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Fatemaster Friday - "The puppets are in love and so are the puppeteers."


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Felicitous Friday Breachers!

Today I’m taking a break from the Malifaux Grand Tour to discuss one of my personal favorites in Wyrd’s catalogue of Penny Dreadfuls and One Shots. Before I get into the bits and bobs of it, let’s see what @Kaiser Senpai said about last week’s question!


The most frightening part of the bayou is what lies underneath.

You can read the rest of their reply and others here!

Now, this week we’re jumping into a surreal adventure that puts the Fated in a rather strange position, No Strings Attached. This Penny Dreadful is one of my favorites because it’s light-hearted and fun while still remaining true to the nature of Malifaux. Autumn always causes me to feel nostalgic and as this is one of the first TTB adventures I read, it always comes to mind when I reflect on what I love about TTB

In No Strings Attached the Fated are hired to escort a lovesick young man on his way to try and bargain with the Swamp Witch Zoraida. Now, if your Fated aren’t exactly the type to help a fella fulfill his heart’s desire, that’s fine! As Fatemaster you can easily tailor this adventure to have any hook that works for your group. The important part is getting them into the Bayou. Remember, follow the frogs! 

After being ambushed and knocked out by silurids, the Fated wake up to find themselves in small, doll representations of themselves. Seeing their limp bodies outside of Zoraida’s hut, the Fated need to find a way to return to their bodies before Zoraida puts them into that night’s dinner stew! Thankfully a puppet version of Lady Justice is able to help, as long as the Fated are willing to aid her in defeating her rival— puppet Seamus and his army of puppet undead— in a decisive battle. 

This adventure provides a lot of interesting and fun aspects to gameplay. The players get to convert their Fated’s sheet into a puppet parody, and the guidelines for conversion are very clear. Puppet “appropriate” weapons are included in the back of the adventure, allowing the puppet Fated to arm themselves for conflicts against the other puppets. These weapons are unique and really add to the theme of the adventure.

No Strings Attached allows players to encounter a colorful cast of characters from the ‘Fauxverse, some terrifying and some endearingly mischievous in their goals. This microcosm of Malifaux within Zoraida’s hut has opportunities for players to have a more lighthearted, but still dangerous, experience for their characters.  

DrivethruRPG has No Strings Attached for only $5 USD, and if your group wants puppet miniatures for their stuffed substitutes, Puppet Wars Unstitched is available on the Wyrd Webstore and through local game stores!

This week, tell me which ‘Fauxverse character you would like to see as one of Zoraida’s puppets? 

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