and summons three Breachlings into base contact with a friendly portal marker, then you get to discard a tactics token to immediately flip one to glory. Here's the Breachling if you haven't seen it. and here's its glory side.
  11. LexLock

    Youtube Playtest #3

    I like the look of that Breachling Stratagem.
  12. LexLock

    Are Will O' The Wisps too strong?

    There have been a lot of posts from people who have used the Wisps (understandably, as we're in the Neverborn subforum) but I was hoping to get some more input from people who've been on the other side of the table. Did they feel too strong, how did you deal with them and were they unpleasant to play against?
  13. LexLock

    Are Will O' The Wisps too strong?

    Also the Doppelganger can copy their (1) action and get pretty much anywhere on the board with 15" from copied Will O' The Wisp action copying Zoraida's Animal Shape and then taking two walks (if you got the trigger to immediately take the wisp's action). You can take a Doppelganger instead of a second or third Wisp and keep some flexibility while hiring arguably the best 7 cost in the game. Even without their ability to copy (2) actions Wisps are still really good for activation control and for scoring certain schemes and strategies (because they are minions they count for most of the positioning based objectives like interference, extraction and public demonstration) and with their 3" aura to place a scheme marker in base contact with an enemy that fails a willpower duel they're great for giving Titania a way to heal off of her own actions because it counts as the Wisp placing the scheme markers for her Aura of healing off of scheme markers.
  14. Might want to add RatJoy to hamelin specifically, dumping killjoy on an enemy crew after their models have all activated by infectious melodying a Rat that you've already moved up the board with reactivate/obeys can be pretty potent.
  15. LexLock

    Are Will O' The Wisps too strong?

    Minor correction, they do have a 1" engagement range on their base 4 MI against willpower. While they are relatively easy to kill, their threat range when played with Zoraida is pretty large (17" if you account for their base size) and they don't have to be in LOS of the enemies crew to drop a Voodoo Doll on them so they can be pretty tricky for your opponent to get at. I really like what Will O' The Wisps bring to Titania's crew (with their aura they can allow her to heal herself from scheme markers in her activation) but their massive threat range in a Zoraida crew and the potential number of Hem attempts (4 in separate activations if Zoraida (2) actions as well even without considering possible Obeys seems to really overwhelm my opponents condition removal) can almost seem unblockable.